Our marvellous teams

The following comments are extracts from emails and letters sent to us by users of our services #ourmarvellousteams

Eastbourne DGH
In June my wife was unfortunate to fall and break her right shoulder. Following her transfer to A&E she has been under the care of Mr Mestha and his team in the fracture clinic. My wife and I want to thank all the staff involved in her care over the last five months, the ambulance crew, A&E and the fracture team. In this day and age many are keen to complain of the inadequacies of the system but our experience could not have been better. Could you please convey our thanks to all those involved.

Urology – Eastbourne DGH 
Today I have been discharged from Eastbourne DGH having been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in the summer of 2014 over 4 years ago. I cannot overstate the wonderful attention I have been given through 8 weeks of radiotherapy at BSUH to all the medical staff of various capacities under the direction of Peter Rimington. From being frightened at being told that I had cancer to the care and attention right up to Nurse Sallie in Urology today, all I can offer is a massive and emotional thank you. So, thank you, I am so grateful to everyone.

Conquest Hospital
In October I had an injection to my right eye at the Conquest Hospital, the consultant was Mr Kashif Qureshi. I would like to thank the team of nurses who carried out the necessary pre-op procedures and treatment. They were all very professional, and relaxed me by chatting, as they explained and then completed the necessary sequences of events. If you needed to demonstrate to nurses under training, how to include and relax patients, I would suggest that the team who carried out my experience would offer a very effective model. It seemed that I was free to go before my nerves had time to jangle.

Eastbourne DGH
I recently had a very good experience with a medical emergency. I was admitted to A&E with Atrial Fibrillation which was successfully and quickly treated by Cardioversion. The A&E staff were highly professional and the Doctors were excellent. Despite my rather high pulse and BP, I automatically took in my surroundings and observed the very good teamwork and collaborative atmosphere among all grades of staff from HCA to Consultant.

A&E was immaculately clean and privacy was ensured. Everyone treated my accompanying friend and subsequent friends who rallied round with courtesy and care extending to cups of very welcome tea. It was very busy as it was a Friday night but everything ran like clockwork.

Heart Care Team – Eastbourne DGH
We are writing to commend the Heart Care Team at Eastbourne DGH, Jacqui, Hazel, Dr Patel and all other team members. We have today been to a very well attended Heart Care Support Group. As usual the topic today was extremely interesting and a forum in which to really understand the complexities of the ICD and its functions and to meet other users. Thank you to Jacqui and Hazel for organising this group and finding different guest speakers and topics each time. We are extremely lucky to have such an amazing Cardiology Department.

Benson Ward – Conquest Hospital
I am writing to express my appreciation of the service given to my very dear brother in law when he fell he is aged 90 years old. The paramedics were so caring and professional; the staff on Benson Ward are caring for him with professionalism, humour and kindness.

Judy Beard Ward – Conquest Hospital
I recently finished my 6th round of Chemo at the Judy Beard Ward and I am writing to let you know what a wonderful unit it is. I thought that Chemo would be a difficult and depressing process to go through. But, right from day one, the staff on the ward were welcoming, friendly and very caring. I couldn’t believe that by the afternoon I was feeling relaxed and was laughing and joking with people.

Every member of staff is wonderful; they make patients feel that they have all the time that people need. Nothing is too much trouble. All worries and queries are listened and dealt with so sympathetically. It becomes a very positive and hopeful experience.
When I finished my treatment and was ready to ring the bell, I actually felt quite sad that I wouldn’t be seeing the staff again.

I cannot praise them highly enough. They do their job superbly and are so caring and supportive. You have a wonderful team on the Judy Beard Ward. The NHS should be deeply proud of them.

Conquest Hospital
I write to thank all the staff involved in my successful cataract operation. Please thank Mr Manuel Saldana who explained everything, he was a good listener, brilliant. Please also thank Julie Chapman who made me so welcome at Richard Ticehurst and made me feel at ease, she has a lovely sense of humour and very good at her job.

Also thanks to Sam, Jessica and Jane at Cookson Attenborough they made sure I was comfortable and ok. I had many marmalade sandwiches, did the nurse think I was Paddington Bear! And best cups of tea after the operation. I’ve had many operations in many hospitals, I’m so proud my local hospital is the best for treatment, most of all kind, caring and professional staff, thank you.

