Our marvellous teams

The following comments are extracts from emails and letters sent to us by users of our services #ourmarvellousteams

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Last week I had the misfortune to be an inpatient for 6 days. I’m emailing as I wish to express my gratitude and say how impressed I was with the care I received. Working for the NHS I know the daily challenges we face and how dedicated all staff are. You don’t like to imagine yourself the other side, but my experience was very positive.

I arrived at A&E the evening of the 25th March with acute abdominal pain and vomiting. Having lived with urological problems since a baby I was aware that I was probably quite unwell. I was in so much pain I don’t think I realised how unwell I was. I was seen promptly in triage and sent straight round to cubicles. I was seen quickly by the nurse and various Dr’s, all who introduced themselves to me. I was treated with IV antibiotics and pain relief and given a plan. I was admitted to AAU where I had various interventions overnight and looked after by a very kind Dr who listened to my history and treated me as an expert in my own health problems.

I was admitted to DeCham ward under Dr Houseni’s team, I would like to express my gratitude to that medical team for all that they did to get me better and for their caring approach. I would like to also express my thanks to all members of staff on DeCham ward including housekeeping, their kindness to me really made me feel reassured and I witnessed their kind approach to other patients on the bay. I would like to express particular thanks to these DeCham members of staff SN Sue, HCA Lin, SN Gia (normally works on Tressel) and Staff Nurse Sheena (normally works on James).

I was transferred over to Hailsham 4 for a urology review; again I was very impressed by the care I received. I was looked after SN Sue and Laura who were very kind and efficient. I would like to express my thanks to Dr Watson’s team specifically his Registrar and Junior Dr on shift on Saturday 30th March, they’re quick decision making and plan meant I was home for Mother’s Day with my kids.

I was treated for pyelonephritis, it came on suddenly, because I have a long standing problems, I often don’t become symptomatic until very unwell. I would like to express my gratitude for the timely and compassionate way I was treated, I felt safe and listened to at all times. I’m proud to work for ESHT, I know we do good work, all members of staff involved in my care we’re fantastic- thank you so much.

Urology Department – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to inform you of the excellent treatment I received at Eastbourne DGH. I have suffered for more than 20 years from severe symptoms of prostatitis and was recently informed I had slight prostate cancer too. Subsequent to this I had the great privilege of Mr Rimington advice and care.

In December 2018 I had a highly successful robotic assisted radical prostatectomy. I was very well cared for my Dr Ed Calleja and Urology Nurse Practitioner Kelly Smith. In fact all the urology team and staff of Hailsham 4 ward deserve a mention. The NHS has so many detractors it is right to highlight things that go well and care that is excellent. Well done to your staff and thank you for restoring my quality of life.

A&E Department – Eastbourne DGH
On Monday 11th March my husband had an accident needing treatment on a badly gashed hand and leg. From the kind receptionist, two assessment nurses and the Doctor who stitched him up, we have nothing but praise for their kindness and efficiency. The Doctor also asked the advice of another Doctor to see if plastic surgery was needed but fortunately this was not the case. We left the hospital with my husband fully treated and also with the appropriate medication. Our grateful thanks to the wonderful staff.

Dermatology – Eastbourne DGH
We are writing to thank and praise the incredible service we received from the staff at the DGH when my husband was first diagnosed with intraparotid cancer. He was referred to Dermatology and we cannot thank Dr Janika Strauss enough. She took exceptional care and made huge efforts to organise an ultrasound guided core biopsy on the same afternoon, keeping us in touch by phone when she had made the appointment. Such thoughtfulness and kindness is greatly appreciated.

Without any delay an appointment was then made to see Mr Andrew Moody who, with the help of Miss Hannah Friend promptly arranged for my husband to see the Oncologist team at Brighton. Within a week my husband was admitted where the operation to remove the cancerous lump and lymph nodes was performed. From the very first visit at the DGH to discharge from Brighton everything was carried out with ultimate professionalism, expertise and above all, caring, Hats off to such an amazing Health Team and the NHS.

