Our marvellous teams

The following comments are extracts from emails and letters sent to us by users of our services #ourmarvellousteams

Hailsham 2 Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I am recovering from elective surgery I had at Eastbourne DGH two weeks ago. I am writing to let you know what outstanding and excellent care I had from start to finish. There are a few people I would like to bring to your attention because not only were their specialist skills exemplary, they were also lovely, kind people who gave me undivided care and attention:

  • Mr Al Rabaei (my wound is healing beautifully)
  • Dr Mo Baig (fantastic anaesthetic and post op pain relief)
  • Staff Nurse PACU Dristi KC (fabulous nursing care and attention)
  • Pauline HCA Hailsham 2 (unbelievable care and attention – exceptional knowledge base)
  • Trish Sister Hailsham 2 (just brilliant – a superstar)

Hailsham 2 Ward has a lovely atmosphere and feel about the ward. It is very clean and tidy and everyone had a smile and a friendly way about them, that shows a ward that is run well and has a good leader in my humble opinion. All are a credit to the NHS, and most importantly to our local hospital. I cannot thank them all enough, It has been a long wait to have this surgery, psychologically I feel so much better and physically the discomfort I had from my rather large incisional hernia is gone. With so much appreciation and best wishes.

Dr Mohammad Alcheikh, Kipling Ward – Conquest Hospital
I am an employee of ESHT currently on maternity leave. I wanted to take the time to tell you about my experience as a patient (or the Mother of a patient) as I realise how important feedback is in order to maintain and improve patient care.

My daughter was diagnosed with chicken pox when she was only three weeks old. Unbeknown to me chicken pox is extremely dangerous to children under a month old. We were initially seen at Eastbourne DGH on Friston Ward and were sent home with oral anti-viral medication. However, the following day more vesicles had appeared and when I explained this to Dr Mohammad Alcheikh over the phone he immediately arranged admission to Kipling Ward.

We stayed on Kipling Ward for seven nights and eight days. I have to say that the overall care my daughter received during our stay was excellent. The nurses were clearly overstretched at times but this did not alter the care they gave.

I would be most grateful if this could be regarded as an official plaudit for Dr Mohammad Alcheikh, I have already tracked him down and thanked him myself as my husband and I are so extremely grateful but I also feel that it should be recognised by his department.

Conquest Hospital
I know my husband and I have written before but we thought we would again write about the attention my husband has received. This year my husband has had some falls resulting in the attendance of ambulance and paramedics. He has also been admitted to the Conquest Hospital on two occasions this year, once for 2 weeks in McDonald Ward and the second for 8 weeks on Tressell Ward.

On both occasions he received the greatest of care and attention. However, we both agree that all the staff on Tressell Ward were the most exceptional. He was extremely ill with a urine infection that I did not think he would return home. He survived this with the help and attention of the staff and neither of us can thank them enough for their help and attention. Myself in particular as it meant I got my husband back which I did not think to see. We would like our appreciation to be forwarded to all involved, and to say a big thank you once again.

Conquest Hosptial
I am writing to thank you and your staff following my recent hospital stay in July 2017. I was admitted to the Richard Ticehurst Ward where I was greeted by a smiley, welcoming Matron Wardale and her helper Sue. I was made to feel at ease by being given a clear understanding of my surgical pathway for the day. My Consultant Anaesthetist Dr James Bennett was reassuring, professional and very kind. He went to great lengths to explain they type of anaesthetic that I would be having.

He assured me that I would be kept as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure, which indeed I was. I experienced only mind discomfort post- operatively thanks to his skill and expertise. Miss Murty, my Consultant Gynaecologist, was equally as kind and patient. I felt very secure in her care. She had contacted me at home prior to admission and continued in the same vein on the day of surgery.

The theatre team all left me in no doubt as to their concern for my well-being, they were extremely caring while simultaneously demonstrating their complete professionalism. I certainly felt safe in their hands.

Mirlees Ward provided the ideal place to recuperate, with the calm atmosphere of a well-run ward contributing significantly to my speedy recovery. Thanks to all on duty that day.

I was discharged home later that day. I am currently making great progress and am thankful there were no complications. I would once again like to offer my heartfelt thanks to your hospital for the Gold Standard, high quality care I received from all involved.

Conquest Hospital
Thank you all very much for the care and treatment I received over the last six days.

Eastbourne DGH
I wanted to thank you for the excellent treatment I received from your staff. I was diagnosed with cancer and needed an operation to remove the growth and part of a kidney. This was a terrifying proposition for me but everyone from the first moment I met the consultant to when I was discharged was excellent. I wanted to thank everyone on Hailsham Ward for their care and the surgeon, anaesthetists and consultant for all their hard work. Thank you.

