Our marvellous teams

The following comments are extracts from emails and letters sent to us by users of our services #ourmarvellousteams

Coronary Cath Lab – Conquest Hospital 
It is appropriate that I should write to you in regard to the recent treatment I had in the Coronary Cath lab on December 7th 2018. I believe I am indeed fortunate to be within the geographical area where I can have access to the highest quality treatment for a coronary illness in passing, I believe the hospital directorate is equally fortunate to have within the hospital such a team of trained, skilled, communicating and empathic professionals who regardless of external pressures of demand, the media and the Department of Health has maintained a caring culture during the last ten years I have received treatment.

Although it is probably invidious to identify individuals as all contributed so expertly but I had the privilege to be introduced to Dr Walker, Dr Kalyer, Dr Giles, Dr Matt and Dr George, radiographer Vanessa, technician Paul, Matron Rachel, in particular senior nurse Christine, staff nurses Julie, Polly, Vicky and Catherine. I would be grateful if you would convey my thanks to them.

Dr Joseph Tan and all the A&E staff – Conquest Hospital
I attended A&E at The Conquest on Saturday 22 December having hurt my right knee. I was seen very quickly and was treated with great courtesy and compassion by all the staff. I would like to mention the Triage nurse and Dr Tan in particular. I was reassured that the damage to my cruciate ligament was a sprain and nothing more serious. I was given a knee support and crutch and an appointment was made for me in the Fracture Clinic on 4 January. Thank you to everyone in A&E. You do a brilliant job, often in very difficult circumstances.

James Ward – Conquest Hospital
Just wanted to say thank you for looking after me so well and for putting up with me. Too many people complain but the care I received was amazing. Lizzie kept me smiling and kept me informed, so a special thanks to her.

A&E and AAU – Conquest Hospital
I came in on a Friday night not realising how poorly I was. I was looked after so well by Hannah in triage, Roger in resus and Michelle and Mel and Georgia and Sharn once transferred to AAU. Thank you and Happy Christmas. What could have been a really scary 24 hours was filled with fun and chats, I didn’t feel alone and felt fully informed at all times.

Community Nurses – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
We have seen 5 or 6 Community Nurses over the last two weeks. They were all very polite, kind and extremely helpful. We were very impressed with the co-ordination of everything concerned with the discharge from The Conquest Hospital following my husband’s operation on a broken hip. A big Thank You from us.

Conquest Hospital
I just wanted to say Thank you to the HCA Beth working on SAU on Thursday 20th December night shift. I think I was in D bay but I cannot remember exactly. Beth did a very good job in looking after me when I was feeling very ill after my surgery. She helped me up and to walk when I was unable to as I felt faint and comforted me when I was feeling nauseous and reassured me I was not wasting their time when I needed a wheelchair and more medications.

Eileen Bishop – Eastbourne DGH
Having recently been diagnosed and undergone surgery for breast cancer under the diligent care of Mr Ash Subramanian I write to express my sincere thanks for his kindness, understanding and individual approach towards me and my treatment. I was received with empathy and care which was followed through by members of the breast care team and the nursing staff on the ward that looked after me very well. It is clear that the whole team is dedicated to excellent practice, so thank you again, I could not have asked for more.

Kipling Ward – Conquest Hospital
In November 2018, our 9 month old baby was admitted to A&E with breathing difficulties, she was transferred to the Kipling day unit and then on to Kipling ward were she was an inpatient for 4 nights. During this stay she was looked after for 2 consecutive days by a nurse called Jo on Kipling ward. Jo was amazing!

The ward was very busy but when Jo was dealing with my daughter she took her time and the care delivery never felt rushed. Jo was kind, compassionate and demonstrated empathic listening. When engaging in nursing procedures Jo spoke to my daughter in a reassuring and warm tone which was lovely to see.

I would like to stress that all the staff that looked after our daughter in the Kipling day unit and Kipling ward were fantastic but Jo stood out. Thank you so much Jo I hope you realise what a terrific job you! You made a very worrying and stressful time just that bit easier!

Conquest Hospital
I would like to place on record my appreciation for the care I received at the hospital when my hernia was operated on and repaired on 10th January. Thanks to all who treated me with efficiency, respect and good humour and who provided me with all the information I needed to fully understand the process I was going through. Care both during and after the operation was of a very high standard.

Prostrate team – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you to all the team for their professionalism and support during my treatment

Thoracic Department and Patient Transport – Eastbourne DGH
My mother had patient transport to and from Eastbourne Hospital. Lovely staff and very caring and efficient. Thoracic staff were so very kind to my mother. She is very frail at the moment and we are waiting to find out what is the wrong with her. Having worked at St Thomas Hospital in London I know how very hard the NHS staff work and you deserve this big thank you.

