Our marvellous teams

These comment are extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services, about the care and service we have provided – #ourmarvellousteams

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Conquest Hospital
Today I had an appointment for a CT scan. Words cannot explain the calmness the staff put out on my arrival, which made me feel relaxed , after I was changed I was shown where to go straight away, I felt a calmness in the air, after the two technicians explained all the procedure, I was totally at ease with everything.  I guess what I’m saying is thank you to all the staff that dealt with me and made my appointment more relaxing rather than me being on tender hooks. Once again thank you.

A&E Department – Eastbourne DGH
On the 5th October I blacked out whilst shopping in the Beacon Shopping Centre.  I wish to thank everybody involved in the excellent care and attention I received.  So to the ambulance crews, doctors, and physios and ever cheerful nurses a big thank you from this nearly 88 year old ex-patient.

Dermatology Department – Eastbourne DGH
I write to thank Eastbourne DGH for the excellent treatment I recently received having been referred to the Dermatology Department.  Dr David Chandler was informative and thorough in his approach as was Dr Nicolan when he joined the consultation.  I was feeling anxious having had surgery in the area previously and they both reassured me the treatment recommend cleared the condition for which I am very grateful.

Eastbourne DGH
Having recently been diagnosed successfully treated for cancer and now discharged from hospital.  I wish to tell you of my gratitude for the treatment I received at Eastbourne DGH.  Without exception I was treated with care, consideration and respect from everyone I came onto contact with during the past five months.  Having the initial diagnosis give to by  a calm and reassuring Maggie Barrett set me up to take everything in my stride.  During my life I have had little actual hospital treatment until now, but in any survey I would rate my recent experience with 10 out of 10.

A&E Department / Egerton Ward – Conquest Hospital
If you’d told me this time last week I would be home within days, back on my feet and negotiating two flights of steep stairs with crutches but without pain, I would not have believed you.

Having worked in the NHS communications, I know the theories for having centres of excellence even if it means travelling further for these specialist services.  To experience the benefits of an ESHT service reconfiguration as a patient was positive in every respect.  Yes, the journey by ambulance from Eastbourne to the Conquest was uncomfortable, despite the paramedics’ best efforts, but from arrival in A&E to discharge I was impressed by the seamless, co-ordinated care and professionalism of all the staff in the different teams I had contact with.

The way every process was fully explained and how we were calmly but firmly encouraged to ‘get moving’ by the physios was very motivating and confidence-building. The calm atmosphere of the unit and dignified nursing care I received quickly helped lessen the shock of the accident and feelings of helplessness. The calm but firm way the night nursing staff dealt with two confused, distressed and slightly aggressive patients on consecutive nights and how a HCA cared for, talked to and fed an elderly woman reinforced the certainty that I was in the right place for the best care/treatment.  I hope I don’t have cause to return to Egerton ward but if I do, I know I’d be in very good hands.

Kate Bull, Audiology – Conquest Hospital
I bought my mother in for a hearing aid fitting. She has vascular dementia and I would like to say thank you to Kate for her patience and care. Working with people with dementia can be very challenging, especially under time pressure but seeing Kate was a pleasure. I would like to say thank you to her for this.

Ophthalmology Outpatients Department – Conquest Hospital
A big thank you to the wonderful staff in the Ophthalmology outpatients department. I was made to feel at ease and reassured by every member of staff who saw me. Such a friendly and very efficient service.

Eastbourne DGH
Thank you to everyone who I spoke to today, I am very proud of our NHS and have always had excellent treatment during the visits I and my family have had over the years , thank you.

Eastbourne DGH
My heartfelt thanks to all the ward and theatre staff who looked after me so very well during my Cataract operation on the morning of 29th October, not forgetting Miss Wong who worked her magic yet again. The outcome is wonderful and I am so pleased.  The service provided is excellent from beginning to end and has made a world of difference to me.

Sally Goldup – Conquest Hospital
Sally explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, has an extremely positive attitude which made my unexpected and upsetting diagnosis abet easier to bear, but why I really wanted to thank Sally is that she goes above and beyond in trying to make things happen in my treatment which is admittedly complex. It makes a huge difference as I face into a different future from the only I had envisioned. Thank you Sally and thank you Karen who administers this wonderful primary Fracture Liaison service.

