Our marvellous teams

The following comments are extracts from emails and letters sent to us by users of our services #ourmarvellousteams

Pevensey Unit – Eastbourne DGH
Our dear cousin was a patient at the Pevensey Unit in recent months and was cared for by a wonderful, nurturing staff of doctors and nurses in her last days, fighting a good, but unwinnable battle with cancer.  The Pevensey unit staff also took great care to help her family.  Our entire family is appreciative and grateful for Pevensey Units professionalism, their kindness and their empathy.

Cancer Services – East Sussex NHS Trust
Following a routine mammogram in March 2017, it was identified I had breast cancer.  I was admitted 4 weeks later to remove the suspect tissue and two weeks later I had a follow-up appointment with Mr Subramanian.  I wish to place on record how exemplary I found the treatment, care, patience, kindness and compassion with all the medical team I was referred to.  Mr Subramanian fully explained the procedures that would follow in a polite, sympathetic and understanding manner.  I was also under the care of two McMillian nurses Heather Driver and Frances Jones who were always there for me and I found their help and support a great comfort.  I found the whole team a credit to the NHS.

Eastbourne DGH
My husband was booked in for a procedure at the DGH.  We arrived in the hospital and were making our way to the Cardiology Department when my husband fell, breaking his nose.  Help was immediately on hand and he spent a couple of hours in A & E prior to being released to Coronary Care where the procedure was successfully carried out.

The time spent in A & E was over the busy shift changeover period and we have to say that all staff made us feel very comfortable and cared for.  They are a credit to their professions and the Trust is privileged to have such dedicated people working for it.  The care received in Coronary Care was of the same high standard.  Our thanks to everybody.

Eastbourne DGH
Last week I was an inpatient at Eastbourne DGH, being seen by emergency paramedics, the A & E department, Ambulatory care and MAU ward.  My overall experience at the Eastbourne DGH a really positive one.  Without these individuals the quality of care and my welfare would be quite different.

I was seen by a number of different professionals for the treatment of an infection in my blood.  Your IV team are a credit to the hospital, who somehow manages a very high workload with great ability and calm.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank them personally for all they did and continue to do to give me a better quality of life and always endeavour to deliver their services with a smile.  I trust them and feel safe in their care.

I would also like to thank my consultant Dr Andrew Leonard who went above and beyond to provide me with excellent care.  He understood that treatment should be holistic and made great efforts to get me home safely.  He is a credit to the hospital and he endeavours to treat you like a real person, this offers great dignity and respect.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff on the MAU ward, particularly want to thank Kat Pretty (Housekeeper).  She brightened up my day, with acts of kindness and a completely genuine care for her work.  It is the little things that can really make a difference when you are in hospital and she deserves credit for delivering a fantastic service to the patients on the ward.

Cookson-Devas Ward – Conquest Hospital 
I was discharged from Cookson-Devas ward following a right total knee replacement under the care of Mr Goddard.  I am writing to you to express my very deep gratitude to everyone from the surgeon, anaesthetist and theatre team, all the nursing team on this ward. Physios and everyone in the care team.  Al at times I have been treated with kindness, care and compassion and nothing has been too much trouble.  It takes a very special type of person to be able to make a joke to brighten my day at the end of their long shift. Cookson Devas Ward is a credit to Conquest Hospital and a shining example of excellence in health care in the NHS.  Thank you and bless you all.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to inform you of the excellent treatment I received in the Emergency Department.  I tripped at Istanbul airport on my way home from Turkey and sustained a nasty cut to my face and quite sever grazing on my skin.  I was seen immediately and my care was then taken over by two nurses, Rachel and Fiona.  They were professional, helpful and sympathetic.  I received excellent care and have made a good recovery.  My grateful thanks.

Emergency Department – Conquest Hospital
We wish it to be known how much we appreciated the excellent treatment we were given in the Emergency department.  My husband was admitted for a brief stay and we were shown both respect and kindness throughout his brief stay, all the staff were so friendly, thank you.

Baird MAU Ward – Conquest Hospital
The care was excellent, the staff were very caring, I don’t make the best patient due to other reasons but they treated me very well.

CCU – Eastbourne DGH
Huge thanks to everyone in the cardiac department and wards Dr Neavey, his team, Doctors, nurses, cleaners, those who bring food and drink and porters.

Cookson Attenborough Surgical Short Stay – Conquest Hospital
I would like to thank Sally from the moment I arrived till my discharge she has been wonderful caring and so nice. She made me feel very relaxed. The whole team are brilliant.

Cookson Devas Elective Ward – Conquest Hospital
All the nursing staff were lovely to me and reassured me, also I would like to thank the man that came round with the food and drink. Also the cleaners please as my bay and toilets are lovely and clean.