Emergency Department/Seaford Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to send my gratitude to all of the staff both in A/E and Seaford ward for their kindness, compassion and professionalism towards my Mum and my family last February 25th when she passed away. The care that was given to her was exceptional and nothing was any trouble to any of the staff. The nurses, HCA’s, Doctors and the ladies who looked after the catering. I and my family spent some nights in the hospital with my Mum and they showed such care, respect and dignity for all.

I was to be honest so sad that she had to go into hospital especially in her last days. I was so pleasantly greeted with such lovely people all of my fears dispersed and she received the best end of life care we could have asked for. She was peaceful, pain free, comfortable and with her family and a wonderful medical team. Thank you all for supporting a difficult time so graciously. I hope that you and all are so proud to be members of such fabulous teams. Thank you again.

Sally Faulkner – Diabetes Care – Eastbourne DGH
Once again I feel the need to compliment the care offered by Sally during my visit at the Diabetes Centre. Her courtesy, understanding of the subject and general demeanour conspire to make the appointment a positive interlude in a somewhat negative day.

My mental health is very poor and my outlook on life is very shaded and that is why Sally’s attitude makes all the difference to me. I would be grateful if you would pass on my comments by way as a ‘thank you’

A&E Department – Conquest Hospital
To all the A&E staff working last Sunday afternoon , the speed your kindness is something I will never forget the terrible pain I was going through with my kidney stone your treatment and sending me to Eastbourne hospital was nothing but excellent. Thank you a very happy patient.

Hailsham 4 Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I was admitted to your hospital early hours this Monday morning, to your Hailsham 4 ward. Your staff there were marvellous from the night and day staff to Doctors the surgeon brilliant a very big pat on your backs, their care and kindness will always remain with me. THANK YOU.

Berwick Ward – Eastbourne DGH
During a particularly shocking episode after diabetic complications I had my toe removed and was transferred back to Eastbourne. Every staff member from consultant to HCA’s showed the utmost care and consideration love and kindness to me in every way totally profession and never a moan under trying circumstances due to aggressive patient on ward. Always a smile, laugh and a joke. This has gone a long way to restoring my faith in DGH.

Cookson Attenborough Ward – Conquest Hospital
The nurses at Cookson Attenborough Ward took care of my 84 year old mother, a very difficult and hospital-averse patient, with extraordinary patience and tolerance. This did not end when we left the ward after surgery. After over 7 calls to patient transport from me, my sister and the nurses, as well as earlier face-to-face contact with a nurse advising a driver to wait a short while for my mother, they consistently failed to arrive and left us waiting for more than 3 hours. Despite leaving the ward at 5pm, we got home after 9pm.

The three nurses who were on the ward on Friday 25th January stayed behind after hours to ensure that we got home safely and used incredible resourcefulness to prevent another 1 hour wait. Their sympathy, kindness and the level of care after a long day of work was truly impressive. I’d like not only to thank them but to commend them to the Trust. All the best.

Eastbourne DGH
I want to say what a good service I received when I broke a bone in my hand. It has healed now but when I came and had x-rays and saw doctor had it in plaster for 5 weeks. The waiting times were very good and your staff were excellent. Thank you all very much.

Sarah Dixon – Midwife – Conquest Hospital
We recently attended a postnatal appointment at the Conquest; it was either Frank Shaw ward or Murray ward. We have a new-born daughter so my sleep deprived brain is a little fuzzy! Our visit encountered a few problems things weren’t going to plan then we were lucky enough to encounter a midwife called Sarah Dixon. She dealt with the whole situation with smooth professionalism and a fantastic sense of humour, making our experience a far better one. She seemed to genuinely care and is a true credit to your team. I want to thank her for her help and I hope she receives notice of this glowing recommendation!

Urology Department – Eastbourne DGH
I felt I must write to you to express my sincere thanks for the help, skill and care given to me by the Urology Team and staff on Hailsham Ward 4 at Eastbourne DGH. It seems to me that many people are often too ready to make complaints when things do not go well, but I think it is equally important to offer praise and thanks when one has a positive experience.

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer back in early July 2018; I was devastated and frightened and at 62 years old had never been in hospital before. However the process from the original consultation with my GP, scans, various tests, biopsies and an operation has not only prompt but the kindness, professionalism and care shown to me by the Urology team has been second to none.

