Supporting our staff through recovery: COVID-19

Supporting members of staff at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

This is the support available to members of staff going forward, throughout COVID.


Wobble Rooms

The Wellbeing and Health Promotion team with support from Occupational Health and Wellbeing and the Chaplains have set up Wobble Rooms at Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH.

A Wobble Room is a calm, safe and quiet space where members of staff can go to, to take time out during or after a shift.

    • The Chapel, Level 2, Conquest Hospital
    • The Chapel, Level 3, Eastbourne DGH

Sussex Partnership Trust Wellbeing hub

A new service has been  launched by Sussex Partnership Trust and is available to all ESHT staff. The service is accessible via an online wellbeing hub

The hub offers:

  • The opportunity to undertake an online mental wellbeing self-assessment.
  • A confidential, follow-up full biopsychosocial assessment with an experienced and qualified clinician (which will explore the biological, social and psychological factors that influence mental wellbeing). Once people contact the service to request a confidential assessment, a member of our admin support team will be in touch with them within two working days to set this up. An appointment with a clinician will then be arranged within 10 working days.
  • Priority access to relevant and effective treatment services.
  • Agreed follow-up to check in on progress.

This service compliments the support for all our staff via our Occupational Health Department, Care First and Wellbeing & Health Promotion Team. If anyone would like more information about the support available please contact

Guide for Teams and Shielding Staff

If a team member been shielding it is really important to support colleagues returning to work. Share this guide with your team and come together to support any returning colleagues:

Keep fit with #DoingOurBit

Leading fitness providers are collaborating with the NHS to provide a free fitness platform for NHS staff. Through the increased pressure at work, #DoingOurBit aims to help colleagues stay happy and healthy through activity.

You can sign up here.  Please sign up using your NHS email, otherwise you will be prevented  from accessing the content. New activities are released regularly, for individuals and families.

Give it a try and see the benefits!

Care First Employee Assistance Programme
Tel: 0800 174319
Supporting the emotional wellbeing of staff

Care first
For more details on how to access, ask your line manager or email

CareFirst Webinars

Tips to beat the winter blues
Burnout and Tiredness during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Health Anxiety
Tips for Home-Schooling

*NEW* Samaritans Support Line
Samaritans have launched new, confidential support lines for health and social care workers and volunteers based in England and Wales.  The line is open 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week.
0800 069 6222
You can find more information here.

National COVID-19 Support Number
A confidential staff support number, run but the Samaritans:
0300 131 7000
Or text FRONTLINE to 85258
More information available here

Join their COVID-19 support page on Facebook

Psychological First Aid
Get psychological first aid (PFA) training and help people with different needs to cope with the emotional impact of COVID-19.  On this course, you’ll explore the psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and what you can do to help people cope. The course will teach you the key principles of giving psychological first aid in emergencies.

This course has been produced by Public Health England and is based on international guidance from the World Health Organisation, United Nations and partners. You can access here.

ESHT Employee Support Manager
Access to a dedicated Employee Support Manager who can assist, advise and support with family, childcare and additional caring responsibilities. For more information, please email

Free Wellbeing Apps
You can access a range of apps that have been made available to NHS and care staff for free here.  These include Headspace, Cityparents, Daylight, Liberate meditation, Unmind and more.

Audio Guides
Mental health and wellbeing audio guides

  • Low mood sadness and depression
  • Anxiety control training
  • Overcoming sleep patterns
  • Low confidence and assertiveness
  • Unhelpful thinking

NHS People Skills Guide
Develop new skills and discover new ways to improve your experience of work with short 10 to 20 minute guides developed by experts.

Bereavement Support
We also have a confidential bereavement support line, operated by Hospice UK, with free access from 8:00am to 8:00pm, seven days a week. A team of fully qualified and trained bereavement specialists are available to support you. Call 03000 303 4434.

Filipino Bereavement and Trauma Support line
There is a team of fully qualified and trained professionals (counsellors and support workers), all of whom are Talagog speakers, ready to help you.  This assistance is available anywhere in the country and supplied by Hospice UK. They are available for support for colleagues if they have:

  • Experienced a bereavement
  • Wellbeing has been affected by witnessing traumatic deaths as part of work
  • need to discuss any other anxiety or emotional issues as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The service is available seven days a week, between 8:00am to 8:00pm. Call 0300 1115.

Preventing skin damage under PPE

The NHS has compiled guidance on looking after your skin whilst wearing PPE, to protect your skin from damage. To find out more click here

Physiotherapy quick access clinic

The physiotherapy department is offering quick access to assessment, advice and treatment for all members of staff with joint and soft tissue pains. Initial appointments will be held over the telephone or via video. Face to face appointments in Eastbourne or Hastings may also be arranged following the initial assessment if needed. Email Occupational Health for a referral to Physiotherapy ( Please include your Name, Date of Birth and phone number and a brief description of the problem.

Sleepio is an evidence-based digital sleep improvement programme, grounded in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Insomnia. Sleepio is available free of charge to all NHS staff until 31 March 2021 (although once a user has engaged they will still have access post 31st March 2021) .

To access:

  • Click on the following link on your laptop or desktop computer:
  • Sign up for an account using your name and email address.
  • Click ‘Personalise Sleepio’.
  • Get started.

Daily Going Home Checklist

These are unprecedented times for all of us and looking after ourselves and each other enables us to look after our patients. Taking time to reflect on your day is really very important for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your team.

Take 5 minutes at the end of your shift to go through the checklist with a colleague or as a team.

Physiotherapy Quick Access Clinic
Even at home, you can access this clinic. The physiotherapy department is offering quick access to assessment, advice and treatment for all members of staff with joint and soft tissue pains. Initial appointments will be held over the telephone or via video. Face to face appointments in Eastbourne or Hastings may also be arranged following the initial assessment if needed. Email: if you would like to speak to a physio. Please include your Name, Date of Birth and phone number and a brief description of the problem.

NHS People Financial Wellbeing Guide
Try this NHS People financial wellbeing guide here.

ESHT Employee Support Manager 
For more information, contact

NHS People Support for Leaders

To help you lead your team compassionately and inclusively during these extraordinary times, we’ve developed a suite of leadership support offers.

Leadership Support Circle
Visit – Leadership Support Circle

Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders
Selected coaching companies and other leading-edge organisations to providing free, confidential, 1-2-1 coaching or mentoring support sessions for all NHS and social care leaders.

  • Keep hydrated, especially before wearing PPE
  • Maintain a good sleep routine, aim for 7 to 8 hours
  • Eat regular healthy meals, have a portion of carbohydrates in each meal for energy
  • Take a break, the busier you are the more important it is
  • Limit your time on negative social media posts and the news
  • Look out for yourself and your colleagues, get them drinks and lunch if necessary
  • Exercise at home and outside if you are able to keep your distance
  • Talk to someone if you are struggling
  • Talk to your colleagues if you think that they are struggling
  • Seek professional help / contact Care First if you need additional support
  • Stay connected to family and friends over the telephone
  • Build 5 minutes of calm time into every day
  • Do something fun every day that makes you smile

If you cannot find the support you may feel you need from the information above then please contact the OD, Staff engagement and Wellbeing team – Ext: 136166.