Making a Donation

Registered Charity Number: 1058599

You can make a donation to East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust’s charitable funds in a number of ways.

Make an on-line donation

You can make an on-line donation via our donation website:

Send us a cheque

Made payable to ‘Charitable funds’ and send it to:

Charitable funds
St Anne’s House
729 The Ridge
St Leonards-on-Sea, TN37 7PT

Cash or cheque via the cashiers office at either Conquest Hospital or Eastbourne DGH.

Charitable Funds Information

  • Registered Charity Number: 1058599.
  • Funds for over 200 separate areas held by the Trust. This ensures that donations to specific wards and areas within the Trust are spent in accordance with donors’ wishes.
  • Funds are looked after by Charitable Trustees, made up of Executive and Non-Executive Directors of the Trust.
  • Part of the Trustees’ duties are to ensure that funds are spent within a reasonable timescale.
  • All charitable expenditure should ultimately be for the benefit of patients. Within this remit, spending can include funding medical research, environmental improvements, pastoral and complementary services, professional staff development, and medical equipment.
  • During 2015/16, donations totalling £748,000 were received by the Trust.
  • During 2015/16 we spent £723,000 on good causes within the Trust.
  • Notable expenditure via charitable funds during 2015/16 included:
    • Three neonate/paediatric Hamilton Ventilators for the Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH Critical Care Units. These ventilators ensure improved patient safety and comfort, are easy to use and understand and can reduce ventilation time and therefore treatment costs.
    • A commemorative stained glass window at Conquest Hospital, in memory of deceased members of staff.
    • An Unsung Hero event, which celebrated members of support staff from Bands 1-4 within the organisation who would not ordinarily receive Trustwide recognition. The event featured roadshows at various different Trust venues, showcasing the excellent work carried out by these staff, and concluded with a celebration event where awards were given to staff who had been nominated by colleagues.
    • Continued support for the Annual Staff Awards event, which recognises the valuable contribution that staff make to the organisation. This event is hosted at a local venue, and helps the organisation to adhere to one of its core values of Valuing Staff. Staff are invited to nominate colleagues for awards in various categories, and the awards are given out at the event.
    • A range of quality improvement initiatives that were championed by staff following Listening into Action events. These were for small items that would make a big difference to staff and patients, and included:
      • Water coolers for Kipling Ward and the Emergency departments at Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH
      • Special drinking cups and mirrors for patients with dysphagia.
      • Communication boxes for wards for the elderly in the Trust, which include a range of items to help patients who have difficulty in communicating.
      • Appliances for the refurbished Doctors’ Mess at Eastbourne DGH.
      • Toys for children attending paediatric audiology clinics.
    • Grants to cancer patients to enable them to have an improved end of life experience while remaining living in the community. Grants included:
      • Support for day-to-day living costs due to loss of income
      • Adaption of premises
      • Travelling costs to undertake specialist treatment.
      • Funding for training courses and clinical supervision for staff
      • Childcare costs for a patient undergoing chemotherapy
      • Family holidays for terminal patients
      • Funding a relative search for a terminal patient whose final wish was to talk to his mother before he died.
      • Registrar and specialist nurses posts within the Trusts in order for them to undertake research work for the benefit of patients.
    • A curator for the Arts in Healthcare project, which is designed to enhance patients’ experiences when they visit the Trust’s hospitals. The curator provides professional management of the artworks displayed throughout the Trust, and organises events where artists working with therapists and patients, exhibitions and the provision of music across the Trust.
    • Continued support for the training of both medical and non-medical East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust staff to improve their knowledge and thereby benefiting the patients of the Trust.
    • Continued support for the South East Orthopaedic Training programme which provides training for junior doctors who intend to undertake surgical careers.
    • A conference to celebrate International Nurses Day. This is an annual celebration which falls on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, 12th May, and celebrates the real difference that nurses make to people’s lives.
    • Costa Gift Cards and chocolates for every member of staff in the organisation at Christmas, as a token of thanks for their hard work during the year.