I was supported and cared for by so many members of the team during my journey through the process, all of whom were so helpful and kind. At my last consultation with Mr Rimington the news was very positive and I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel, I realise that there is still a long way to go before I can say that I am free of prostate cancer but the prognosis is looking as good as it can be at this stage.

Endoscopy Unit – Conquest Hospital
I write to express my grateful thanks to all the very professional and caring staff of the Endoscopy Unit at Conquest Hospital who gently helped me through my colonoscopy examination today. They are all a credit to their professions and the NHS.

Conquest Hospital
I currently have ongoing problems, more than one that seems difficult to diagnose and find relief for. In December 2018 I came I for a CT scan, as on previous visits to the hospital I was attended to by delightfully friendly professional staff. At registration inside the Radiology Department there was a long queue of patients and just one lady receptionist on her own. She was polite and charming to everybody and very efficient.

Then the young man/nurse who was fetching patients into radiology was also most friendly. Inside the Radiology department I was met by a young lady from Australia and a young man in training. Both were kind and reassuring, they explained very clearly for me what I was about to experience and what I should expect.

Earlier this month of January I had my latest recurring appointment in the Eye Department, this time or a Field Test. The young lady technician was, as I have become to expect, truly professional in her attitude towards me, kind and thoughtful. I feel that all hospital staff deserves recognition for jobs well done with compassion and understanding.

Breast Unit – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to express my great gratitude to your Breast Unit for the care and kindness given to my wife recently under the leadership of Mr A Subramanian and Mr Pravin Sangle both of whom she saw. We were both taken by both of these gentlemen as they were so considerate and went to great lengths to ensure her and alleviate any problems we both had of her condition, it was a great comfort to us both. Also the nurses and all the staff in the Breast Unit were kindness itself.

A&E Department and Benson Ward – Conquest Hospital
My husband had a fall in our lounge, an ambulance was called and arrived quickly, and my husband later said how impressed he was with the professionalism of the ambulance crew. In A&E/AAU he was seen promptly and was thoroughly examined including all necessary scans. The diagnosis was that he had broken his right hip and would need surgery as soon as possible. The news was conveyed to him in a sympathetic and supportive manner but which did not shirk from the fact there are inevitably risks attached to any operation.

Pleased that he had been given a swift diagnosis and that he had a clear pathway ahead of him, he was taken to Benson Ward. There he was treated with great kindness and within a couple of days said that Benson was the best ward he had been on in his entire life. Given that he is 90 years old, this is quite a compliment! He was particularly pleased that the physio and nurses were keen to get him moving, with the aid of a zimmer, at an early stage. For the last 3 weeks my husband has been undergoing physio at the Ivine Unit and I am pleased to say was recovered enough to come home for the duration of Christmas Day. That he was able to do so was down to the skill of the surgeons and all who had played their part in his recovery.

Mr Williams – Eastbourne DGH
My husband has just had some skin cancer removed from his nose. Mr Williams the surgeon did a very good job. The nose has healed well and there is little scar tissue. Mr Williams was very kind, carefully explaining the procedure. We could not have asked for better care.

Folkington Ward – Eastbourne DGH
My father in law was admitted to Folkington Ward on Christmas Day and sadly passed away two weeks later. We are not CQC inspectors; nobody has been doing anything differently because we are there. We have seen and experienced over a couple of weeks during the night as well as during the day care of the highest level delivered not just by a few staff but by a whole team working together to deliver an outstanding service to those we love.

Christmas Angles – ESHT
On Christmas Eve I had a blood test at my GP surgery. On Christmas Day I had just taken the turkey out of the oven when I was called and advised to go to A&E straight away for urgent treatment. My blood platelets count was dangerously low. I had a platelet infusion at A&E and three hours later I was taken by ambulance to the Pevensey Ward at Eastbourne DGH where I was given high dose steroids. The staff working on Christmas day could not have done more for me. Quietly, calmly and efficiently they administered to my every need, and I felt wrapped in their loving kindness. I was discharged on New Year Eve with a near normal platelet count, thanks to our wonderful NHS.

I would especially like to thank Dr Grace and Dr Newman for organising my treatment. The whole unit is manned by very special people, from the cleaners upwards, and I cannot thank them enough.

A&E Department – Conquest Hospital
Due to the paramedic being unable to glue my head after a fall I was taken to the A&E department where within minutes I was seen by a nurse called Luka, he was so kind, caring and professional. He referred me on to the nurse practitioner called Gani who explained what he needed to do in easy understandable terms. He glued my head and also explained to my fiend signs to watch out for following a head injury. The care, kindness and professionalism shown to me by Nurses Luka and Gani were exemplary. They are a credit to your Trust.