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Our marvellous teams

These comment are extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services, about the care and service we have provided – #ourmarvellousteams

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Breast Clinic – Conquest Hospital
I wish very much to say thank you for the amazing care I received from the staff at the Conquest Hospital when I attended the breast clinic, under the 2 week wait referral.  Every aspect of my care was outstanding, from the person who greeted me at the entrance, the person who directed me to the right clinic are, to staff nurse  Sharee who was working with Miss Shar.

Miss Shar was so kind and explained everything that would happen and why certain tests were necessary.  Staff nurse Sharee explained where to go next.  I then met Naomi who performed a mammogram with extreme consideration and kindness, she then personally escorted me to the ultrasound unit where I was seem by Dr Appthorpe and her assistant.  Again the procedures were clearly explained.  I needed to have a biopsy taken and Dr Appthorpe was so gentle, I didn’t experience even the slightest discomfort.  Finally I returned to see Miss Shar and Staff nurse Sheree so that Miss Shar could explain to me what will happen next.  I feel you need to know how wonderful all these staff are.

Breast Surgery – Mr Subramanian
Please convey my grateful thanks and much appreciation for the kind care and efficient surgery Mr Subramanian his team gave me when I needed breast cancer surgery at the start of this Covid -19 outbreak in April.  Every part of the services and the staff I met were so kind, caring and considerate.

Cardio Cath Lab – Eastbourne DGH
Just a quick line to express my thoughts regarding my attendance at the Eastbourne DGH in the Cardio Cath lab.  All the staff I encountered were kind , considerate and professional throughout. They listened to me and allayed all my fears for my procedure.

It is rare for me to be on that side of the fence but felt compelled to express my thanks and gratitude to all. They all made me proud to be part of this Trust and the NHS as a whole.  They all were exceptional and ‘Roy’ my recovery nurse was brilliant and very comforting.  A credit to the NHS and a service second to none.

Pevensey Day Unit – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to thank you and all your staff for the excellent way you kept the Pevensey Day Unit operating through the Coronavirus pandemic.  For those of us about to undergo chemotherapy it was a very worrying time wondering if our treatment would be cancelled.

The logistics of moving both the Eastbourne Unit and the Conquest Unit into Eastbourne College was quite some feat!  I know it hasn’t been the easiest of working environments for the staff but they never let you know how difficult it was at times.  Always positive, supportive and cheerful.

I have now finished my treatment and would like to say thank you to you and all the nursing staff, the lovely cleaner Maria and Ashley on reception for their dedication and professionalism.

Pevensey Day Unit – Eastbourne DGH
My wife has recently completed a course of chemotherapy at the Eastbourne DGH.  I am writing to thank you for making this possible throughout this most difficult time for the NHS.

It was a ‘stroke of genius’ for you to negotiate the moving of the whole of the Pevensey Ward out of the hospital and into the adjacent Sussex College premises and all over one weekend!  Unlike many other hospitals it enabled scheduled treatment to continue uninterrupted and at the same time, reassure patients over fears of cross infection.

Please will you also convey our thanks to all of your nursing and ancillary staff for their expertise, attention to detail and safety and above all their kindness that has prevailed throughout treatment. We are most grateful.

Endoscopy Unit – Eastbourne DGH
I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had yesterday as a patient with our Endoscopy Team at Eastbourne DGH. I think it’s always a little difficult to switch into “patient mode” when you’re a member of staff, but the team put me at ease from the start.  I was admitted for a scope after being referred by the lovely Dr Fong with whom I had a very reassuring telephone consultation. He really took on board my concerns.

The whole team, even though only just getting back into the swing of things, were all so kind, pleasant and thoughtful. During the procedure, Mr Harshen and his team were very attentive to my pain needs, which made it all the more bearable. Clear explanation at every step, with a lovely cup of tea before I left. I can see why our Endoscopy team was awarded the accreditation recently – very well deserved!

Cardiology / A&E – East Sussex Healthcare Trust
On the GP’s advice I took my husband to the Conquest where they quickly found he had a heart problem, he was moved to Eastbourne were he had a pacemaker fitted and then he came home.  He then developed a rash an allergic reaction to penicillin, the hospital changed his medication, but during the day he became increasingly weak and ill.  After contacting 111 I brought him back to your A&E where we had exemplary care.

I would like to thank all the A&E staff, the receptionist, the triage nurses and the doctor that saw him.  He treated us both with compassion as well as professionalism.  He gave my husband a physical examination and assured us that the allergic reaction was taking a real toll on him, added to the other traumas were making him very weak, but there were no underlying problems that had been missed.  We were both reassured by this and returned home confident that he would begin to get better, which he has.  Please relay our thanks to all those who looked after him.

