Thank yous

These comment are extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services, about the care and service we have provided.

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Eastbourne DGH
Just to say what brilliant service I have received from the NHS regarding my tinnitus. I was referred to audiology in January and received hearing aids by February, despite being told it would be 12 weeks. Very efficiently and empathically handled, thank you.

Conquest Hospital
At the back end of last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, highlighted by a regular mammogram. I consider myself very lucky as it was caught early and was small and non-aggressive. I had my surgery on 21 January this year at the Conquest and it was carried out by Mr Subramanian.

I cannot thank his whole team enough for the excellent care I received. Mr Subramanian is very personable and makes his patients feel very relaxed.

I would also just like to mention a the other members of staff who gave such amazing care Connie the advanced breast care nurse was amazing and so kind as was Debbie the MacMillan nurse, both helped me enormously when I had an unexpected bleed. Dennis the ultrasound doctor who helped by aspirating some of the blood out from under my arm, he was so kind in fitting it into his schedule to do the procedure. Also Kate Harley Specialist Radiographer at Eastbourne Hospital. Kate was so kind giving me all the information I needed to make a decision about whether or not to have the radiotherapy.

I really just wanted to highlight what an amazing service you provide and how lucky we are to have the NHS in East Sussex.

Conquest Hospital
I wanted to express my sincere thanks to the team that have helped relieve my bi-lateral carpal tunnel problems.  I had my surgery in November 2021, I cannot tell you how much that was appreciated and am so very grateful to the whole team. Also to the wider team on the ward and in the theatre who made the whole experience so easy and so interesting.  It makes a big difference to patients when care is taken and given.  Thank you to all involved.

Emergency Department / East Dean Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I was taken to Eastbourne DGH with what appeared to be a stroke. When I arrived at A&E, a registrar and a young doctor saw me.  I was unable to speak and felt distressed but was quickly reassured by their calm professional manner.  After a number of tests, I was sent to East Dean ward.

Over the next couple of days, I was most impressed with the treatment I received but also interested to see the care given to the other patients. You and your management should be justly proud of the way the hospital operates and the staff you employ.

Eye Clinic  – Eastbourne DGH
In January I visited the eye clinic and wanted to express my thanks to all the staff I saw.  In these difficult times, everyone was so cheerful and took time to explain what they were doing. When I told them of the difficulty I have in squeezing the eye drops bottle because of arthritis in my hand, they found gadgets to help with this and societies to contact for further help. Many thanks for everyone.

Emergency Department – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
My stepfather, was taken ill yesterday afternoon. An ambulance arrived swiftly. Kaia and Patience took control and assessed his needs with great professionalism, understanding and care. Could I convey my deep gratitude for their support, and commend them as a great advert for everything that is amazing about our NHS service in general and ESHT in particular. Thank you.

Gardener Ward – Conquest Hospital
I recently had a colo-rectal surgery under Mr Shaw, and spent 10 days in Gardener Ward. I wanted to express my thanks for my care on the ward, without exception the staff were brilliant, starting from the hugely reassuring phone call on the day before admission, right through to my discharge.  They were all very approachable and so very kind and helpful.

Mr Williams and Team – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you to all the staff who have dealt with me for the exemplary service I have recently received.  I firstly noticed a small lump and went to see my GP who made a two-week referral; I was seen nine days later.  I cannot speak too highly of the calm, professional and again extremely impressive treatment I received from Mr Williams and his supporting team.  The environment was outstanding.  He gave me clear written and oral instructions on how to care for the operation site and it has healed remarkably well already.

Having been in healthcare over 40 years, I am well aware of the challenges involved in giving such exceptional service.  A total of 11 days taken from first referral to excision demonstrate stunning performance from all involved.

Cuckmere Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I was admitted to A&E at Eastbourne DGH after being referred from a 111 call. I was sent to the assessment ward and then Cuckmere ward.  The treatment I received was the best.  This was evident when I collapsed and suffered a massive haemorrhage in the early hours of the morning.  The night staff on duty went into immediate action and saved my life with their skill and care. Words cannot express our gratitude for the service and care given by the hard working and dedicated staff.

Eye Department – Bexhill Hospital
I am being treated by Mr Tham and have been immensely impressed by his personal competence and medical skills and by the way, in which his department is run.  It is both efficient and courteous and patients are treated in a most kindly way and yet expeditiously.

Breast Surgery Team – Eastbourne
I feel I must write regarding the most wonderful care I have been receiving from the Breast Surgery team.  Mr Subramanian is my consultant and he has been amazing in the care I have received, alongside Miss Radhika, they have done a fabulous job not only looking after me so well, but for a nice new set of healthy breasts.

Also my wonderful McMillan nurse Katy Hollobon, she has talked me through each process explained things thoroughly and the care and support has again been amazing. They have all made such a scary daunting time so much easier to bare. I truly am so thankful from the bottom of my heart.

Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to express my appreciation for the outstanding service I have received in the past three months at the Eastbourne DGH.  It is obvious the pressure, which is on everyone working in the NHs by this, has by no means negatively affected the service I have received.

I had appointments in the Gynae department under the care of Mr Larsen-Disney and his team.  The two clinical nurse specialists, Emma and Sarah have given me prompt, understanding attention, have communicated with me without delay and ensured I have had access to tests and treatment, which I have needed. They have been very reassuring as well in a very anxious time.

I was referred to the Same Day Emergency Care Unit for urgent attention.  Again, the whole staff on that unit were outstanding in their care, the time given to me and clear communication with me and very prompt response to my needs.  The practical support given whilst I was on the unit was much appreciated and sensitively given.  I really appreciate the care I received.

From appointments clerks to administrative staff, to porters to domestic staff, radiographers, nurses, doctors and support staff all have shown great care and attention during my time at appointments.  Particular the lovely housekeeper, who saw me struggling in the entrance hall, left her trolley, came, helped me into a wheelchair, and called a porter.  Kind and consideration from everyone.  Thank you.

Eastbourne DGH
In January, I had a fall fracturing my left wrist badly and was seen in A&E at the Eastbourne DGH.  I subsequently had it operated on as a day case.  I just wanted to write and say how grateful I am for the treatment I received, the professionalism of all involved at every stage and for the courtesy and compassion shown. I wish there was a way to thank everyone involved.