Consultant Led Unit

Women who have certain medical conditions or who have complications during their pregnancy for themselves and their baby are advised to give birth in a Consultant Led Unit, but women with uncomplicated pregnancies can choose this too.

Here, doctors are available 24 hours a day. They are able to perform epidurals for pain relief, assisted and emergency births and there is a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) – although not all SCBU baby units provide care for babies prior to 32 weeks.

If your baby is born prior to 32 weeks at Conquest Hospital your baby may need to be transferred to a specialist unit where specialist neonatal services are provided).

Conquest Hospital Consultant Led Maternity Unit

At Conquest Hospital there is a consultant led maternity unit with a delivery suite, postnatal ward and antenatal ward. For more information about consultant led units, click here.

Buchanan Delivery Suite

The Buchanan delivery suite has 10 rooms, one Theatre and two Recovery beds. There is 24 hour cover from anaesthetist and obstetricians to assist women if required at any time.

There are Elective Caesarean section lists on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Frankshaw Ward (Postnatal Ward)

On Frank Shaw ward there is a five bedded Transitional Care Bay – this is where the midwife is responsible for the care of the woman and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) staff nurses for the Baby’s care. Transitional care provides additional support for babies that do not require SCBU services and are not quite ready for the postnatal ward, for example babies born a little early.

We have a further four bays of four postnatal beds, and a further three side rooms.

Murray ward (antenatal ward)

Murray ward has 12 beds and women can be admitted to Murray 24 hours a day. Women requiring induction of labour will also be admitted to Murray ward.

The Maternity Day assessment unit is also run from Murray ward and they have a further four beds for seeing women throughout each day with appointments that can be referred in by the triage midwife, community midwife, GP or a previous appointment made when admitted or when seen in antenatal clinic by the consultant.

Some of our antenatal clinics also run from Murray ward and also from Area B on Level 3 of Conquest Hospital.

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