Our marvellous teams

The following comments are extracts from emails and letters sent to us by users of our services #ourmarvellousteams

Endoscopy Unit – Eastbourne DGH
Attended the unit for a procedure today, my first such experience. The service provided was friendly, professional and kind from the receptionist to the medical staff alike and was first class throughout. The unit is bright, modern and welcoming making the whole experience a credit to our NHS. Thank you.

Dr Abdullah – Conquest Hospital
I wish to thank Dr Abdullah and his lovely staff nurse who I saw this evening in bowel cancer screening, Dr Abdullah and the nurse were so friendly, and put me at ease quickly, it helped so much for me to be seen by these two, I hope that the feedback is acknowledged by the trust and thanks given to those named.

Egerton Ward – Conquest Hospital
Our mother was admitted to The Conquest Hospital on the 1st April, after a fall in her care home. Very sadly Mum passed away on Saturday 27th April, while in Egerton Ward.  Mum was registered blind, and had been previously diagnosed with Vascular Dimentia.

We would like to share our experience and observations of the Conquest with you, during the month she was in your care.  The Ambulance staff that brought her in were, kind and professional and did an excellent job during the journey to minimise her discomfort and keep her in good spirits.

Having been alerted we were waiting for her to arrive. Mum was taken into a bay immediately and was swiftly seen by medical staff, who quickly arranged an x-ray which established that Mum had a broken hip. The Doctor took time in explaining in detail to Mum and us, that an operation was necessary.

The next day Mum was taken to theatre by Cindy. We were able to accompany mum into the theatre reception area. Cindy was compassionate and very re-assuring to mum, and to us.  Once back in Egerton Ward, the following weeks were heart-breaking for us all, but we know Mum was looked after with kindness, and caring, receiving the best treatment. All the staff were excellent, but feel the following staff, nursing and auxiliary excelled in not only there touching kindness to Mum but also to us. Nikita, Samantha Thursten, Yvonne, Sue, and Barbara.  We would also like to thank the Doctors, who kept us fully informed at all times.

Outpatients/bookings and the Ortho team, Richard Ticehurst/Cookson Devas – Conquest Hospital
I would like to thank Stacey for keeping me informed at all times. For her professional, caring and endearing nature. For her attention to detail and doing what she said she would. Because of this, my operation was brought forward one week, meaning that my recovery can begin much sooner. This was so important to me as I play sport at a high level and had also started a new job (which I wouldn’t get paid for).  To all the staff on RT and CD ward, for caring, ensuring I was comfortable. Their efficient and professional manner, for simply ‘caring’ in a clean, comfortable environment.  So please pass on my thanks and gratitude.

Becki – Eastbourne DGH
Today I brought my father to the Oncology department, while there he needed new blood tests.  Becki, the nurse, recognised my father was upset and unsettled and offered to take the blood.

This meant a huge amount to us, my father didn’t want to go here and there, so for Becki to give us the option of going to a nearby room which a huge help.  Thank you Becki, your thoughtfulness was very much appreciated.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
I cannot praise the clinical staff enough for the compassion and care they have shown me and my partner during my treatment.  Also I am amazed by just how many people have been involved so far.  They include the staff in outpatients, Emma the Breast Care Macmillan Nurse, the Radiology staff taking my mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy including Sharon and Dr Mackenzie, the nurse who cared for me, to the staff on the Pre-operative Assessment unit, Admission unit and day ward including HCA Lisa and Staff Nurse Hannah.

Lastly my great thanks to Mr Subramanian the surgeon, Dr Bennett the anaesthetist and all the Anaesthetics, Surgical and Recovery team.  They are one and all a credit to your Trust.

Pevensey Ward – Eastbourne DGH
Sending deep appreciation of the outstanding care delivered to my husband over a period of eighteen months, by every member of the Pevensey Ward team, from the Ward orderly and nurses to the Doctors and Consultants.  The team extended great empathy to him and tried to satisfy his wishes and those of this family on every occasion.  Of course we also realise that there was many unknown people also engaged in trying to save his life. Once again our grateful thanks to the team and their support colleagues.

MRI unit – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you to the lovely nurse that looked after me while having my MRI, she was friendly, professional and so calming, which makes having these scans so much more bearable.

Crisis care team – Conquest Hospital
Very good care for my mother in her last days, all staff kind and professional, Dad and I couldn’t have coped without them. Exceptional nursing made my mums death in her own home so much better than having to go not hospital.

