Consultant Led Unit

Women who have certain medical conditions or who have complications during their pregnancy for themselves and their baby are advised to give birth in a Consultant Led Unit, but women with uncomplicated pregnancies can choose this too.

Here, doctors are available 24 hours a day. They are able to perform epidurals for pain relief, assisted and emergency births and there is a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) – although not all SCBU baby units provide care for babies prior to 32 weeks.

If your baby is born prior to 32 weeks at Conquest Hospital your baby may need to be transferred to a specialist unit where specialist neonatal services are provided).

We provide this service at

Conquest Hospital

Conquest Hospital Consultant-Led Maternity Unit
The Ridge, St Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex, TN37 7RD
Tel: 0300 131 4500