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Our marvellous teams

These comment are extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services, about the care and service we have provided – #ourmarvellousteams

If you would like to praise an individual or team, please visit our ‘Send a thank you‘ page.

Mr Karl Milton – Physio – Bexhill Hospital
I attended an appointment at Bexhill Hospital and was assessed by Mr Milton. He was polite and reassuring of my condition and was very professional and respectful when doing the examination.  I think you must be very proud to count this person as an employee in our organisation.  He is very courteous and knowledgeable professional.  I am very thankful I was treated by Mr Karl Milton today.

Tressell Ward / Emergency Department – Conquest Hospital 
My brother was treated in Tressell ward in March suffering from a cluster of ailments, including cancer.  The doctors and nurses on Tressell ward treated him with great expertise and exceptional kindness, respect and compassion.  They got him fit enough to return to his own home, where the crisis team looked after him until he was able to fend for himself with the help of a wonderfully dedicated and devoted group of community nurses.

My brother began to fall repeatedly and eventually such a serious collapse that he was taken to A&E at Conquest and died shortly after admission. I would like to thank all the people who helped him during his last months, and whose care went far beyond the call of duty.

I would also like to pay a special tribute to the extraordinarily kind and courageous medic who phoned me to tell me that my brother was dying.  This must be the hardest thing for anyone to do, and this man’s distress was evident.  But it was that in a strange way, gave me the greatest comfort.  His humanity and anguish were so genuine and so spontaneous that I felt my brother could not have been in better or more sympathetic hands.

Eastbourne DGH
I had a stroke and spent some weeks in your hospital. I just wanted to say what exemplary care that I received. It wasn’t just that I was treated professionally, but that I was treated with kindness and with empathy.

I know this is a minority viewpoint but I also want to praise the food at Eastbourne DGH.  The people I met at Eastbourne seemed to genuinely enjoy coming to work and believed they were making a positive difference.

Mr Subramanian
I wanted to thank you and all the breast cancer staff both at Conquest and East Grinstead for the excellent level of care and treatment that I have received. I have been so impressed with the speed of treatment only eight weeks between the first mammogram and the mastectomy operation especially with the NHS still having to manage the Covid pandemic.

I also felt so well looked after with care, compassion and respect by everyone I came in contact with.  It is a frightening thing to be diagnosed with cancer even though luckily my outcome is to be cancer free at least for now.  So I really thank you all for the attention to detail and the level of support offered.

Eastbourne DGH
I was admitted via my GP to the AMU and then CCU, throughout my stay I received nothing by the utmost kindness and professionalism from everyone I met.  Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, I cannot begin to tell you how appreciative I am of all the care I received, and everyone was superb.  You have an amazing team at your hospital and which you should be extremely proud.

Gynaecology Department – Eastbourne DGH
Since January I have attended hospital for different appointments, on all these visits I was treated with excellent care and kindness for which I am extremely grateful.  I met with Mr Chan in the Gynaecology department who explained my condition and the options for treatment clearly and ion an understandable manner.  He was kind, friendly and reassuring.  He is a great ambassador for the hospital and all that is good in our NHS.

Eastbourne DGH
I spent 48 hours in your hospital and couldn’t have been cared for more if I was the queen.  I was taken into A&E by ambulance taken to a cubicle and wired up in no time at all. I was admitted to the AMU where I received excellent medical care.  I even enjoyed the food so well done.  Congratulations to you all in these difficult times.

Eastbourne DGH
I would like to make a comment on 2 members of staff. I am a practice nurse in Seaford and have had contacts with Meryl (new lady in ENT outpatients) and Sister Laura in Hailsham ward. Both staff members were exceptionally friendly and helpful.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Thanks to all the staff who dealt with my case over the last week or so.  I could not have asked for a better or prompter service.  From the day I saw my GP to the consultation with Muhammad Rahmanio was less than 10 days and this included have a CT scan. Had a consultation with Dr Rahmani this morning and was completely reassured by this answered all my questions having taken the trouble to obtain all relevant information.

Anna Clarke – Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
After having a fall at my daughters house I sustained two broken fingers, I went to A&E and was dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Anna gave me a very easily understood account of the treatment necessary to deal with my fingers.

