Thank yous

Here are some extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services about the care we have provided.

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Emergency Department – Conquest Hospital
I walked into the Conquest A&E with a pulse of 180 and was breathless, I could barely stand, I was triaged within 30 minutes and on a vital support machine in A&E for 8 hours observation.  A fabulous team looked after me. I was stabilised as best my condition and body can allow currently and left the department the same day with a next steps plan of action. Thank you Conquest Hospital for all you did for me and are going to continue to do as we find out more about my poorly body.

Emergency Department – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
We arrived at A&E on a busy evening with numerous incidences of flu. Mum was suffering from a mini stroke and was seen within five minutes of being met by friendly reception staff. The doctors kept me updated on the treatment process, she had a CT scan and we were able to leave within three hours. Thank you to all for your expert, cheerful and compassionate service.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
I went A&E in the afternoon with a tightness in my chest which I suspected to be a heart attack, which was later confirmed, having already experienced a cardiac arrest.  I was seen fairly quickly and after some tests I was in operation for my second stent, the time between my entry and operation was exceptional considering the hospital was having to take in patients from further away due to the strikes.

It was considered to move me to another hospital due to the capacity issues but because of the snow being so bad they decided to keep me here. Despite these restrictions I never once felt I received anything but the very best care and solutions were always found to any issue.

The staff clearly went above and beyond as a standard, having to look after a full ward, which even had workman carrying out their jobs as well, was made to look easy. While all the staff were working hard they was always friendly and willing to help, as much with keeping up people’s spirits in hard times as well as the medical care they’re providing.

Emergency Department – Conquest Hospital
I came into the Conquest A&E with breathing difficulties. Spent a day in the Emergency treatment room, and then admitted with flu. I have never seen such efficient dedication, care, and attention to detail, an endlessly busy team of doctors and nurses dealing with dozens of walk-ins, so much patience and warmth and efficiency.

I am seriously impressed and have no doubt they saved my life. No idea how these fantastic people cope with risking their own health at the same time showing such professionalism and kindness, and good humour, towards the rest of us. Really heart-warming. A huge thank you from me.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
I recently experienced the services as an in-patient at Eastbourne DGH. I wanted to thank the hospital for the wonderful care and treatment I received during my time in A&E and then as an in-patient.  From the moment I arrived, every single member of staff treated me with the utmost kindness, care and respect.

Throughout my stay on Berwick ward, the Conquest and CCU at Eastbourne, plus my ambulance transfers, I was always treated with respect, kindness and professional reassurance from all the staff and medical teams to the porters.

It was extremely noticeable that everyone smiled, acknowledged, welcomed me and could not do enough to make sure I was comfortable.

I cannot fault the treatment I received, the food too was of a good standard given the numbers being catered for.  In these troubled and difficult times, I wanted to thank you and all of the staff involved in my care, which was the best.

Surgery Department – Conquest Hosptial
Recently I was in hospital for spine surgery. I must say as traumatic as surgery it was a pleasure that in coming too in recovery Evie Watson the nurse in recovery Conquest hospital was amazing. She is a credit for the NHS and people skills second to none. Please pass on my sincere thanks.

Richard Ticehurst Ward – Conquest Hospital
My very sincerely thanks to the staff on Richard Ticehurst ward for their care of my father, on all his stays on that ward. He was treated like a much-loved grandfather. Sadly on his final stay he passed away but the nurse, Sarah, and the doctor, Faris treated us with such compassion .Their kindness will not be forgotten.

Phlebotomy Department – Conquest Hospital
I just wanted to thanks the wonderful staff on the blood test unit. Been there twice recently and it struck me how centred on patients they were. Amazingly efficient with friendly care from each person I have met. Blood tests can be a worrying time and the team in this department were fabulous from when I phoned up to when I left.

Egerton Ward – Conquest Hospital
My mother in law is currently on Egerton ward. I have been impressed seeing how the staff are all very friendly and caring. Thank you.

Conquest Hospital
I attended a scan on a Sunday at 5.15pm. The young woman who performed it was a total delight. Sadly, I did not get her name but I hope she sees this, as I want to thank her for making me feel relaxed and comfortable. She was working on a Sunday evening when most of us are sitting watching TV.  When I commented about it, she said she had volunteered as there was a bit of a backlog of work. I am sure we do not appreciate these workers enough so here is a big shout out for her and all her NHS colleagues working tirelessly to keep us safe. Thank you.

