Our marvellous teams

These comment are extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services, about the care and service we have provided – #ourmarvellousteams

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Mr Allen – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to thank the wonderful NHHS staff following my recent experience. After booking myself in for a mammogram, I was told the devastating news I had breast cancer.  I was told that I had stage 1 breast cancer and was admitted to the Eastbourne DGH under the care of Mr Simon Allen to undergo surgery.  The cancer was localised and removed along with some lymph nodes to be checked.  One month after my surgery Mr Allen gave me the wonderful news that the cancer had been removed and I was cancer free.

I cannot thank the whole of the NHS enough for the amazing way I was treated from the beginning, and for the incredible speed from diagnosis to surgery.  I would also like to personally thank Katy Holloborn who attend to me alongside Mr Allen.  I as well as my family am eternally grateful to the fantastic NHS.

Conquest Hospital
I was on Holiday in Hastings this week. I was staying at a caravan park, sadly on my arrival I tripped up the caravan steps and injured my hand. I put cold compress on my hand and strapped it up but due to the pain and swelling I attended your A&E department.

I cannot thank your Trust and your wonderful nurses enough. I was treated with the best care very promptly and was so impressed by your Hospital and all your staff especially through this difficult time with Covid.  I just wanted to say thank you once again for my excellent care and advice. This Hospital and Trust were truly exceptional.

Conquest Hospital
I have just spent six days in the Conquest Hospital, started in A&E then onto the AAW and finally Wellington ward.  At all times I was treated with kindness, the staff could not do enough for me.  I appreciate all their hard work and want to thank them very much.

It was my first time in the Conquest Hospital.  I have worked all my life as a secretary for doctors in London and Surrey so I knew I could trust them.  Please thank them very much.

Gynaecology – Eastbourne DGH
In the week when we are celebrating the NHS and taking the opportunity to say a huge thanks you to everyone working in the NHS for all their supreme effort during the pandemic. I wanted to express my thanks to the trust for the treatment recently received.

I was referred to the Gynaecology department at the Eastbourne DGH and was seen within 3 days for tests, scans and biopsy, and MRI took please within 2 weeks and then I saw Mr Larsen-Disney to discuss the diagnosis and treatment which took place 2 week later.

I am aware that any contact with the hospital requires a team effort from administrators, radiographers, lab technicians, support staff as well as nurses and doctors, so I am grateful to everyone who contributed to my treatment over recent weeks.  Thank you.

AMU – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to comment my recent experience of time spent in the AMU at Eastbourne DGH it was really first class. all the staff, nurses, doctors, catering and cleaning were efficient, friendly and helpful the atmosphere in the five bed unit was really good and we were made to feel that we were important and not just another body or number and certainly not a nuisance.  I had complete confidence in the medical side of things.  Thank you to all of them.

Mr Shaw – Conquest Hospital
I wanted to write to you to congratulate you and show my appreciation to you for your help during my illness and operation.  Mr Shaw made me feel as though I was being treated respectfully and with tremendous consideration of my feelings.  Receiving a phone from a consultant to ask me “how I’m doing” made me feel as though I wasn’t just a number on his list.  Many thanks to Mr Shaw and his team at Conquest for getting me back on my feet.

Conquest Hospital
A few days ago I was diagnosed with a suspected DVT and was referred to Conquest Hospital.  Within 24 hours the procedure was undertaken and the results were with my GP before I had completed my journey home. I was asked to attend the AAU were I was treated with the utmost care and was given very clear explanation of the possible treatment options.

Eastbourne DGH
I was treated at all times with respect, humanity and good humour.  All in all that could have been an upsetting experience but I left the hospital feeling confident and most grateful for the attention and care I had received.

I would like to show my appreciation for the care that I recently received at the hospital.  I was so impressed by the total care and real devotion of the staff to the patients.  I cannot praise too highly the nurses who were splendid in all the difficult and traumatic situations they had to face.  The consultants were also kind and considerate and really interested in the patients welfare.  Our Eastbourne DGH is a real credit to the splendid NHS.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
I was recently discharged from your hospital with an infected hip wound for a 23 day stay.  I was compelled to write to you about the treatment that I received from your Mr Skyrne and his team and all the staff on the ward.  They were all caring considerate and kind.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Irvine Unit – Bexhill
I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to your colleagues at the Irvine Unit. I was recently hospitalised due to serious injuries sustained during a road traffic collision on the Bexhill seafront in June. I arrived at the Irvine Unit in July to start rehabilitation. I honestly believe that the kindness, care and support, shown to me by your colleagues, helped with my recovery.

I recognise that a unit full of largely elderly patients suffering pain can be a challenging environment. However, I was pleased to see that your colleagues were regularly upbeat and polite, considerate and caring. I do consider that this approach assisted me with my recovery and my readiness to be discharged, and I am very thankful for the kindness they have shown me.