A&E Department – Conquest Hospital
I was brought to your department after collapsing in a Hastings restaurant. I wish to thank your staff and the ambulance crew who were involved. They were all kind, reassuring and very professional. My wife and daughter and I were very impresses. Thank you.

A&E Department – Conquest Hospital
I went to A&E Thursday evening 21st march 2019 around 9pm with a suspected broken rib and I would just like to tell you how happy I was with the service I spoke to the lady on the front desk Mrs Moon and she was very helpful and caring which was good, and I saw the doctor and he was excellent, again he was very caring and done a thorough inspection of my injuries. Please let your staff know how happy I was with them. Thank you Conquest Hospital.

Rita Joarder – Conquest Hospital
Thank you so much for looking into after my daughters, during their ultrasounds. Dr Joarder was absolutely brilliant, kind, gentle and she explained everything clearly in a way the girls could understand. Our waiting time is was minimal which was fantastic.

Huge thanks too to the admin team who sorted our appointments. Initially they were two separate appointments on different days which we couldn’t attend. The team responded very efficiently and booked two more appointments side-by – side. This meant my girls were seen together, and it was saved us so much time to. Huge thanks to you all. You are brilliant.

SAU – Conquest Hospital
Last week I had surgery in the SAU and wish to thank all those involved in my excellent treatment. From reception thro, to Anaesthetics, Surgery, Recovery and finally the Ward staff. All gave me confidence and support. Thank you all for your Kindness.

Gary Matthews, A&E Nurse – Eastbourne DGH
My husband attended A&E dept today with a fractured wrist. We were dealt with by Nurse Gary Matthews and write to commend his professional, efficient and competent attention. We were treated with great respect and courtesy, were given timely and accurate information about procedures and timings. Waiting times were acceptable and the treatment areas clean and tidy. Gary’s brilliant manner made a nasty accident manageable. Well done him.

Dr J Mitchell – Eastbourne DGH
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dr Mitchell and the paediatric department for looking after both of my daughters so well. The waiting times were minimal and we were seen promptly. They HCA put their girls at ease and helped them relax. Dr Mitchell has such a lovely kind and gentle manner. He was a very good at explaining what he was looking for and reassuring me with a provisional diagnosis. Dr Mitchell also followed up via phone calls and letters as well as providing a detailed plan regarding a course of action. We are very appreciative for all of the care and kindness everyone showed. Many thanks.

Eastbourne DGH
I was treated for breast cancer and received wonderful treatment from dedicated teams, everyone was friendly, respectful, intelligent, caring and supportive. I take my hat off for the staff working long hours with large numbers of patients. Thank you.

A&E/Kipling Ward – Conquest Hospital
Was in A&E a few weeks ago with my 8 year old; she had fainted, banged her head and had a fit. The Ambulance staff were brilliant putting both of us at ease.

The amazing Nurses in A&E were fantastic, Berengaria was super, stayed with us, offered to call my husband, and came with us to the scan. Took lots if care if us both. Her lovely team popped in regularly to monitor my daughter, even turning the light off so she could get some sleep. We were transferred to Kipling told we were staying in but sent home an hour later. Please thank her and her team. She was brilliant.

All staff in ICU unit – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff in ICU, who gave my son his life back because of the wonderful and kind treatment he received. They also were very kind to all members of the family. Once again thank you.

Admissions Lounge/Litlington Ward – Eastbourne DGH
My husband was admitted yesterday, 27/3/2019, via the lounge for surgery to repair his broken wrist. The service we both received was excellent. The staff were all professional, efficient, kind and polite. We were kept notified of the procedures and timings. Questions were answered with care. A first class service. Thank you all and well done.

Maxillofacial- Eastbourne DGH
Hi I had treatment at the oral Maxillofacial unit yesterday 28/3/19 I would just like to say what a great team you have , all my worries about extraction were quickly taken away by a warm welcome and a very professional team ! Everything was explained and treatment was soon under way although there was minimal discomfort which I expected , I am now sporting a nice set of dentures which is proving hilarious trying to get used to them the NHS has a great team at your department and once again many thanks.