Mortuary Department – Conquest
I just wanted to say that as Funeral Directors we travel all over the country to various hospital trusts to collect our deceased. Hastings Conquest Mortuary is one of the best I have ever visited. Very Clean with welcoming and helpful staff. I personally had the help from chap but sadly never had his name. He went above and beyond and is a credit to your Hospital. I just feel that in our line of work, outstanding staff and conditions need to be praised when appropriate. Well done and thank you.

Radiology – Conquest Hospital
I just want to compliment the Radiographer who X-rayed my daughter. He was very polite, welcoming, and professional and put my daughter at ease. A big thank you to him.

Maternity Unit – Conquest Hospital
Thank you so very much for the wonderful care my daughter received in the maternity unit and safe delivery of our Grandson on Christmas Day.  The midwife Jo, Surgical team, ward staff, cleaners, caters.  The kindness of the hospital for the most kind generous thoughtful gift bags given out on Christmas Day.  A huge thank you to all, giving up your precious time with your own families to work on Christmas Day. To the most incredible hard working NHS.

Cuckmere Ward – Eastbourne DGH
This is just a line to say how appreciative I was of the service and professionalism provided by members of the Cuckmere ward team over the past few weeks caring for my wife, who sadly passed away.  I shall not forget their thoughtful compassion and gentle attendance particularly during her last few hours.

Urology Department – Eastbourne DGH
In mid-November, I was referred to the Urology Department. I wanted to express my appreciation to Ms Wyatt for her speedy care and her manner over the telephone, and to other staff in the department for the rapid attention I received.

Emergency Department – Conquest Hospital
My wife slipped on ice and broke her arm.  It took only 40 minutes for her to be assessed, x-rayed, plastered up and discharged which in the current context is incredible. We were both prepared for and expecting a lengthy wait and were amazed to be on her way home well within the hour.

Outpatients Department – Conquest Hospital
I wish to comment on the excellent treatment we have has on numerous occasions in the Medical Outpatients Department at Conquest Hospital.  My husband has cancer and visits the Oncology Outpatients regularly.

The receptionist Dominique always greets us in a cheerful manner.  She is consistently helpful and kind. Coming into hospital for whatever reason, is undeniably a stressful experience filled with doubt and people often feel very vulnerable.  I commend you for having this excellent employee on your staff at Conquest Hospital.

Emergency Department / SDEC – Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent care in the Emergency Department and the SDEC.  The care I received from everyone was outstanding.  I received nothing but kindness, concern and care.  From a wonderful junior doctor, two trainee nurses, the HCA and the kind porter they are all stars.  Thank you.

Eastbourne DGH
I am writing to congratulate you on the outstanding care my husband received in your hospital recently.  My husband who has Alzheimer’s was admitted to Emergency Department with suspected sepsis and heart failure.  A team of four doctor and nurse Sally worked through the night, not only looking after my husband but also making sure that I was alright too.

My husband was moved to AMU.  The nurses where absolutely wonderful with him, very gentle and reassuring. My husband was also in the Frailty Unit where again received wonderful care at every turn. Words really do not express the gratitude we felt for the amazing, professional care we experienced at every level and in every department.

Cookson Attenborough Ward – Conquest Hospital
I underwent a triple foot fusion on my left foot under the care of Michael Dunning.  I have made a complete recovery and would like to give thanks and deep gratitude to Mr Dunning the nurses and support staff for their fine and knowledgeable work.

Acute Assessment Unit – Eastbourne DGH
I was sent to the A&E department and transferred to the AAU overnight and then sent home.  During my stay in hospital I was treated at all times with courtesy and kindness my treatment in the AAU was second to none, all the staff were pleasant and caring.

Maternity Unit – Conquest Hospital
We write to express our admiration and gratitude for the outstanding work of your midwife, Hannah Morris who delivered our baby in October.  Knowledge, communicative, kind, authoritative and reassuring, Hannah personified competence.

Overall, the care we have received thus far from all the midwifes, nursey nurses, midwifery assistants and obstetricians have been superb.

Eastbourne DGH
My mother came into Eastbourne DGH by ambulance and from the moment of arrival she was treated with care and courtesy despite her attitude and an obviously busy A&E department.  At all times I have felt kept informed and supported.  It was no trouble to spend the extra few minutes even though they were busy on the ward.

The care has been outstanding, we were treated as human beings not just a body on a bed that needed fixing.  Please pass our thanks onto all staff involved.