What services does the Health Visiting and Children’s Centre service provide?

Health Visitors lead and deliver the Healthy Child Programme (HCP).

The Healthy Child Programme is a series of reviews, screening tests, vaccinations and information to support parents and help them give their child the best chance of staying healthy and well.

The Healthy Child programme is led by a Health Visitor, who will work closely with your GP and local Children’s Centre. The team includes people with different skills and experience, such as Nursery Nurses, Children’s Nurses and Early Years support staff.

The programme will be offered to you in Children’s Centre, local clinic or your GP surgery. Appointments should be arranged so that both you and your partner can be there. Some reviews may be done in your home. The reviews are also an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have

Health Visiting provides a service to all families (dependant on need) these may include:

  • Specific contacts such as antenatal contact, new birth visit, six week check, three to six month review, one year review, two year review, three year review.
  • Advice of feeding your baby such as weaning and dental health
  • Advice around child growth and development, undertaking developmental reviews
  • Advice on behaviour difficulties, sleeping, potty training
  • Advice on safety, family health and minor illnesses
  • Post Natal groups
  • Specific support on subjects such as Post natal Depression (PND)
  • Parenting advice and support and signposting to other agencies
  • Support children and families on the transition to school

Information about all these topics is also available in the 0 to 5 book.

The Health Visiting Service along with others such as your GP, have a duty to ensure that children are safe and protected from harm. The information you give your Health Visitor is confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

However, there may be special circumstances when it is necessary to share information, without your permission with other professionals if your child is at risk of harm.