Conquest Hospital
I have just spent 4 days in your hospital, I found the care and consideration second to none it was marvellous. It was in Baird Ward I spent the majority of my time with you. Staff Nurse Matt with his well-trained team were excellent. And the Matt and Tammy show was a great way of lifting your spirits! With Kerry and Carole your team in Baird Ward is truly wonderful. The whole ward is very clean and bright. I would just like to say thank you very much and hopefully never have to trouble you again.

Eastbourne DGH
Would just like to say how impressed I was with my visit today to the Emergency Department. We were in and out in a hour or less, treated with courtesy and compassion, given reassurance having dealt with a lot of hospitals recently through a family member I am now a great fan of the EDGH. Well done to all the staff for their relentless hard work, you are all superstars.

Eastbourne DGH
In August I had a biopsy for my prostrate. From the moment of my admission at 7.30am up to my discharge at 1.30pm I have nothing but praise for your staff that is whilst I was awake. I would be grateful if all the staff that dealt with me could be given my heartfelt thanks for the professional care.

Eastbourne DGH
I would like to offer thanks and praise for all the staff who have dealt with me at Eastbourne DGH. I was first rushed into the urology department in November 2016 when I had urosepsis and rigors. I spent time in A & E both before and after that, and returned to the hospital for an unpleasant cystoscopy process, but the staff memebers at all levels were extremely helpful, professional and kind, particularly Dr Wanis.

I am also very grateful to the staff of the diabetes centre and especially to Dr Lipscomb who I met as a consultant, and to the doctor who identified my need for cataract surgery. Dr Kashani successfully performed the operation. I know you must get lots of flak but I am very grateful for the quality of care have shown me over the last 9 months.

Jubilee Eye Suite
I have attended the Jubilee Eye Suite on many occasions since May 2016, due to problems with my eyelids. I am writing to commend your staff and the excellent treatment I have received at the Eastbourne DGH with Dr Lipnicki-Khan and the Jubilee Eye Suite.

I have been treated with courtesy, respect and friendly professionalism at all times, by all the staff that cared for me. If going into hospital could ever be considered a pleasant experience, then I would recommend Eastbourne DGH. In my opinion the hospital and your staff are a credit to the NHS and the medical profession.

Pharmacy – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the support provided by one of your team to my aunt. My aunt was 97 and lived on her own; she had a bad fall hitting her head. Paramedics attended but she refused to go to hospital and said she was shaken but otherwise all right. For the next few days she seemed to be recovering. One morning she telephoned the Eastbourne DGH pharmacy. We do not know why, she spoke to Alan, he realised that something was badly wrong, she gave him her name but couldn’t remember her address, she did however tell him that she had very recently had a birthday. From that information he was able to track her down in the hospital records and sent an ambulance to her flat.

He stayed on the telephone talking to her until the ambulance had arrived and the paramedics had been let in. Later that day he visited her in hospital. My aunt deteriorated very quickly and alas she died a few days later. But at least she was comfortable and well cared for during the last few days of her life. Without Alan’s recognition that she was very ill and his resourceful efforts to get help to her, she might well have been left lying in her flat on her own for hours or maybe longer. He demonstrated the highest professional standards in the way he dealt with the situation and I shall always be grateful.

Please pass on my thanks to him and to the staff of the stroke wards who cared for my aunt in her final days with kindness and respect.

Benson Trauma Ward – Conquest Hospital
Thank all of you, a job is a job to a lot of people, but each and every member of the team from the cleaners and caterers to the orderly to the nurses and doctors where all in good spirits and compassionate friendly and helpful at all times even when they were rushed off their feet and on one or two occasions getting spoken to quite abruptly by other patients.

Cardio Cath Lab – Eastbourne DGH
Every member of the team and Dr Patel. I always regarded the DGH as the most pleasant hospital to work at and meet people after 41 years of service.

CCU – Eastbourne DGH
I want to thank the whole ward as a whole, they treated me like family throughout my week stay, couldn’t of asked for a better crew to stay with, thank you.

CCU – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you all for your kind attention and professionalism and most important thank you for making me well again. You are very special people and you are also so caring.

CCU – Eastbourne DGH
I arrived in very poor state and I leave feeling better and more optimistic than for some time. This is all thanks to the excellent treatment I have received from all the ward and theatre staff. Thank you all.

Cookson Attenborough Surgical Short Stay – Conquest Hospital
The whole team on ward. In particular Sue Taylor who made every effort to help me and make me smile! What a credit to the profession.

