Our marvellous teams

These comment are extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services, about the care and service we have provided – #ourmarvellousteams

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SADIE course – Bexhill Hospital
I attended the SADIE course held at Bexhill Hospital and wanted to offer some personal feedback to you and your team.  Ahead of attending I felt confident that I had a good understanding of Type 1 Diabetes in general and my management of it in particular.  I was sceptical that the course wouldn’t be of much benefit.  I was wrong. I found it very interesting and engaging course which was very well constructed and expertly presented.  In particular the ongoing analysis of one’s own blood glucose data over the 5 weeks period and adjustment in medication proved quite instructive and I’m confident it will help me improve my management going forward.

The session with the consultant was especially helpful.  And in my own case the session on insulin pumps, a major reason for my attendance was very enlightening.  The course venue was relaxing and comfortable.  The food provided was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending SADIE to all Type 1 diabetics.

Mr Subramanian and team – Eastbourne DGH
Over the last few months, my wife has gone through a diagnosis process for breast cancer, culminating in a lumpectomy.  What we have encountered in and around Mr Subramanian team is a group of fantastic people who have created a system that runs like clockwork.  Everything you could hope for is there, skilled professionalism of the highest order throughout, reliable points of contact, an awareness of our lack of medical knowledge met only by kindness and patience to explain.

Nothing is being left to chance by members of this team, there is a recognition coming from within them that everything is so important to get right, not just medical skill, but aftercare, timely admin tasks, everything.

To reach this level of performance, something really special must be going on in terms of reviews and continual improvement regimes etc.  In conclusion, a special thanks to Mr Subramanian, Debbie and Louise who have been my wife’s main points of contact.

CCU – Eastbourne DGH
We were on holiday in Eastbourne when my husband was admitted to your hospital with heart failure.  We would like to convey our warmest thanks to all the staff who contributed to his recovery.  The excellent care, skill and treatment in CCU was greatly appreciated as was their support to us both, my husband could not have had better care.

Urology – Eastbourne DGH
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February of this year and was placed under the care of Mr S Garnett.  I would like to inform you of the fantastic level of care I have received thus far from members of your teams in the Eastbourne DGH.  They are Mr P Verma, Matron Helen, and her team and Dr Soultati.  They have all dealt with me in a very timely manner, with openness and honesty in a very professional manner, and have almost made my journey to date a pleasure.

These professionals work in a very challenging environment often with little thanks, delivering, what is in my opinion a very high level of care of their patients.  Many thanks once again.

Maxillofacial – Conquest Hospital I am writing to let you know how contented I am feeling at this time, and it’s all down to the very expert treatment I’ve experienced while in the care of three members of your staff at the Conquest Hospital in the maxillofacial unit.  The staff I refer to are Dr Adeez Khan and his assistants Mrs Lisa Fuller and Mr Raynaldo Camen Forte.  These three people made my visit a happy event.

Conquest Hospital/District Nurses
I recently suffered a nasty accident to my leg and cannot thank the Conquest staff enough for the care and attention from paramedics, A&E department and the lovely kind and dedicated district nurses who looked after me, dressed and redressed my injury for more than eleven weeks.  I say a big thank you for all concerned.

Breast Clinic – Eastbourne DGH
It is with pleasure that I write to you outlining my experience with the NHS and in particular Eastbourne DGH.  In July I had an appointment with my GP, where he said a visit to the breast clinic was necessary, 2/3 days later I had a call from the fast track team who made an appointment for me.  After examination a mammogram and ultrasound I had an appointment with Dr Subramanian for the results.  These showed nothing, which was very pleasing but thought an operation was necessary, to sort out the existing problem. I then had an appointment with Dr Subramanian to see the results of the operation. He explained that the cause was very small but successfully removed. You can imagine how pleased I was to hear this.

Through this whole process from start to finish, checks and double checks where made covering all details.  All staff were kind, sensitive and efficient, supporting me all the way through.  My sincere thanks to the teams concerned and for the great work they do daily.

A&E Department – Conquest Hospital
My mum needed to go to hospital which she rarely does and was initially assessed by 2 lovely nursing staff, while under immense pressure; they were helpful, kind, compassionate and calming to my mum, who was already frightened at visiting.  Your staff are wonderful human beings, so a huge thank you, especially to Ross who is a credit to your organization.  You all do amazing work and thank you just isn’t enough.

Egerton Ward – Conquest Hospital
To experience the benefits of an ESHT service reconfiguration as a patient was positive in every respect.  Yes, the journey by ambulance from Eastbourne to Conquest was uncomfortable, despite the paramedic’s best efforts, but from arrival in A&E to discharge I was impressed by the seamless co-ordinated care and professionalism of all the staff in the different teams I had contact with.  The way every process was fully explained and how we were calmly but firmly encouraged to “get moving” by the physios was very motivating and confidence building.

The calm atmosphere of the unit and dignified nursing care I received quickly helped lessen the shock of the accident and feeling pf helplessness.  If you told me this time last week I would be home within days, back on my feet and negotiating two flights of steep stairs with crutches but without pain, I would not have believed you.

A&E Department and Baird Ward – Conquest Hospital
I am writing to tell you of the fantastic service I received when I collapsed due to a severe asthma attack.  I was taken to the A&E at Conquest and then to Baird Ward.  At all times I was impressed with the professionalism, dedication and commitment of all staff I came into contact with, whether consultants, doctors, nurses or housekeeping services.  I cannot thank the, enough for the treatment I received and the passion they show for their work.

Radiology – Eastbourne DGH
I would like you to know how impressed I am with the medical service I have received at Eastbourne DGH.  I moved here in September and had to transfer treatment from I.O.W.  It has been really smooth and professional.  I had a scan and was very impressed with the care of the staff in the Radiology department, please be proud of your staff, who have the professionalism and sense of humour to enlighten more serious moments during a hospital visit.

Halisham  4 ward – Eastbourne DGH
I have recently been in hospital for 2 days after a small operation and I wanted to say how kind and pleasant everyone was towards me from the nurses in the recovery room, to the ones on the Halisham 4 ward.  They all work so hard and never complain and are always cheerful.  I appreciated them so much.  They are a credit to the NHS.

Eastbourne DGH
I write to tell you how appreciated my husband and I are for the Eastbourne DGH.  My husband has been under the care of Dr McKenna and Dr Robinson for Prostate cancer.  The care from the doctors, Radiotherapy and Urology departments has been second to none.  More recently he has been under the care of the heart unit having been given a CRT device, wonderful care from the whole team.

I am at present under the care of Mr Ash Subramina and Dr Sangle in the Breast Surgical Unit.  My thanks to them and to my care nurses for their expertise and help. My thanks to the Health Authority for such a great facility as the Eastbourne DGH that benefits us all in East Sussex.

Mr Miller – Conquest Hospital
I feel I must write to thank you for relieving the considerable pain I had been experiencing over several days before the day of the clinic.  Although I was not referred to you for this particular problem you went ahead and diagnosed the problem straight away, prescribing the necessary medication which began to work the same night.  Thank you once again for your prompt attention of which I am very grateful.