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Our marvellous teams

These comment are extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services, about the care and service we have provided – #ourmarvellousteams

If you would like to praise an individual or team, please visit our ‘Send a thank you‘ page.

A&E/ACU – Eastbourne DGH
I would be grateful if you would convey my sincere and grateful thanks to the staff of A&E and ACU who attended to my wife on Boxing Day.  The care and attention she received was amazing, considering the pressure they were all working under.  I arrived at A&E about 12 noon and left at 10pm, during which time your staff worked seemingly non-stop.  Always kind and courteous and nothing seemed too much trouble.

Likewise ACU obviously somewhat less hectic, but again polite and caring staff who were coping with certainly one extremely difficult patient, but who received the same kind attention as all others.  Regrettably, despite all your care, my wife passed away at home on the 10th January.  My sincere and grateful thanks to you all.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
My husband and I have been living in Switzerland for eight years and experienced and excellent insurance funded, health services there.  We returned, knowing my husband would need ongoing care due to having developed a serious illness whilst there.  We were concerned that returning to the NHS might be a poor experience in comparison.

I write to commend your staff and hospitals as our experience has been excellent and quite the opposite to our fears.  We have had visits to both Eastbourne and Conquest and have been highly satisfied with the care.

The fabric of the building for outpatients services appear in good and clean order.  More importantly the staff have all been very polite and cheerful.  The receptionists, therapists, nurses and Dr Soultai have been very efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.  This includes the oncology department, A&E, scanner and radiology departments.

We have been seen on time for all appointments and new appointments for important investigations have been quick to be received.  A broken wrist resulted in an A&E visit where my husband was triaged, x-rayed and treated all within an hour.  The nurse practitioner was excellent.  The NHS receives such bad press and I am sure the staff find it disheartening.  I hope this commendation will reach all the staff involved and also contribute to the CQC inspections.

Michelham Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I was admitted to the Michelham ward at the DGH for an AV Node Ablation under the care of Dr Sulke.  The standard of the treatment and the care I received whilst in the DGH, either on Michelham or in the Cardiac Unit was exemplary, and I should be most grateful if you would express my gratitude to all those who were involved.

It certainly was not the easiest or most enjoyable 24 hours in my life, and I am truly thankfully that is was all made so much more bearable by every member of staff I came into contact with.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
I have recently had surgery for breast cancer.  I am writing to express my gratitude for the wonderful treatment I have received.  My main contacts have been Mr Subramanian. Mr El-Naggare and the Macmillan nurses.  I thank them not only for their professional skills, but for their friendly and encouraging attitude.  I have come across many other health workers both at the Conquest and Eastbourne hospitals.  I cannot fault any one of them in any way.

They do an excellent job.  I have more treatment to undergo, radiotherapy at Eastbourne and some follow-up appointment and no doubt will receive the same superb treatment. I am 86 years of age and can remember time before the NHS was formed.  The improvement in health care during my lifetime is incredible.

Dr Sulke and Cardiology Team – Eastbourne DGH
On December 19th I came into hospital accompanied by my wife for you to fit two stents.  I felt I had to write to ask you to please pass on to the whole Cardiology department our grateful thanks for the superb care I received while there.  It would not be fair to single out any one particular individual, but for example one nurse came in to read us a significant amount of paperwork.  She must have had to do this many times before, but the presentation was un-rushed and she made every single attempt to ensure what we both understood everything before moving on.  You must be very pleased to have such a team around you that enables you to do your job so well.

Cardiology – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to express my thanks to all the staff I saw during my appointment with the cardiac department.  This includes the cheerful lady who showed is how to register on arrival.  Just every member of staff was kind and helpful and had a smile including the doctors I saw.  Thank you all.

Following a fall, I was admitted to hospital in December.  Almost directly, I was diagnosed with more serious problems than those arising from the fall and transferred to the Coronary Care Unit.  The speed of the diagnosis was most impressive.

