27 February 2019

ESHT Staff Survey results show improvement

The results of the latest NHS Staff Survey demonstrate a trend of year on year improvements in many important areas at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

The survey saw the Trust’s highest response rate in five years with 53% of the ESHT workforce responding to the survey carried out last autumn. This response rate was among the best when compared to similar NHS Trusts.

The survey questioned members of staff across ten themes about their workplace and working life. In the quality of appraisal and safety culture there was significant improvement. In seven themes there was no statistical change and in the remaining theme of ‘morale’ there is no comparison as it was not a theme that was surveyed last year.

Dr Adrian Bull, Chief Executive said: “Our staff survey results demonstrate in many areas a marked trend of year-on-year improvement. The survey shows progress has been made in the quality of appraisals, our safety culture and on addressing bullying and harassment. Members of staff feel more supported and valued by their managers, which reflects the increased training that has been given to people in leadership roles on these issues. More people feel able to raise issues of concern with confidence that they will be addressed. Importantly, more members of staff within the organisation would recommend EHST as a place to work and receive care.

“The results also show where we have further work to do as part of the continuing improvement that we need to make to become an outstanding organisation. There is more that we can do to create an environment in which everyone’s behaviours towards each other demonstrate our values as well as improving staff engagement.

“Our goal is to be an organisation which provides care in which the people of East Sussex can be fully confident, and one in which people are happy and proud to work.  The first is dependent on the second. There is growing research that demonstrates that when colleagues are better engaged in our workplace and are proud of our contribution, we see better patient outcomes and experience. This is what we are working together to achieve.”

The survey themes were:

  • Equality, diversity and Inclusion
  • Health and Wellbeing Immediate Managers
  • Morale
  • Quality of appraisals
  • Quality of care
  • Safe environment – Bullying and harassment
  • Safe environment – violence
  • Safety culture
  • Staff engagement

The full survey results can be viewed on the NHS Staff Survey website