Thank yous

These comment are extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services, about the care and service we have provided.

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Urology Department – Eastbourne DGH
From the start of my treatment in urology, Natasha, the senior nurse, was so helpful even though I had ongoing eye treatment at Eastbourne DGH. The booking team Debbie and Joyce then the Hailsham ward, the two sisters on duty 29/30 June for me in bay C were so thoughtful and attentive it made a bad couple of days bearable, as did the other nurses.

The food looked superb even though I could not enjoy it much. Thanks to everyone involved in my treatment it could not have been bettered and that is down to all staff involved. Please convey this message to them on my behalf, and I am very much better now than I have been for a long time. Best regards to everyone.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
I just wanted to compliment all staff in the A&E department who took great care of my mother-in-law who was brought in early afternoon on Thursday 30 June.

She was treated with great care and respect and every staff member had time to listen to everything that was said to them without us feeling rushed. It was as if she was the only patient in there. I was kept fully informed at all times and I felt reassured in such a safe and friendly environment.

I have great admiration for the consultants, doctors, nurses, HCA’s, porters and cleaners as they are all doing an absolute fantastic job and as my daughter is a staff nurse herself, I know the pressures and challenges that the medical team face from lack of resources to constantly being short staffed.

Everyone who we encountered is doing a tremendous job and I cannot sing their praises enough.  They are all amazing individuals and the Trust is extremely lucky to have them, as are we who have Eastbourne DGH as our local hospital. Best wishes to them all.

Mammogram Department – Eastbourne DGH
I was referred to the breast cancer dept. from my GP on the 20 June, I saw the consultant on the 7July, after an examination I was sent directly to Radiology for a mammogram and then to have an ultra sound scan.

All within 90 minutes, which was most impressive, especially with results given at the time, with a letter to follow. This is a great new development.

Having had breast cancer in 2018 with surgery, chemo, radiotherapy etc. Still on medication now, it was a worry to notice a lumpy armpit, but today’s service with all staff was remarkable. It appears I am fighting an unknown infection, which has presented lumpy nodes, but no cancer identified.

I wanted to report how impressed I was with the whole process and in particular, the two staff members, please pass on my thanks.

Dermatology Department – Conquest Hospital
I attended the Dermatology department for a skin biopsy and would like to thank all the staff for the care, consideration and professionalism they showed me.

They made an unpleasant experience as pleasant as possible and explained every step of the procedure as it progressed and showed care and consideration for my wellbeing at every step.

I have had a similar procedure carried out at another hospital, which did not exhibit the same standard of care. From my point of view the care and personal interaction with patience is as important as the procedure itself and goes a long way to giving the patient confidence and helping them to feel better sooner. All these things have nothing to do with cost, but come down to the individual skill of making a patient feel at ease.

In my opinion, these nurses demonstrated an extremely high standard of service and are a credit to the NHS and all it stand for and I thank them all.

Eastbourne DGH
I was advised to go to the A&E Department by my GP when I was suffering from acute shortage of breath on the 7 July.  I arrived at about 4.30pm and saw that the average wait was 6 hours. I was seen with 20 minutes and examined by the A&E staff and my treatment started.

The staff were helpful, kind, considerate and very professional. I was diagnosed with heart failure and rapidly admitted to the CCU where I stayed until my discharge on 12 July. The treatment I received was excellent and all the staff were caring and compassionate whilst maintaining very high professional standards. I could not have had better treatment medically or personally.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
I looked on your web site to see how to get to you, which bus and read some of the comments. How wrong can they be, yes you were busy but all the staff were good and helpful especially the nurses and the doctor, out in just three hours.  Well done and thank you.

Fracture Clinic – Conquest Hospital
Thanks to Neil in the Fracture Clinic for arranging and fitting a replacement knee brace so quickly and efficiently.

Maxillofacial Department – Conquest Hospital
I attended an initial consultation with Dr Khan after a referral from my dentist; he explained what needed to be done and checked I wanted to proceed with the treatment.

I attended the hospital on the 28 June for the dental surgery. I was feeling very anxious but Dr Khan and his assistants made me feel very welcome and put me fully as ease.  The whole team worked extremely hard to deal with the infection and repair the bone.  Dr Khan also took the time to improve my gum line around the infected area, which has improved my smile.

I returned on the 8 July to have the stitches removed, the woman was also very kind and helpful.

I have been extremely impressed with the skills and expertise of both Mr Khan and his team. The work the team carried out has dramatically improved my quality of life.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
As a 93-year-old woman suffering from extreme dizziness, I was admitted to the A&E department.  From the moment I sat up in the bed in one of the cubicles overlooking the non-stop hive of activity of doctors, nurses, HCA, cleaners until I was admitted to an adjacent ward, I was treated with unfailing care and compassion.  This care extended into the night and the following morning when I was discharged.

Urology Department – Eastbourne DGH
I attended the urology department on two occasions and I am delighted to say that I received first class treatment from a splendid group of professionals.  I should like to mention John a senior nurse and in particular, Noreen Rutter who sorted out a problem I had at an instance notice.

East Dean Ward / Sovereign Ward – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you to the staff on these wards for taking such good care of my husband.  He was admitted on 1 July and came home on the 6 July.  He was looked after so well from everyone.  Thank you all.

Reception staff in Emergency Department  – Conquest Hospital
I drove down from Hertfordshire to help a 91-year-old family friend with dementia and her friend after they had been in a car accident. The reception staff were so incredibly patient with our situation of getting them seen with knowledge that I had to drive them 2.5 hrs back to Hertfordshire and her care home.

My perspective your team did a stellar job navigating a full house in 2 waiting rooms and annoying people like us asking when we’d get the pair in the accident seen so we could start long drive home. We saw a lovely nurse around 6:30pm then finally after yet multiple requests of the reception staff, we got our elderly pair in to see Dr Kate Rutherford around 10:30pm – and she was superb.

