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Medical education


General Medicine

On both sites, medicine is busy, but this counts for good experience. We have excellent local GPs, and links with the community, so the patients who are in hospital are those who need acute admission

We have a dedicated Medical Assessment Unit on each site where acute care is concentrated, and patients then move to medical wards which are generally arranged by specialty. All the consultants and other staff are keen to teach. The cardiology departments on both sites are very active in research

There are specialist nurses in diabetes, parkinson’s disease, stroke care, etc, so you are well supported. The Intensive Care Units provide a “Critical Care Outreach” service, so there is always well-trained 1:1 nursing back-up for sick patients on the wards. This is very helpful in supporting new doctors. There is a well-attended teaching program

Department of Medicine for the Elderly

On both sites, this is a busy department. We have a number of patients with multiple co-morbidities. You are well-supported, with enthusiastic consultants, specialist nurses and other staff

There is a specialist stroke unit. We have good links with local GPs and community services, and have well-developed multi-disciplinary working. You attend the teaching program for medicine

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