Ashley Townsend, Pevensey Day Unit – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you Ash, ward clerk in Pevensey day unit, Eastbourne DGH for the smiles and jokes you give every single day as the patients are in the waiting area. You don’t even have to try to make patients and everybody in the unit laugh pump up to work! Never get tired of being you as laughter is always the best medicine.

Conquest Hospital
This is to say that my husband was admitted for a hernia operation on 21st March. We were in SAU at 7.30am; David was in the operating theatre by about 9.00am and was home by 2.00pm. This short time waiting was complemented by the efficiency, pleasantness and helpfulness of all staff which combined to make the experience as painless as possible. Thanks to Mr El Dhuwaib and all involved.

Amy & Charlie, Nurses on Hailsham 4 Ward – Eastbourne DGH
My daughter and I would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all the staff on Hailsham 4 ward in Eastbourne DGH and, especially to Charlie and Amy.

My late husband visited the ward many, many times over the past 3 years for various urology issues and ALWAYS received fantastic care and compassion during his stays. He treated it like his second home and was always made to feel welcome (after a few humorous jibes!) when he was there. All the team also looked after his family when they visited which was invaluable to us.

I would also like to say a big Thank You to the consultants responsible for my husband’s care – Mr P. Rimmington and Mr Watson. Once again, thank you to everybody for everything.

Newington Ward – Conquest Hospital
On Monday March 25th I was rushed to your hospital. I was taken to the Ambulatory Emergency Clinic where your staff did some checks on me and found that I had a clot on my lung. After several checks and scans and injection I was moved to the Newington Ward. After spending 3 days I was allowed to go home. Thank you and all your staff for the excellent treatment I received in their care. I have the highest praise for all your staff, but I would like to single out your Mr George Carpenter who worked in Newington Ward. His care for not only myself was fantastic, nothing was too much trouble for him. I would appreciate it if you would kindly pass on my grateful thanks to all staff.

East Sussex Heatlhcare NHS Trust
I would like to thank all NHS staff, Paramedics, A&E and all at the Cardiac Unit who helped my husband after his heart attack in February. Everyone who we came into contact with was kind and considerate and took time to answer any queries and worries that we had. We could not have asked for better care and cannot thank you enough.

Hailsham 4 Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to you to express my gratitude to the DGH and its amazing staff. I underwent a Robotic assisted radical Prostatectomy in February. After the operation I received excellent medical and nursing care on Hailsham 4. The nurses were always kind and considerate even when very busy. I am five weeks into recovery and doing well, again my aftercare has been very good. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all at the DGH.

Tressell Ward – Conquest Hospital
I would like to take this opportunity to say how extremely grateful I am for my speedy recovery due to the care I received in your hospital. Firstly in the CCU and later in Tressell ward from all the staff involved. They are all so very dedicated. I would also like to thank the porters whom looked after my husband bringing him to visit me daily; by wheelchair and taking him back again to the car we were exceedingly grateful. Please continue this dedicated work, as in my case “Husband could not visit wife” again my sincere thanks.

Conquest Hospital
My sincere thanks to the team for the immaculate treatment and care that I feel very fortunate to have been the beneficiary of. It seems a long time since that depressing day last November when my cancer was diagnosed. I still find myself reflecting how fortunate I am to be in the situation that I am at present thanks to your expertise. My chemotherapy is progressing, I am now looking forward to resuming my sailing in June, and something I doubted would be possible at the end of last year. That is all thanks to the outstanding treatment that I have received and for that I am immensely grateful.

Baird Ward – Conquest Hospital
My mother became unwell in March and it was decided by the ambulance staff, who attended, to take her to the Conquest Hospital. On arriving at the Conquest A&E and after preliminary investigations we were informed, much to our surprise, that she had suffered a heart attack. This information was given to me and my brother by Dr George. On delivering this news Dr George was kindness itself as he could quite clearly see that it had come as somewhat of a shock. He gently and kindly explained that at the age of 96 and with the severity of her heart attack and damage to her heart, it would not be beneficial to my mum to have any intervention and that her prognosis was not very good.