Conquest Hospital
My family and I have used the Conquest for a few years now for things right across the board from A&E to fracture clinic to maternity I would just like to say how great your staff and service is!! Coming from London you can really notice the difference! Well done and thank you.

PALS – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you to Jody in the PALS Team for being so supportive and helpful. We had no idea when or how we would hear from the hospital or who to contact until I spoke to you last week. You are an excellent listener and you have a very calm and reassuring manner that instantly inspires confidence. You are also clearly very knowledgeable. I am grateful to you.

Urology Department – Eastbourne DGH
On 26th November, accompanied by my wife, I attended the Urology Department at the Eastbourne DGH, after an emergency referral by my GP. I was seen by Mr Ahmed and HCA Odette. I cannot speak highly enough of the way we were treated by both members of the team.

The reassurance and the advice we were given by Mr Ahmed, with a follow up appointment in six months’ time gave us peace of mind and the kindness we were shown by Odette was so much appreciated. My wife and I left the hospital that day feeling we had experienced the very best of the NHS.

Ophthalmology – Eastbourne DGH
I attended an appointment at the Ophthalmology clinic on the 31st October 2018 and was seen by a number of people who were all very helpful and pleasant. I must bring to your attention the care and respect given to me by Dr Matt Seager.

I am moving to the Isle of Wright this week and as I need regular treatment for my eyes on a 6-8 weekly basis, Dr Seager created a letter for me to take with me to my new GP and also wrote to the Isle of Wright hospital. I have now had a letter from the hospital on the Isle of Wright confirming an appointment with them in the next few weeks. Please ensure that Dr Seager is complimented on his care, and also for his help with my ongoing treatment.

Radiology – Conquest Hospital
I had to attend the Conquest Hospital for a Barium Swallow examination. I was attended in the Radiology department Dr Rani, Cario, Troy and Nisa. How kind and thoughtful they all were. Dr Rani is a charming young man, he explained everything very clearly to me before carrying out the procedure and was kindly attentive throughout.

I had been greeted on arrival at the reception and waiting area with cheery smiles from the staff there, it was indeed a pleasure to be looked after so well, especially so in my then state of apprehension. I try to always make a point of writing when I receive good service and attention as I am only too well aware that so many people find cause for complaint and seem to forget how lucky we all are to have a functioning NHS that is provide free of charge to everybody at the point of delivery. All the staff members what I encountered are truly dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Eastbourne DGH
I had cause to attend the Eastbourne DGH twice recently. Firstly, in the early hour’s of the morning, when I was taken by ambulance to the A&E with a severe nose bleed. A frightening experience when such a situation had n ever before been experienced. Secondly, with my husband for an urgent referral to the Ambulatory Care Unit. On both occasions we received kind, caring and efficient attention and we would like to thank all the staff, including the ambulance crew, for their help.

A&E Department – Conquest Hospital
A huge thank you to Yasmin for the care you gave my daughter in A&E today. I’m always so aware of how busy and stretched you all are but thank you for having all the time in the world for us and for being so thorough with your checks. Also, thank you for being a caring, kind and lovely person who listened! Take care and thanks again.

A&E Department and Egerton Ward – Conquest Hospital
I have just spent 6 days at The Conquest Hospital and I want to say thank you for my care throughout my hospital journey, every aspect was extremely efficient. The ambulance people were superb. The care and kindness I received in A&E was amazing. The care I received on Egerton ward was second to none, I couldn’t find fault with anything. The cleanliness, the staff, the ward itself everything was perfect.

In my time there I was seen by cleaners, chaplains, volunteers, care assistants, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and surgeons. Every person I came into contact with treated me with dignity, care and friendliness. I want to say thank you to every one of them and wish them all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Lewis Fernee
I was in the hospital cafe just recently visiting a member of my family and had just heard some bad news I was pretty upset and a bit teary. I went to the cafe to get a cup of tea and was greeted by one of the most pleasant gentleman I have ever met. His customer service in my eyes was above outstanding and he was very kind and not to mention he makes a smashing tea! You have an amazing member of staff there! So a massive THANK YOU to Lewis. I wish you a happy Christmas and a fulfilling new year!

Berwick Ward – Eastbourne DGH
To All the Staff on Berwick Ward I would like to say a huge thank you for the care, compassion and kindness they all showed to our Dad. The nursing care he received was above and beyond excellent. You made his final days comfortable and, I’m sure, happy. Thank you all again.