Cuckmere Ward – Eastbourne DGH
Sally the sister has been utterly amazing. Always positive and friendly and she smiles all the time. Sam and Carol both have always got a joke and a smile. Dr Imam has always been very gentle, kind and positive. And thank you for being so supportive to me.

Day Surgery Unit – Uckfield
All the staff were truly amazing. From Mr Bonnici, Dr Mesta, Deborah in recovery, anaesthetists, Jane on the ward. Other staff on the ward seriously amazing and very kind and very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

Egerton Trauma Ward – Conquest Hospital
Thank you for looking after me and understanding my ADHD you are a credit to the hospital.

Hailsham 3 Ward – Eastbourne DGH
My compliments go to both day and night staff. The care assistants and nurses went above and beyond in their efforts to make me comfortable.

James/CCU Ward – Conquest Hospital
Sister Claire and her team when my heart rate suddenly dropped, causing me to go in spasm and she thumped my chest bringing me back with the help of some 30 others, who attended when she activated the alarm I have no memory of what happened, but was informed when I was brought back to life.

Kipling Ward – Conquest Hospital
Lisa Funnel, thank you much for your immediate help, you dropped everything to help my little girl, thank you.

Littlington Ward/Admissions Lounge – Eastbourne DGH
Nicky in recovery team was very attentive and kept me informed every step of the way when trying to find me a bed. Couldn’t fault the staff on Littlington Ward, Pre-op anaesthetic team and recovery team.

Mirrlees Ward – Conquest Hospital
Thank you so much for all your help and support. Kept me inform and very kind to me even though it was tricky to get blood out of me.

Pevensey Ward – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you to everybody on the ward – always cheerful and helpful, they were all very reassuring.

Richard Ticehurst SAU – Conquest Hospital
Shannon was wonderful, Dr Ahmed was incredible helpful and gentle and comforting considering how frightened I was. There are many more and I wish to say thank you to all.

Seaford 4 Ward – Eastbourne DGH
You have all been great since I have been here. I would like to thank you all for taking so much case of me, very much appreciated couldn’t have asked for more.

Stroke Unit – Eastbourne DGH
Very good experience. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Very grateful, very caring, kind manner.

Wellington Ward – Conquest Hospital
Natalie, the ward sister. I would to say thank you for your kindness. You always had time to talk and explained things to me clearly so I could hear. Always ready to help.

Eye Clinic – Conquest Hospital
Both members of the team Claire and Dr Robel were both professional friendly and gave sufficient time for explanations and answering questions clearly very reassuring.

Firle – Pre-assessment Unit – Eastbourne DGH
A lovely department who have been helpful and friendly on both of the two occasions I have attended.

Maxillofacial Clinic – Conquest Hospital
Thank you for making me feel at home and for your caring and professionalism throughout my visit.

Mirrlees Early Pregnancy Unit
The Gynaecologist and the person she was training were absolutely fantastic, lovely people and very efficient, credit to the hospital.

Out Patients Department – Conquest Hospital
HCA Sue – I was a nervous wreck but soon picked up on this. She made sure I was ok. She cared for me in a sympathetic way and put me at ease. Paul was also very good.

Out Patients Department – Uckfield Hospital
The Nurse was most helpful with a fund of information and advice about the treatment and the possible future action.

Sexual Health Services – Eastbourne
I would like to say that I have had two amazing appointments at the clinic. A while ago I had a very helpful discussion which prompted me to view my relationship with my husband in a different light. It was so helpful. This most recent visit was brilliant. The nurse was so helpful friendly kind professional and caring. I was so glad I came in, an amazing service. Thank you.

Sexual Health Services – Hastings
Shelley really went the extra mile talking to me about contraceptives, and was very kind and patient when discussing my problem regarding previous trauma. Very informative and reassuring.

Urology Investigation Suite – Eastbourne DGH
Just well done to all the team. This has been one of several visits recently, high standard, always the same. Keep it up.

Day Surgery Unit – Uckfield Hospital
Thank you for everything you have done for me. Especially Heather who missed her lunch to come in with me when I saw her and asked her. She was lovely.

Kipling Ward – Conquest Hospital
All the nurses I had were amazing and very welcoming on Kipling ward Natalie is lovely and tries to understand more than just the physical side and has no judgement.

Firwood House – Eastbourne
Thank you very much to everyone, you have all been so kind and caring.

Irvine Unit – Bexhill Hospital
All of the staff were all excellent, I don’t want to give all the names just thanks you all and thank you all for my stay, love and respect to you all.

Endoscopy Unit – Conquest
A very happy experience, Emma and the theatre team were very relaxing and patient, everyone else who was very helpful and pleasant.

Endoscopy Unit – Eastbourne DGH
To all staff team for what they did through my time here, to all staff from all departments reception, recovery. Massive thank you.