My mother was then admitted to Baird Ward, from the moment she was admitted, the staff’s kindness and care shone through. My mum was on the ward and then a side room where she died. The staff on Baird ward were absolutely wonderful in the care they took with my mum. I cannot fully express in words my gratitude for their care and kindness. From the Nurses and Doctors to the HCA’s and the housekeeping staff. They all treated my mum with dignity, respect and compassion and their kindness to us as a family throughout my mum’s stay was exemplary. My mother couldn’t have had better care anywhere and I am eternally grateful.

Endoscopy Department – Conquest
I would like to comment on the exemplary experience and care I have received from the Conquest Endoscopy Unit. From the friendly unit admissions team who were helpful in answering my two phone queries, nurse Faith who very professionally booked me in and sited an IV cannula painlessly with great expertise, and Emma Robinson and her two nurse colleagues who were professional, friendly and extremely capable and did much to alleviate my anxiety during the procedure, which I opted to undergo without sedation. From a patient experience perspective it could not have been improved, as a health worker myself I have nothing but admiration for both outstanding professionalism and friendliness of all concerned.

A&E Staff – Conquest Hospital
Thank you to A&E staff and others who treated me with kindness and respect after my fall near the hospital main entrance yesterday.

Dr Lizzy, Kipling Ward – Conquest Hospital
A massive thank you to all of Kipling ward who were amazing and a special. Thank you to Dr Lizzy who reassured me from the moment she saw us in A&E to the moment we left. A truly wonderful doctor. Thank you.

Maternity Unit – Conquest Hospital
I just wanted to let you know how impressed and grateful I am to the maternity department. In 2017 at our 20 week scan we found out our much wanted little boy was missing part of his brain and we had to make the terrible decision to end the pregnancy. Miss Roberts, Lucy Bennet and Sabine were absolutely incredible in their support. They chased up results, fitted in extra appointments and were unbelievably helpful and kind throughout. During the delivery of our son, we were treated with complete kindness by the midwives and assistants in the delivery suite, this made such a difference and really helped us.

Our second pregnancy was obviously full of anxiety but yet again the support we received from everyone was amazing. We had extra scans where Miss Roberts made us feel at ease as much as possible and again Lucy was fantastic at providing support and information. Every midwife (and sonographer) we saw fully understood our situation and we didn’t have to keep explaining it. My community midwife, Elena Paperello was absolutely brilliant, she completely understood and went over and above to help me through the pregnancy.

Again our care through the delivery of our daughter was excellent. As well as the above mentioned midwives and doctors, I would like to highlight others as being spectacular – Lisa Gurr, Molly Powederly, Helen Peterken and Wendy (early scan sonographer) and from our first pregnancy, Denise Smith, Laura Haynes and Joan Woan.

I have got support from a national charity (called ARC that I was recommended by your hospital) and from listening to other people’s experiences (both losing a baby and having a new subsequent pregnancy) I realise that the care I got was exceptional and not necessarily the norm nationally, so I really want to thank you and all the staff.

A&E Department – Eastbourne DGH
SAU – Conquest Hospital
Just a note to send a huge thank you firstly to Sam and Lyn at Eastbourne A&E who looked after me for the day on Wednesday 3rd April, the calm and efficient way they went about their work was very comforting in a very stressful situation. Then thanks to SAU at the Conquest, especially Mr Miller and his team, they were very professional, kind and caring and helped me recover from the scary situation I found myself in. The staff both medical and domestic on SAU are always smiling and nothing is too much trouble, they obviously have empathy with the patients, they should be very proud of themselves for showing patients they do care the trust should be very proud of them.

As an ex-member of staff and someone who unfortunately has used the hospital services on several occasions, I can only convey my thanks on the wonderful service you supply in what is a difficult financial climate and an ever changing political position.