Matron of clinic – Conquest Hospital
I had a biopsy on my lip at the maxillofacial clinic last Friday 24 May 2019. I wish to thank everyone at the clinic who was involved in the procedure, clinicians, the matron and the other nurses at the Clinic. You were kind and professional. I suffer badly from anxiety, even after the therapy I’ve had in the past I struggle to keep it under control. The kind and caring manner I received by the matron and others helped me to keep control of my anxiety, thank you.

Firle Unit – Eastbourne DGH
I had my pre-assessment yesterday in the Firle unit and I want to say how impressed I was. The staff were very friendly and the service was swift and efficient. My appointment was at 9.45. I arrived a little early, but was still called before my appointment time and was out of the hospital by 10.05. The NHS receives a lot of criticism, but deserves praise in this instance.

Conquest Hospital
Having slipped whilst out walking in December 2018.  Injuring my left elbow rather badly, I eventually came to the A&E department at Conquest, from walking into the department and being greeted by the very pleasant receptionist.  Then seen by Doctors, nurses and all other staff I was treated with the utmost courtesy by all the staff in each department I attended and came into contact with.

Having had such excellent treatment and being looked after so well I wish you to know what lovely and dedicated people working the hospital and ask you to please pass my sincere thank you to them all.

Oncology – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to express my thanks for the excellent oncology care I have been receiving since my cancer returned in 2013.  Under the expert care of Dr Moss I have felt very supported and it is so nice to have the continuity, I really feel she cares about my case and though I know how busy she is I am treated in a manner where I feel my individual needs are prioritised I am not just a number on the system.

The staff at Pevesney day centre are also excellent and aside for a few long waits in the department waiting for my injections, through no fault of the staff, I am made to feel at home and there is a nice cheerful atmosphere even then the nurses are under time pressure.  At a time when the NHS is often in the news regarding underfunding I just wanted to say what a superb job I feel this department is doing in a challenging time.

Dermatology – Eastbourne DGH
Just over 5 years ago I had a malignant melanoma removed from my neck, a procedure which required over 50 stiches.  Since then I have been under the care of Tristan Sherwood and Dermatology team, and I would like you to convey to them my sincere thanks for the individual care that I have received and the kindness that they have shown to me, which has made me feel valued as a patient, and above all, as a result of this care, I have not had a moments worry, despite the seriousness of the condition.   I am aware that there are those who are critical of the care given at the DGH, but my experience has been totally positive, and we are fortunate to have the Dermatology Department in general and Tristan Sherwood in particular.

Cardiology – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
I would like to say how impressed I have been with your Cardiology department and team.  I visited my GP as I was having episodes of feeling like I was going to pass out and my heart rate didn’t feel quite right, I have various check-ups in Cardiology and a ablation performed by Dr Sulke.  The care I received was outstanding.  After this I was having a lot of breathlessness so went back to the GP and continued to have tests at the hospital.  This resulted in having a pacemaker fitted.  The care I received was outstanding and I felt totally at ease.  I am very grateful to the hospital and all the staff.

McDonald Ward staff team – Conquest Hospital
My father in law was recently an inpatient on McDonald Ward, admitted on 8th May and discharged 23rd May. This was a difficult time for the family, as he was unwell and slowly deteriorating. The team, in particular Matron Mike and key members of his team including Louise, Alex and HCA Lorican and the speech and language therapist Lauren were particularly helpful and supportive. The implementation of the RESPECT document was handled sensitively and appropriately. The family and my father in law felt supported at all times.

He achieved his wishes and returned home to his Nursing Home for a cup of tea and to see the vine in his room which had flowered in his absence. He passed away on 27th May, peacefully, at home. I would be grateful of you could pass on our thanks to the entire McDonald Team, who all made this difficult time easier to manage and prepare for. With many best wishes.

Jimmy Dean – Sexual Health, Hastings
At the start of this year I sustained a needle stick injury whilst working as a nurse in the private sector. I contacted the sexual health clinic for competent advise on PEP medication and advise following the incident.

I feel extremely grateful for the time Jimmy Dean spent on the phone with me offering me precise, competent evidence based advice and guidance. What a credit he is to ESHT. I felt supported by the service and was quickly put at ease. I was offered follow up and given a phone number I could gain advise on.  The support I received from ESHT had such a huge impact on me, I have now taken up a nursing post with ESHT.  Thanks jimmy Dean you taking 15 minutes to speak to me made the world of difference.