I can now see how under pressure the NHS is these days and know that those in the ‘line of fire’ are often those checking people in to see nurses or doctors. I really want to thank the Emergency Room receptionists from last night, for their patience and help, especially as I was not a patient but kept getting ‘asked to ask’ by the care home of my friend and the driver in this case. Because my friend just had no idea what was going on. They navigated what was probably a regular afternoon/evening for them, but made what could have been a far worse experience for us better by helping us get seen within four hours.

I just want to share my deepest thanks to those who have a far harder job than I do and respect them intensely.

Radiology Department – Conquest Hospital
Had a procedure on 3 August in the Radiology Department Interventional Radiology Suite. CT guided Rhizolyisis under the care of Mr Selmon.

Mr Mo Faris and his team carried out the treatment. May I say thank you to all the team for looking after me throughout the whole process, first class from start to completion. Excellent service.

Dr Rick Veasey – Conquest Hospital
Thank you Dr Veasey for always listening and responding to my ongoing health changes. I have been under your care for now around three years.   Ever since the beginning, you have been caring, kind and considerate, trying to work out how best to support my health.

You have gone above and beyond in your role and I after many years of suffering, I finally feel in a place of reasonable stability and I could not have got here without your knowledge and personalised treatment plans.

Conquest Hospital
I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for the care I received at the Conquest this past week. It was the first time I have ever attended the hospital and I was so impressed. I’m sitting at my computer trying to find the right words to express my gratitude and thanks, I can’t think of anything big enough to tell you how wonderful your staff are.

The SAU is incredible but I had to have a scan and an x-ray so I came across a whole range of staff. The hospital porters were great. Everyone was kind, caring and thoughtful.

People could be excused for feeling overwhelmed by COVID19, waiting lists, their worries for bills, inflation and climate change in addition to the unbearable heat and lack of rain. Still your staff treated me as an individual, as someone they were determined to do their best for.

I know the NHS is a cherished and much-loved institution and I am well aware of the dedication of its staff.  I hope you are very proud of your workforce, they certainly do the hospital and the NHS credit and I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful way they treated me.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Thank you all for the care of my husband on his arrival on the evening of the 5 August with chest problems. Although we spent a total of ten hours in your hospital, I would especially like to thank the junior doctor for his total empathy, care, and listening quality.

My husband is an old man and very stubborn at the best of times.  Thankfully there was nothing major wrong. We followed up with a visit to his GP. This was put down to stress and lack of hydration. I wish him so well for his further career.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
Tuesday 9 August whilst we were in Eastbourne on holiday my husband had a fall. We attended Eastbourne Hospital A&E Department. The staff were so efficient and pleasant in seeing to my husband that I must say a very big thank you to all. We did not know the names of the doctors to mention them. In addition, we were only at the hospital for two and a half hours. We would like to say once again to all the staff a very big THANK YOU.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to thank Laura for the care she gave me while dealing with a major cut to my finger on 5 August. I was waiting for more than five hours and she made the whole episode bearable. Thank you again for your care and understanding.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to say a big thank you to the team on duty in A&E late afternoon on 23 June.   The care and prompt actions after my sister took me there following two falls at home five weeks apart resulted in a CT scan and a transfer by ambulance that evening to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton for head surgery early the next morning.  Your efforts will not be wasted for I have now become an organ and tissue donor, something I had not seriously considered before.

Emergency Department/Richard Ticehurst Ward – Conquest Hospital
I wanted to send a huge thank you to the staff in A&E and all on the Richard Ticehurst Ward. I came into A&E on the 25 July and was eventually taken down to the Richard Ticehurst Ward. Even though A&E was extremely busy, the people I looked after me and gave me great care.

Whilst on the Richard Ticehurst Ward, several people were looking after me throughout the day and night and did an amazing job. The care I received was excellent, I felt supported throughout my stay. I am now recovering well and I am certain that this is partly due to the care I received.

Please can you ensure that my thanks is recognised to the teams involved, especially in these tough times, as I know the NHS is still under immense pressure. Many thanks and keep up the great work, we are lucky to have such a fantastic medical service in the UK.

Emergency Department – Conquest Hospital
On the 8 August I was unfortunately injured on an escalator and was directed to the Conquest Hospital.  The nurse who stuck my leg back together is a credit to the nursing profession and to the Conquest Hospital.  Her greeting and smart appearance were hugely reassuring, particularly in the first anxious moments then I did not know what to expect.  She was kind, caring, gentle and respectful.  Throughout the procedure, she exuded a calm professionalism, which filled me with confidence that all would be well.

Conquest Hospital
I was fortunate enough to have an operation on my knee on 29 July.  Every member of staff I met was helpful, pleasant and professional.  From the very start of the process, I was kept completely informed regarding the progress of my stay in hospital.

In the Edgerton Ward Assessment clinic, the staff were all reassuring and pleasant. On Gardener ward, the staff were all very efficient and helpful.  The Anaesthetist Judith was excellent putting my mind at rest and Mr Godard explained his intentions regarding what was best of me. I felt I needed to register a large thanks to all of these hard working people.

Stroke Unit – Eastbourne DGH
On Saturday 9 July I was admitted to Eastbourne DGH with a suspected stroke.  Fortunately, it proved to not be so, possible vertigo although I was kept in for high blood pressure and a lung infection.  I wish to thank the hospital generally and all the stroke and associated staff who looked after me during my stay.  I could not have wished for better, more thorough treatment.  Their commitment, attention and care were exemplary.

Lisa Leach – Radiology Department – Eastbourne DGH
I want to thank Lisa for her patience, kindness and help she was so very kind helping me with an email.  I could not have done it without her. Bless her.