Nick – Dermatology – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you so much for seeing me after the confusion with my appointment. He sorted out my appointment and fitted me in so that I didn’t have to return. He was friendly, polite and very professional. Thank you.

A&E Department and Ophthalmology – Conquest Hospital
I would just like to let you know that my recent experience of A&E and the subsequent consultation was extremely positive from every aspect. On Friday evening at A&E I was checked in, triaged and GP assessed within 25 mins. The A&E referral was reviewed and I was contacted by the Ophthalmology clinic Monday morning for an afternoon appointment. I turned up 10 mins early for the appointment and was seen straight away. 30 mins later I had been fully assessed by the technicians and reviewed by the specialist consultant. Every person I dealt with was positive, helpful and adept.  A big thank you to all.

A&E Department/Egerton Ward and Cookson Devas Ward – Conquest Hospital
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the quality of treatment and the care I received at the Conquest Hospital after breaking my right leg.

I was treated at A&E first after falling down a 7 foot hole at work. The staff were so thorough and professional but also so kind and attentive I do not believe I could  have received better treatment anywhere and your staff in this area have my appreciation for all they did for me.

I was moved to the Egerton ward for an operation on my leg and after care and again the quality of the treatment and the care and commitment of your staff was outstanding.  I cannot praise the nursing staff and HCA’s highly enough as they all worked tirelessly to make my stay as comfortable as possible.

Finally I was moved to the Cookson Devas ward for rehabilitation and again I could not fault the care I received the whole team worked together to get me back on my feet and home. It was very special to be on a specialist ward not just a general ward as I felt the whole team understood what was necessary to get me fit, well and home. The HCA’s, Nurses, Doctors, pain team, physios, and OT and all the other staff all work so well as a team, I would also like to congratulate the house cleaning team as all the wards I visited were spotlessly clean and the food served was also of a good standard. Can you please pass on my comments to all concerned and once again thank you for your hospital’s excellent treatment and care.

Orthopaedic Clinic/Outpatients – Eastbourne DGH
I wanted to say how fantastic the staff were at the DGH, Orthopaedic clinic and Outpatients.  Following a broken arm I was very well cared for both physically, mentally and emotionally and I would like to thank Mr Molki in particular, he was just wonderful and has restored my faith in the NHS.  Thank you all for all your hard work.

Eastbourne DGH
I cannot praise the DGH highly enough. I was attending outpatients clinic where I mentioned chest pains and was referred to A&E all the staff on a very busy unit were excellent, it was decided I should stay, where I was transferred to AMU and will be seen in Cardiac Clinic.

East Dean Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I was admitted to East Dean ward at Eastbourne DGH following a visit to the Stroke Clinic, who I was referred to from A&E department at the Conquest Hospital.  At the time it was a shock to have learnt that my TIA had been caused by a bleed on the brain but upon arrival on the ward the staff soon made me feel at ease.  Their professionalism and kindness made my stay a memorable one, mainly due to the way I was looked after.  They are a credit to both the hospital and the NHS as a whole. Would you please thank them for me and send them my best wishes for the future.

Mr Sangar – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
I would like to commend one of the surgeons on the Breast Clinic.  He gave me so much confidence for the operations I had.  He has a good sense of humour and we really connected.  I lost all my worries.  Mr Sangar was so helpful.  Thank them all for their general chit chat which was brilliant and I had no worries after a talk with them.

X-Ray Department – Conquest Hospital
Today we arrived in the X-ray department, after a horrendously wet and difficult drive from Rye, a boat would have been a preferable choice of transport. To find I had made the mistake of bringing my husband for his knee X-ray a day early. The lovely lady saw how very upset I was with my stupidity and very kindly arranged for my husband to have his knee X-rayed as we were there. We can’t thank enough all of the staff for fitting him in and so avoiding us having to drive from Rye to Hastings again.  We unfortunately have to use the services of the Conquest a lot. We have always had wonderful treatment and find the staff, courteous, kind and incredible helpful. Thank you.