A&E Department – Conquest Hospital
We would like to thank Dr Ozzie, Kirsten, Gemma, Barbara the A&E consultant on duty at this time along the A&E sister we saw in triage and the female doctors we first saw. Without a doubt you are all a credit to the NHS. we could not have asked for better treatment. Despite you all being very busy you were all wonderful. With a special thank you to the Dr Ozzie the orthopaedic surgeon who took the time to remove the nail from my husband’s hand. Not only taking the time to do so, but to talk to us as friends made all the difference. What a marvellous group of dedicated individuals. Huge thank you. Also with reference to the timescale: 2.5hrs in and out …brilliant.

Dr Toqueer – Conquest Hospital
I absolutely cannot thank Dr Toqueer enough for all the support over the past year. From outpatient appointments to endoscopies, he is kind and friendly, with the most incredible bedside manner. It has all been a bit unknown with my health but he has always listened to how I am feeling and done what he can to make things a bit easier for me. Working in the NHS myself I am so aware of the doctors who don’t have the best communication with patients, but Dr Toqueer is not one of them. I think it is so important to praise the hard work our doctors do, working tirelessly for us so please know I appreciate the care you have given me so, so much.

Urology Department – Eastbourne DGH
I am an outpatient with the DGH Urology department and I feel I should write and let you know of my experiences with this department in May when I was booked in to have a prostrate biopsy under Mr S Garnett for which I was naturally worried and anxious.  However, from the moment I arrived until the moment I left I was treated with the utmost respect and care by all staff who attended me.  Everything was explained to me about the procedure step by step and in a very clear and understandable manner.

All doctors and nurses that attended me made me feel that I was in good and professional hands.  Although I found the biopsy unpleasant the nurses were very good at making me feel at ease.  Urology department is an exceptional department within the DGH having a excellent team.  My thanks and gratitude to them all.

Dale and Joao – Eastbourne DGH
A huge thank you to the patient and very caring members of staff who carried out an MRI on me this morning. I was extremely anxious after having a very bad experience at the same place with very rushed and rude members of staff who made me feel like a nuisance. However, Dale and Joao were amazing this morning. They accommodated all my needs and made me feel as relaxed as possible during this very stressful time. They are an asset to your team and should be commended for their compassionate nature.

All in Baird Ward – Conquest Hospital
12/10 for care, compassion and general all round high class professional healthcare. All achieved with a background of staff shortage and underfunding. Well done to all of you, and many, many thanks.

Baird Ward – Conquest Hospital
My father recently died on Baird ward. I would like to say an enormous thank you to all the staff of Baird ward that looked after him and my family through this very difficult time. They could not have done more for him and us.

I have worked for ESHT for over 30 years – never have I been more proud of the organisation and institution I work for. From the family to everyone on Baird ward – your kindness, support and professionalism was superlative. Thank you.

Zara AAU/Benson Ward/Wellington Ward – Conquest Hospital
This is a huge thank you from my heart to lots of different people some whom I cannot recall. I firstly was seen in A&E on 1 February about 1am I believe I was brought in by Ambulance. I don’t remember too much as I was very poorly with pneumococcal meningitis. So please say thank you as I believe they at this point saved my life.

I then was taken to AAU I remember Zara who was the one who got control of my horrific pain. I then went to Benson ward and don’t remember too much again please say thank you to everyone including the health care assistants and cleaners and tea makers, doctors and nurses. I am now on Wellington ward after nearly 2 weeks treatment every single person I have encountered has been WONDERFUL I really would like to scream from the roof tops about my wonderful NHS STAFF so here I am doing the only thing I can think of!!! I will be taking a card to each department and cakes but I encountered so many fabulous people and sadly cannot recollect some hours/days it’s hard to say thanks to everyone please pass my gratitude on.

Ambulatory Emergency Care – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to thank those members of staff on duty between 1300-1600 on the 12th June for all there kindness and reassurance on my visit. They looked after my needs and also those of my wife who was with me. They are all a credit to the hospital hopefully this can be passed onto the department. Ambulatory Emergency Care.

Maxillo-Facial – Eastbourne DGH
I recently had a day surgery operation for the removal of a BCC at the Maxillo-Facial Surgery at Eastbourne.  The operation was in April under the care of Mr Williams and with two subsequent dressing checks in outpatients.

We hear so much about the failings in the NHS and the underfunding and the poor waiting times, however what is rarely disputed is the level of care and professionalism within the NHS.  I am writing to say that the level of service in my case was exceptional.

Despite this being a routine and minor operation, the way in which nurses showed care and understanding both before and after the procedure was wonderful.  The theatre team were professional and efficient.  The experienced could not have been improved.