Send your birthday wishes to the NHS

Throughout July we will be encouraging members of staff, patients and local people to sign or send in a message to be inclded in our NHS 70th birthday cards.

The cards are made up of 1000 pictures of hospitals in East Sussex, doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and other NHS staff throughout the decades. You can send us a message to include on the card on on the website at the bottom of this page.

We will also publish a special edition of ESHT news, highlighting the history of ESHT and its hospitals. The special 70th birthday edition includes stories from members of staff and patients who remember working in the local hospitals, or having been treated there, before and after the creation of the NHS.

There will be a display of historical NHS memorabilia at Eastbourne on 5th July and at Conquest on 6th July.

Short films of members of staff and patients sharing their stories will also be released over social media during the July. The films, stories and photos will also be made available on our website.

We hope you might be able to join some of our celebrations.

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Birthday wishes sent so far

Happy Birthday NHS I enjoyed 40 years of working with you, but feel really old to know that I was born before you started.
Janet Woodhead  (former nurse).

A massive thank you and congratulations to the NHS on their 70th year.
Regards Wendy Hersey

Happy Birthday to all staff, patients, and volunteers, 70 years is a great achievement !

Let us look to the future. With innovation, new technology and dedicated care, we will continue to be a world leader in health care.
With best wishes
Gill Wood(volunteer)

Please keep up the very, very good work. You are more than wonderful, we all love you, and really cant not say thank you enough.

Happy 70th birthday for the best health care service worldwide.
Mohamed Ahmed

As a 70 year old you still do a cracking good job.
Vi Robinson with her new knee and hip

We would be really well and truly lost without the NHS

A big thank you for all the good work the  NHS  has done over the last seventy years.
From Graham Hersey

Happy 70th Birthday to the Fabulous NHS! 70 years young… where would we be without you? Certainly one of the best things to happen in the UK. Thank you for everything. I appreciate everything. Celebrate in the style you deserve.
Cheers Natalie Hollands

My wife and I have been helped in vast and varied ways over the years by the NHS.

We give thanks to God for the dedication and skills of staff. This is particularly poignant being my 70th year!
Doug & Rachel Prentice

Dear NHS
So many thanks for all the wonderful healthcare you have provided and are continuing to provide for my family and myself over the last 70 years. Long may this continue; you are indeed a National Treasure!

In great appreciation,
Ray Hayley-Barker

I like to wish the NHS a very happy 70th birthday. and send a big thank you for everything you have done for me recently.  I have visited the hospital for procedures or operations on 41 occasions in the last 34 months, which includes 2 major operations. (femur /tibia bypass of the right leg and blood transfusions due to upper gastro bleeding.) So you see I owe a lot to the NHS and my care is still ongoing.
Allan Hunnisett

I cannot express my thanks enough to NHS for all my care over the years at various hospitals. I am eternally grateful to EDGH, Kings College Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital, Queen Square for myself and Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Evalina and St Thomas’ for my granddaughter’s care. I have spent more than 15 years working for various hospitals and this will never sufficiently repay all the excellent treatment and care we have received. Thank you and Happy Birthday.
Gillian Roberts

Congratulations and thank you for the great work you do, we are very lucky to have you looking after us, enjoy your day.
Patricia Gamble

As a patient who has used the NHS since 1949 I would like to simply say thank you to all the wonderful staff I have met along the way. This journey started when I was 4 years old I am now 74 and it would be most unlikely that I would be here without the NHS.

The only constant has been that the staff have, almost without exception, been excellent at their jobs and carried them out with kindness and consideration.
Geoffrey Johnson

I wanted to thank all at the NHS for all my care and treatment throughout my life, I have had 6 children, my first daughter was born in a private clinic where the treatment wasn’t as good as the  care I received with my second daughter who was born at 10pm on the 5th July 1948,  the first day of the NHS.
Many thanks.

Congratulations on reaching 70. ( and they said it couldn’t last). Thank goodness it has. You are all very, very special people. Give yourselves a big hug for achieving 70 years. X X
From Val Cooper

Please pass on my message of thanks to all the health team members who have helped me and my family over the years – we have only ever received professional care and kindness.

I was 8 when the NHS started so I can still remember how my parents had to consider whether they could afford to call a doctor when one of the family was ill and having lived and worked in the USA for some years I know what a privatised health service can mean. At this 70th anniversary I think the NHS is one of the greatest things that Britain has ever created and I hope that at the Centenary people will still be saying that.
David Allen

You helped me walk again, thanks NHS.
Mick Isaacs

What would we all do without you. Thanks a million.
Brian Andrews