Whilst there, I was treated with great kindness and consideration by all the ward staff, for which I should like you to convey to them my grateful thanks.  I should also like to make mention of the housekeeping lady, Zeta, whose cheerful disposition helped make life more comfortable – good for morale.

The physio’s who got me back on my feet after the extended period of sitting down, I should also like to thank, I am getting around now as well as I previously had been.

Tressell Ward – Conquest Hospital
Our mother was admitted to the Conquest on 31st December 2019, she died on the 8th  January 2020.  We are writing to express our gratitude for the standard of nursing care that she received.   Our mother was in Tressell ward where the nurses were unfailingly attentive.  The care was delivered with great humanity and continual good humour through long hours of work day and night.

There is always much discussion in the UK surrounding the NHS ultimately it is no less than the sum of all those who work in it.  Our mother was also overseen by the CNS Macmillan team led by Anita Iviny whose sound judgement and level headiness was much appreciated by all our family at such a difficult time.

Conquest Hospital
I would like to thank Ms Jenner and her team for their wonderful care of me when I had my gall bladder removed on 20th January. Every single person with whom I had contact showed the same concern and willingness to make sure I understood exactly what was going on and that I was happy to proceed with each step. My comfort and well-being were important to them. Both before and after the operation I felt I was in the hands of people who were truly professional and enjoyed their jobs.

Naturally enough, I don’t remember the operation but know from the immediate release from the aches and pains of the past and my quick recovery that it was done very well indeed. Thank you.

Conquest Hospital
I have just returned home after a visit to A&E, as recommended by the Hastings Walk-in Centre, as it was thought I might need an X-ray. Fortunately, I hadn’t broken any bones but did leave on crutches. It was a two hour wait, which was shorter than I expected. The staff are cheerful, warm and caring and it was altogether a very positive experience. Thank you all very much. You do a wonderful job.

A&E Department – Eastbourne DGH
Recently I picked up a piece of glass in my left foot and was referred to the DGH for x-rays and remedial treatment.  I have to say that the treatment I received was overall excellent, from all departments, apart from the two-hour wait for the doctor.  However, I do understand the reasons for this.

I was seen by Dr Neale who made a thorough examination and determined action to be taken, advising that success could not be guaranteed due to the difficulty of extracting glass.

As it turned out, all was well, my foot was anaesthetised and the piece of glass extracted.  A very successful, relatively painless and professionally executed procedure.  I would ask you to pass my grateful thanks to Dr Neale for his diligence in solving my problem.

Eastbourne DGH
I was admitted to A&E in January with pneumonia.  I then developed a stomach problem.  I am writing to you to praise your staff in A&E, Berwick Ward and Michelham Ward, all of whom treated me with kindness, dignity and helpfulness.  All were absolutely wonderful.  You must be very proud of them.

Miss Doneva – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
I attended an appointment last month with Miss Galana Doneva, Surgical Registrar, she had read my notes, which always helps, and she asked me to explain some of the most relevant details of my health problems.  The doctor listened to me without rushing me.  Plenty of eye contact, wonderful.  Dr Doneva manner was so lovely and her kind attention was very much appreciated.  Please pass on my thanks.

Gardner Ward – Conquest Hospital
I feel I must write to let you know how wonderful my stays have been in your hospital.  My treatment by my specialist Mr El-Dhwaib and his team has been second to none as has been the care and help of all the staff on Gardner Ward from the ERAS Team, Stomas Nurses, Staff Nurses, Carers and everyone down to the cleaners and volunteers.  All too often the NHS gets a hard press and I felt that I would like to redress the balance by letting you know what a marvellous hospital and staff you have.  In this day and age it is always difficult to have enough finances to cover all that you would like, but I did feel that you have done a marvellous job and just wanted to say a big thank you.

I only left the hospital last Friday so it is early days but so far so good and there is nothing that can say thank you for one’s life.