Our marvellous teams

The following comments are extracts from emails and letters sent to us by users of our services #ourmarvellousteams

Cuckmere Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I wanted to bring to your attention to some of the outstanding people in your hospital at Eastbourne. My son was an inpatient for 13 months, I’m sure you are aware of his condition and how complex his needs were. It was extremely difficult year for both him and myself. I would like to thank the caring, compassionate staff on Cuckmere Ward for their patience and understanding. I would especially like to thank both Dr Jeevagan and Dr McGregor for the extra special effort they demonstrated. Both doctors will willing to listen to my son, they were open to our suggestions and appreciative of all the hard work and effort they both put in.

I’m sure there are many more people behind the scenes, who helped in numerous ways, so thank you to them too. The other very important person that helped my son enormously during this stay was Barry who would voluntarily bring in his amazing therapy dog Bella, to see my son on a weekly basis. Bella’s visits were the highlight of the week for my son and gave him something to look forward to; she reduced his anxiety levels and put a smile on his face. Pet therapy must be one of the best therapies available.

It would be wonderful if other patients could benefit from her calming and loving energy. I know Barry is keen to help as many people as he can and I can only say what a wonderful job he and Bella are doing. Once again many thanks to all of you who helped in my sons case.

Endoscopy Department – Conquest Hospital
Very many thanks for your comprehensive report on my recent colonography examination. You can imagine my joy and relief when reading its contacts. In return, I feel a few words and appreciation would not go amiss. You do a wonderful job at the Conquest and we the public are all so fortunate in receiving such prompt and devoted attention. My grateful thanks as always.

AAU/Egerton Wards – Conquest Hospital
Please pass on my thanks to all the doctors and nurses in AAU who were thorough, efficient and prompt in all their ministrations and were wonderful with the patient and also the anxious relatives. The same is true of the staff on Egerton Ward. It was a pleasure to see at very close range staff I know well going about their job with diligence, hard work and never faltering concern. It was an eye-opening experience for me and I can’t praise them all enough. My mother now views the NHS as the most perfect organisation ever set up. I am very grateful to all involved.

Ophthalmic Outpatients Department – Eastbourne DGH
Our daughter has a rare syndrome which manifests itself in many ways; she recently had an ulcer in her eye which was diagnosed and treated in your Ophthalmic Outpatients Department. We want to thank all of the staff for their patience and understanding, plus the help and respect shown towards her. We were seen promptly, as she will not wait and is very fearful. Staff made no complaints at having to get on the floor to ascertain the problems and were very professional in their treatment of her. Thank you for your kindness.

A & E and Newington Wards – Conquest Hospital
Taken in by ambulance just before midnight on New Year’s Day I was immediately taken to the assessment ward where the Doctor and Nurses settled me in and did various tests. By morning I was isolated and then moved to a large, airy en-suite room on Newington Ward. There I stayed being beautifully looked after and fed good food and horse-sized antibiotics till the Friday when I was released home. A big thank you to all who cared for me so well.

A & E and Seaford Wards 1/3 – Eastbourne DGH
My husband was admitted to the Eastbourne DGH in the early hours of Thursday 4th January he has received the most excellent treatment from the moment the ambulance arrived the efficient and kind staff in the A & E department and then wards Seaford 1 and 3. The nursing staff work so hard under immense pressure without losing the caring attitude to sometimes very difficult patients.

Eastbourne DGH
Today I came home from having knee replacement surgery and I spent 3 nights on Michelham ward. I wasn’t a private patient but the care I received on that ward was truly outstanding. My daughter was unable to bring me a spare nightie and a wonderful nurse called Sharon rinsed my old one out during her break. There wasn’t one person that I thought miserable or bad tempered. Please forward my thanks and also to Mr Armitage who done the surgery. A wonderful experience if you ignore the pain.

A & E Deptartment – Eastbourne DGH
On Friday January 12th. I was admitted to the A & E department. Last January I had 3 cardiac arrests and when I got a very a harsh cough with severe pain I went to see my local GP who suggested that I came to you just in case there was a problem. At the hospital after we parked up with no problem we were directed into the check in desk very quickly and very soon I was tucked in bed. I had ecgs, blood tests, a cannella fitted and later on I had X-rays. Dr Lisa was the doctor I saw at first and she was very thorough.