Cookson Devas Elective Ward – Conquest Hospital
I could not have had better and all the staff could not have given more in any way a very big thank you to every member of staff.

Day Surgery Unit – Uckfield
Everyone on the ward was very kind and considerate and Mr Dixon was especially considerate after the operation when he came and explained how the operation had gone.

Folkington Ward – Eastbourne DGH
Staff are very friendly and I am looked after very well. Staff are very much on the ball and treated me well. Thank you all.

Friston SSPAU – Eastbourne DGH
Friston Ward as always had the highest level of professionalism, treatment and care. Informative and attentive. Everyone including the lunch delivery staff had the same level which was very impressive. Proud and grateful of our hospital in Eastbourne.

Hailsham 2 Ward – Eastbourne DGH
Emma who looked after me in recovery was absolutely fantastic and helped me both emotionally and with pain management – Thank you.

Hailsham 3 Ward – Eastbourne DGH
There was the HCA on my bay and she was so conscientious attention the detail on cleanliness was excellent, friend demeanour that made things easier to settle.

Hailsham 4 Ward – Eastbourne DGH
All staff have been fantastic and go out of their way to assist could not fault a thing.

James/CCU Ward – Conquest Hospital
Particularly Dr Kamam for the clarity of his explanation and treatment as well as his kindly manner. All the staff on duty during my stay were excellent in their care.

Jevington Ward – Eastbourne DGH
All staff on Jevington caring for Bay B. Mum has been very sick; they have helped her get back home. Thank you.

Jubilee Eye Suite – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you to everyone who made the procedure as good as it could be. Lots of info nothing too much trouble.

Kipling Ward – Conquest Hospital
Thank you for your kindness and for making our stay comfortable and pleasant.

Macdonald Ward – Conquest Hospital
Dr Ramani and all his team, all nursing staff who have cared for me during my stay, sisters and matron.

Mirrlees Ward – Conquest Hospital
When I first came in to the ward I was extremely pleased with the compassion and care that the nurse, Kate Hunt, gave us. She was very understanding and rubbed my back when I was distressed. I appreciated the kindness and professionalism of the Doctor; he put me at ease and answered all my questions. All the team that have cared for me today have been awesome and we really appreciate what they’ve done for us today.

Mirrlees Ward – Conquest Hospital
Thank you for so much kindness and making me feel cared about, and it’s nice that all in the ward get along with each other. No tension, great atmosphere.

Pevensey Day Unit – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all the staff for their cheerfulness, care and attention to detail, a great stress free experience.

Seaford 1 (Medical Assessment) Unit – Eastbourne DGH
All staff on duty during my short stay. A very big thank you from me. I will never forget your care and kindness.

Stroke Unit – Eastbourne DGH
Throughout my stay, staff were very friendly and efficient. Always amusing when time as right and approachable, I enjoyed my visit and leave confident.

Tressell Ward – Conquest Hospital
There are too many individuals to thank personally, my discharge from senior specialists to everyone who contributed day and night to my care and wellbeing. I would like to thank all who worked so well on patient’s behalf. Despite sometimes stretched, on duty. My good wished for everyone’s future here.

Wellington Ward – Conquest Hospital
I would like to thank my Doctor Catherine, she has been with me since A&E. she is a really good Doctor, and I liked the continuation of care with regard to the Doctors. I felt she really understood my problems and any needs I need. I would also like to thank the rest of the care staff, you have all been amazing.

Maxillofacial Clinic – Eastbourne DGH
I have always had marvellous service here, staff are lovely and kind, Mr Williams is very pleasant.

Out Patient Department – Bexhill Hospital
This was my second cataract operation at Bexhill Hospital. I was impressed on both occasions by the professionalism of all the staff. Well done.

Out Patient Department – Conquest Hospital
Mr Plail has looked after me for many years; his professional, friendly treatment of me has been exemplarily.

Out Patient Department – Eastbourne DGH
It is always a pleasure to see Peter Rimmingtons and Sarah in his clinics. All urology staff, doctors and nurses are wonderful and I am very happy with my treatment at this hospital.

Sexual Health Services – Hastings
Fiona made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Nurse Fiona very lovely. Thank you.

TIA Clinic – Conquest Hospital
Marion Langley for her helpful and considerate care, the whole are so impressive, many thanks.

Firwood House – Eastbourne
Big thank you to all Staff, Chef made some lovely sponges.

Friston SSPAU – Eastbourne DGH
Heather – she was really friendly and chatty. She had a lovely manner with my son and went out of her way to help us.

Kipling Ambulatory – SSPAU – Conquest Hospital
All nurses and theatre staff were great. Dora the explorer or Chris as she was known to you stood out the most.