14th May 2019

Seventy percent reduction in amputation rates

New multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinics and improvements to the patient journey over that last six months, have resulted a 70% reduction in the amputation rate for patients with diabetic complications.

This significant reduction in amputations means the Trust is now lower than the national average for diabetic related amputations, having previously been a significant outlier.

New multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinics have brought together a dedicated team of specialist vascular and diabetic doctors and specialist nurses along with podiatrists in one place, to provide the best possible care for patients with diabetic foot problems. This means patients don’t have to attend for multiple appointments, as they are now seen in one clinic by multiple specialists, helping to prevent amputations.

Mr Bjorn Telgenkamp, Consultant Vascular Surgeon said: “We are delighted to see our new ways of working having such a positive effect for patients with Diabetes. Diabetic foot care remains challenging, but it is a very important part of helping patients with Diabetes. In hospital we see the most challenging cases with the potential to end up with an amputation. Our goal is to continue to reduce amputation rates for our patients and improve the overall patient experience. A key part in achieving this is working together with all the involved specialties to deliver excellent care.”

Around 4.7 million people in the UK have diabetes. People with diabetes are more likely to be admitted to hospital than those without and are also at greater risk of complications and infections while in hospital. In particular, disease of the foot remains a major threat to people with diabetes and can result in amputations, the majority of which are said to be potentially preventable.