After my treatment I was waiting for a taxi on a miserable Saturday night when Anna, who had finished duty, saw us waiting and gave us a lift home. I cannot tell you how much this was appreciated this act of kindness was over and above the call of duty and made a horrible situation one of admiration for ones fellow mankind.  Anna is a credit to your hospital, your profession and herself.

Eastbourne DGH
It is many years since I was an in-patient in a British hospital. That all changed when I was admitted to the Eastbourne DGH with a lung infection.  From the arrival via ambulance to admission to A&E and then Jevington ward, I experienced kindness and assurance and witnessed the highest standard of calm, dedicated professionalism.  What dawned on me as a representative of the British public is how unaware we are of the hard, dedicated work that goes on uncomplainingly on our behalf.

Eastbourne DGH
So much has been said during the Covid crisis about the NHS that we may be in danger of taking the work they do for granted. Having been recently treated in both the Conquest and Eastbourne hospitals I feel that I must again draw attention to those wonderful group of people who make up the NHS.

I was admitted to the Coronary Unit at Eastbourne DGH for a routine check up on a heart problem. The result of the test proved that my arteries were clear. I could then have been released to await another appointment which may have been weeks or months away. My problem (lack of breath) was still present and on hearing this, the doctor in charge, Dr Walker, stated that he considered my condition was so serious that he immediately sought authority to go ahead at once with giving me a pacemaker. He stated “You are here now; my team’s here now, so let’s do it”. The operation took place and throughout I was impressed with the speed and happy manner in which the team did their work – they all clearly took their lead from Dr Walker, who sang as he worked and put me completely at ease.

My words are totally inadequate in expressing my thanks to all of the staff at the hospital – I feel that they have given back my life which I felt and believed was slipping away.

Everyone in this country should be immensely proud of the NHS who I’m sure are the envy of the world. If, as sometimes happens, criticism is levelled against the NHS, it generally stems from the immense pressure they are all constantly under – with massive backlogs etc. and/or lack of sufficient funding, and also an aging population – none of which they have control over.

For my part, I can only give my grateful thanks to them all for all they have done for me and for treating me, aged 81, as they would have for an 18 year old – in their words “We’re here for everyone”!

Emergency Department – Conquest Hospital
Wednesday June 9th I had an accident at work. I snapped both bones in my right forearm. On arrival, I was quickly assessed and whisked through to the ward. The staff were all fantastic. Friendly, caring and professional. What more could you wish for.  It makes a real difference to have people taking care of you in such a situation. Please pass in my gratitude to the wonderful A&E team.

Seaford Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and my partner for the kind and thoughtful care, guidance and service I received during my stay at the DGH. I am now home after spending 8 days in Seaford Ward.  I cannot over praise the treatment, care and kindness I received, it was truly unbelievable.

I would in particular like to thank Sister Wendy, she took time to have a long chat with me after lights out as she could see how distressed I was, her calm and compassion enabled me to come to terms with my condition.  The menu and quality of food was far beyond what I would have expected.  The NHS is a marvellous origination which deserves more praise.  Many thanks for all you do.

Day Surgery and Special Dental Department
Today our daughter who has a learning disability attended the Day Surgery unit and would like to congratulate the Multi-disciplinary teams for their professional and caring treatment for both our daughter and ourselves as parents.

It was the Specialist Dental department, under the management and organisational skills of Jayne Osborn who arranged all the teams.

Today’s experience has certainly shown that the Eastbourne DGH has excelled itself in their ability to make reasonable adjustments for an excellent and professional service for those people with a learning disability, without which our daughter could not have accessed the treatment and care that she deserves.  Our very grateful thanks to everyone.

Newington Ward – Conquest Hospital
I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to all members of staff for the excellent care I received.  I was truly impressed with the care given to all patients; I observed how they treated everyone with compassion, kindness, respect and preserved the dignity of every patient in very difficult circumstances.

It was very apparent how every member of staff worked well as a team, always with the patient’s best interests at heart and always willing to do more than was expected of them.  The staff are a perfect example of all that is good about the NHS and they are a credit to the Conquest Hospital.

Conquest Hospital
This is to thank so very much for caring for me while in the Conquest Hospital.  It made me realise how wonderful the NHS is and all that care and work, everyone was so kind and helpful, we need you.