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Mums praise specialist midwifery service

14th April 2011

Mums praise specialist midwifery service

A specialist maternity service that helps support vulnerable women has been praised.

An evaluation into the Trust’s specialist midwifery additional support service has received positive feedback by the new mums who have used it.

The service provides additional help to those women whose need is greatest to try and improve their outcomes and that of their babies. These women include under-18s, those from low income families, those with mental health issues or learning difficulties and those who have suffered domestic abuse.

The service covers most of East Sussex and works in addition and in partnership with core maternity services. It is tailored towards individual specific needs of mums-to-be within the criteria identified above and is more family and future orientated than core maternity services are able to be.

It works with other support services, such as health visiting services and children’s services, and provides social and emotional support to increase the parenting competence of mothers and fathers.

The results of the evaluation show the service is proving to be a big success. A total of 78 per cent of women who responded and who had used the service said it made a large difference to their pregnancy.  Another 78% felt the service was “excellent” and the majority said they would recommend the service to a friend.

Feedback from evaluation praised the way the specialist midwives listened to the concerns of the mums, praised the amount of information that was provided by the midwives and praised the way the mums were introduced to other local groups to ensure ongoing support.

Chris Cowling, Midwifery Manager, said: “The core midwifery services are less flexible to the needs of the most vulnerable so this is an invaluable service. It provides a flexible, family-focused approach which deals with the unique and complex requirements of the women.

“It works with other agencies to ensure the women have all the support they need and to give their babies the best possible start to life.”