Community Heart Failure Nursing Team
I would like to write to express my thanks and gratitude to the members of your Community Heart Failure Nursing Team who card for my mother earlier this year.  My mother was 92 years of age, and was admitted to the Eastbourne DGH over the Christmas period and was referred to the heart failure nurse team upon her release.  The whole team were fantastic, their professional knowledge and ability to assist her GP were very impressive despite being clearly very busy, the whole team were polite, very pleasant, and cheerful and provided us with regular and comprehensive reports about mum’s condition and situation.

Sadly but inevitably, mum’s condition deteriorated.  I would like to particularly mention the incredibly professional work of one of your team Nurse Liz Gregory.  She took the time to sit down with us and explain everything to us honestly and with incredible care and compassion.  She explained what was likely to be happening with mum at the end of her life which appeared to be approaching. Mum sent the last few weeks of her life in a care home surrounded by very caring people when she passed away in April.  Liz and the rest of the team remained in constant contact with both mum and us for the remaining few weeks of her life.

Liz and the rest of the team personify all that is best with British nursing and the NHS system.  Without question or hesitation Liz stepped in to give my mum back her dignity and feel like she was cared for at a very low time for her.  On behalf of my whole family I would like to pass on my sincere gratitude of her and all hr colleagues on that team.

Mr Armitage – Eastbourne DGH
My very grateful thanks for the excellent treatment I received from Mr Armitage and his team.  My new hip replacement is working very well and my 87th birthday celebrated with a couple of circuits round out beautiful grounds.  A big thank you to Eastbourne DGH.

East Sussex Healthcare Trust
I am writing to tell you how much I have appreciated my treatment at the hospital.  In my younger days I had very little to do with hospitals, so at 80 years I came not knowing quite what to expect.  I’ve received kindness and care mixed with much laughter.  Thank you so much, I think I might have more visits to come which will be a pleasure.

DeCham Ward – Conquest Hospital
I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude to the staff at Conquest Hospital.  My grandmother was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday 7th July and sadly passed away on Sunday 12th July 2020.  She was admitted via A&E from her nursing home to DeCham ward.

The team looking after her on DeCham ward were excellent: the doctors were considerate when informing my mother that my grandmother was entering the last days of her life and kept us well informed throughout.  The nursing and HCA staff were simply brilliant: they were so kind and gentle with my grandmother in her last days ensuring she was as comfortable as possible.  They too regularly updated us and check on our well being (as her relatives).  They were such a great team and I felt my grandmother was in the best place possible.

I also want to add how grateful we were to be allowed to see her to say goodbye- something which we will all remember as unfortunately we had not been able to see her in her nursing home since lock down.  The team really did go above and beyond for our family.   My grandmother was a ‘frequent flyer’ to the hospital over the past 30 or so years due to her multiple co-morbidities and always received great care from the various teams looking after her.  I wanted to extend my thanks.

East Sussex Healthcare Trust
I know that your staff have been working under extreme pressure these last few months because of the Covid and the lock down so I felt the need to write to you about the excellent treatment I have had and am receiving at the hospital during my current illness.  Last March I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and of course the treatment was disrupted by the virus and only recently continued.  Throughout I have been kept fully informed of the situation.  Last week I was admitted TURP operation and remained in hospital overnight.  The attitude of all the staff was excellent.

They were friendly, polite and cheerful.  Nothing was too much trouble for them and I am so grateful to them all.  The whole experience throughout my treatment to date has been outstanding so have no concerns about the radiotherapy I am due to receive.  Many thanks to all staff concerned with my well being the whole experience has been superb.

Endoscopy Unit – Conquest Hospital
Yesterday morning I had a colonoscopy in the Endoscopy Unit, I want to express my appreciation for all the wonderful care, efficiency , and good humour shown by all the staff.

Urology Department – Eastbourne DGH
As part of my continuing treatment for a bladder tumour I had a surgical procedure  for the removal of ‘slough’.  This was completed without problem and I was released, with a catheter.  I encountered one or two difficulties with the catheter but was ably advised by Natasha. I returned this morning to have the catheter removed after the required 10 days.

Arriving just after 10am and early I was seen in reception, immediately taken to a treatment room by Noreen and Catheter removed!  The whole operation was painless, carried out with dexterity and faultless.

I underwent the statutory consumption of water and was checked on throughout until finally being given the ‘all clear’ to leave just after 12.30pm.  I was also privileged to spend some time chatting to Natasha and exchanging aspects of my experience.  In short no one could have had better treatment and I wish to place on record my thanks to both these ladies.