I saw many staff as these tests were set. It was a revelation after all the adverse publicity. All the staff brilliant, each one greeted me and my wife with a smile. They all knew what they were doing. I was in the ward about 3 hours. Dr Lisa returned when all was finished. We discussed my case and there was no serious problems. I have been in your hospital before when I had my 3 cardiac arrests last January and the staff in CCP were all brilliant as well. Many thanks.

Sleep Unit – Conquest Hospital
I am one of the lucky ones who happens to have a local Health Service who recognise the need for a sleep unit. Equipment however is one thing, people are something else – they mess things up or make them special. If you guys were given no equipment and were standing in the middle of a field, you would still be stars in my experience. But what is unique in your world of missed budgets and sometimes suspect service, you guys are just stars. You don’t work in the sleep unit you emotionally own it, and take every opportunity to support and promote the work you do – rightly so.

In the two times I have been through the clinic from the lovely, humorous Sue on reception to the lady who had to look at me for 2 hours whilst she turned me into a cyber man on steroids you are all brilliant, genuinely, and I just wanted to say a big thanks – who says we don’t have a great Health Service.

A & E Department – Eastbourne DGH
Following a phone call to 111 concerning my 15 year old son who advised me to attend A+E we left home with heavy hearts water snacks and books. We were dealt with swift efficiency by the ladies on reception, the actual waiting area was clean and looked like freshly painted, and we instantly relaxed knowing we would be looked after.

The ENP (Anne Clark) was very professional competent and reassuring sadly I cannot remember the name of the Doctor we saw but I have to say she was fantastic explaining everything and making sure we understood and giving us a structured plan to work from over the next week. Now home and feeling reassured just wanted to praise all the staff, management included as we noticed a huge improvement from previous visits. We hope you are proud a fine example of the NHS at its best. Thank you.

Firewood House – Eastbourne
On Friday 19 January I contacted Brenda Bigsby at Firwood House, Eastbourne regarding my uncle who had been referred to Firwood House. Brenda phoned me several times that day and confirmed action was being taken. A call over the weekend checked my uncles circumstances and confirmed that someone would call at his house on Monday 22nd January.

On Monday I met Serene Russell also from Firwood House, at my uncle’s house and after carrying out an assessment she confirmed he should receive help in a respite centre or at least immediate facilities at home namely a bed for down stairs and a commode. During Monday further NHS personnel visited my uncle’s house such that by mid-afternoon Dawn from Milton Grange visited and indicated the possibility of a place being found for my uncle. Approximately 1hour later a patient transport ambulance came and took my uncle to Milton Grange.

The co-ordination of the different departments and the professionalism of all of the people involved was incredible and greatly appreciated by my uncle and myself. I therefore find it quite amazing that ESCC are considering closing both Firwood House and Milton Grange. I dread to think what might have happened if the facilities hadn’t been available on 22nd January. An ambulance would have been required and the overloaded DGH would have an additional person unable to be discharged for sometime.

Dr M Fonseka – Eastbourne DGH
A very helpful appointment with Dr. Fonseka and his team. Thorough, kind and considerate. Re-assuring and professional, I cannot thank them enough.

Endoscopy – Eastbourne DGH
My very sincere thanks to the whole team for their consideration, kindness and total professionalism.

A & E Department – Eastbourne DGH
I was told to present myself to A & E at Eastbourne DGH by our GP’s Practice Nurse as I had a worrying heart sensation together with an unusually high blood pressure reading. I arrived with my husband around 3.00pm checking in at reception at about 3.05pm.

I was seen by a Doctor and Triage Nurse within 15 minutes of registration. Who arranged for ECG and other tests to be undertaken including blood tests, X-ray, blood pressure and heart monitoring.

I cannot thank everyone involved enough for their excellent professional service down to the very welcome sandwich and afternoon cup of tea. I wish I had made a note of their names as they are all a credit to the Eastbourne DGH and the NHS. We hear so many horror stories about the NHS these days but my experience is entirely different.