Our marvellous teams

These comment are extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services, about the care and service we have provided – #ourmarvellousteams

If you would like to praise an individual or team, please visit our ‘Send a thank you‘ page.

SAU – Conquest Hospital
I was an inpatient at your hospital in May and was admitted after a CT scan showed I had a small bowel obstruction which needed untwisting. I was operated on later that day. Thinking I was only visiting the hospital for pain relief or antibodies I was very frightened.  Firstly I would like to say a very big thank you to Mr Anwar who managed a tricky operation and to all the wonderful staff who cared and looked after me so well.  I know what a difficult time it has been for all the NHS staff but their dedication is still very special to us all.

Conquest Hospital
The staff were really amazing in the hospital and Jade is my best friend forever more, Jade does an amazing job for patients in the hospital.

Mr El-Dhuwaib and Gardener Ward – Conquest Hospital
I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to you and your amazing team for the brilliant work you did during my surgery. I realise the operation was not straightforward and I really appreciate the effort yourself and the team made to secure a good outcome.  I simply cannot praise everyone involved highly enough, and that includes all on Gardener ward and the Eras team. I am making an excellent recovery, almost back to normal and I feel fantastic.

Hailsham Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to you to say how happy an experience my stay in the Eastbourne DGH was in August.  I was expecting a one nighter in the Hailsham ward but due to complications I had a whole week there.  This could have been traumatic but your staff were exceptional in their care and general demeanour.  It was made a pleasure and I could not praise them enough.  All the staff from cleaners to consultants were very reassuring.  Another surprise was the food which as a non-meat eater was very good with not only a good choice but cooked and presented very well.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
Thanks to those in A&E who treated me on Bank Holiday Monday, all so helpful.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
Please pass on my huge thanks, on Tuesday 24 August following an accident on my bicycle in Norman’s Bay I received help from one of your paramedic teams in assessing my injuries and transporting me to Eastbourne DGH. The team were fantastic in the care and attention they gave and in keeping my spirits lifted.

At Eastbourne DGH I was looked after by a senior nurse, Rachel who was amazing throughout the time I spent with her. Rachel stitched my leg (22 stitches), an excellent row of neat and tidy stitches, offered heaps of advice and showed real compassion.

The wound is healing well, I had the stitches taken out on Tuesday and am beginning to get back to some kind of normality.

I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and compassion that was shown to me by your incredible people. Please do share this feedback with each of them so they know they’re special. Thank you so, so much.

Emergency Dentist team – Eastbourne DGH
A big thank you to the Emergency Dentist team in Eastbourne. Thank you very much for sorted out my toothache, superstars.

Bexhill Hospital
Great service and expertise from Dr Saldana and his very capable team. I made 3 visits over last few months. Such a positive experience helps reinforce the value of the NHS.

Radiology Department – Conquest Hospital
I’m writing to provide some feedback on my treatment at the Conquest Hospital this morning. I don’t often bother with feedback but felt obliged as the care I received was so very outstanding.  Sadly I didn’t catch the ladies surname, but I do know her first name is Ann.

Ann carried out my treatment which isn’t the most pleasant but she put me at ease and made me feel relaxed and in good hands. She brilliantly distracted me by chatting during the procedure which helped so much and also kept me informed on progress and how much longer the procedure was expected to last.

AAU and DeCham Ward – Conquest Hospital
On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to commend all the staff of the AAU and Decham ward for the constant and sympathetic treatment they gave to tending to the needs of my wife during stay at your hospital.  We hope you will take note of their unstinting efforts to make her last days as comfortable and friendly as they possibly could and we are so glad that she was looked after in such a well supervised and loving environment.

My afternoon visits and discussions with the medical and nursing staff were always conducted with a sympathetic and caring atmosphere and you should be very pleased that everything was so perfectly attended to.  Thank you for ensuring that your patients are so well nursed and please convey to those concerned out heartfelt and grateful thanks for their efforts.

Acute Medical Unit – Gemma Faulkner – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to you in predominantly in relation to a member of staff called Gemma Faulkner.  I was admitted to the A&E department at Eastbourne Hospital on Tuesday the 19th October having had some chest pain that morning. I had also suffered a heart attack in August last year and was also recently diagnosed with an enlarged heart.

Gemma was very impressive indeed; she was jovial and empathic with me and all the other patients that she had contact with. She was proud to be a member of the CCU and wanted to give me the very best care. She made me feel that I was being cared for and gave me hope that all will be well in good time by explaining things, I am now confident that I will feel better very soon. Gemma is a first class nurse and a wonderful caring person, a real asset to the CCU and your NHS trust.

I am a Detective in the Metropolitan Police with 34 years’ service, I know what it feels like to have staff that work very hard and never get thanked for it, I wasn’t going to let the above pass by without letting you know about Gemma and Phillip Utting. Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to them both.

Gardner Ward – Conquest Hospital
I am three weeks into recovery after having had  an operation in September and just wanted to highly commend the teams whom I received the highest level of care, during my stay at the Conquest Hospital.

The whole team on Gardner Ward, I have been thoroughly humbled to witness the incredible dedication they put into the care they give in the long 12 hour shifts they work.  I’ve seen senior nurses on their knees in the middle of the night trying to bring pain relief to distressed patients.  Their diligence, attention to detail with the routine observations to pain control throughout the day and night was truly inspiring.  Suffice to say I‘m beyond grateful to these phenomenal teams for their skills, professionalism and their tenderness to bring healing and restoration.  I remain indebted to them all.

Conquest Hospital
I was brought in to Conquest Hospital by ambulance having suffered a cardiac arrest at home. I was admitted first to resus and then to AAC.  Transferred the next day to CCU.  I am writing to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all the staff at the Conquest who looked after me whilst I was in their care.  I came across no one who didn’t carry out their allotted task without humour, dedication and skill.  Please pass my gratitude to all who were involved with my care.

Urology Department – Eastbourne DGH
I had occasion to visit the Urology department at Eastbourne DGH in October and was seen by specialist nurse, Rebecca Rushton and I wish to thank her and her staff for the kind and professional way I was treated.  Also thanks to the staff in the CT department who scanned me afterwards.  I was also impressed by the way all members of staff helped the public if they were not sure a great attitude.

Conquest Hospital – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Would you please convey my grateful thanks to Mr Anwar and his wonderful team who operated on me for Colon Cancer in September and saved my life. Thanks also to Mr Bennet who took care of me throughout, Anna and her team, of dedicated nurses whilst in recovery.  My treatment at the Conquest was absolutely wonderful.