Thank yous

Here are some extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services about the care we have provided.

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Eastbourne DGH
I have just had the loveliest experience at Eastbourne DGH, and I wanted to write to you in hope that the consultant will be appreciated for their goodness.

I was waiting at the hospital fracture clinic, when an A&E consultant passing by began playing with my daughter and her dog teddy, pretending to steal it and being silly. Fast forward ten minutes and he comes back past the waiting room, and comes over to give both of my children a chocolate bar each. I said thank you, but did not get his name and I would have loved to mention to the hospital how kind he was. He was so kind and playful, and had no reason at all to stop and pay attention to my children, but he went out of his way to do so anyway. My children cannot stop talking about the fun doctor at the hospital.

We then went into our fracture clinic appointment and saw a consultant who I believe is called Mr Mestha, along with the nurse, who were both so very lovely and welcoming. They really put my children first and made the visit fun and engaging.

So overall, we had a fantastic time at the hospital this afternoon. Thank you all for everything you do to help us, and even under the pressure and strain we know you are all under, these small acts of kindness do not go unnoticed.

Conquest Hospital
I am writing to express my sincere thanks following a recent stay in Conquest Hospital. I fractured my tibia plateau during a fall mid-December and was subsequently taken to A&E at the hospital, where I was admitted to Benson Ward.

Whilst the pressure and stress on the NHS was clearly seen, I wanted to write to acknowledge those in your team who not only looked after me, but also went above and beyond in such circumstances, to ensure I was as comfortable and pain free as possible.

I would like to pay particular thanks to my consultant Mr Guy Selmon for the amazing surgery, and those on Benson Ward. Special thanks to Margarita I will never forget how you supported me when I was challenged post op, Bee for being consistent with your care and understanding, Raphael and Matlinda also.

Worth noting, my after care has been exceptional, thank you to the Orthopaedic team and special mention to the Crisis community team who helped me transition and adjust over a number of weeks as my mobility improved. Without them, would have to remain in hospital. I also doubt my recovery would have been as speedy as it has been so thank you to each person who visited and cared for me at home.

Bexhill Hospital
Last week I had an appointment at Bexhill eye hospital and the whole experience was outstandingly positive. Lynne spoke to us all at the beginning about the way the clinics would run and whether anyone had any questions. Straight away, we were put at ease that there were eight clinics and we were not all in the same queue.

All the health staff I saw were compassionate and efficient. The volunteer who was working at the entrance was very helpful to everyone and she worked very hard. I cannot praise this well run hospital and its wonderful staff enough.

Eastbourne DGH
I cannot praise the nurses and doctor’s enough. The care and compassion you have shown my mum is exceptional. I do not think I have ever seen this in any other hospital. My mum has recently been in the critical care unit then was moved to the Michelham unit, where she sadly passed away.

Nothing was ever to much trouble not only was my mum made as comfortable as possible where she had visits from the palliative care team who explained what was happening every step of the way.  We were also looked after by everyone and made to feel at home on the ward. Thank you so much for caring you are all a credit to our fantastic NHS.

Eastbourne DGH
I would like to say thank you to the lovely staff who cared for my dad when he attended A&E at Eastbourne Hospital on Sunday afternoon.

Although very busy, the care given to my dad was given with honesty, patience and dignity. Resus was very busy so I was not able to sit with him for a while but both a nurse and a doctor came out to explain what was happening and that he was ok.

I am a nurse myself and totally understand the pressures that staff are under currently so it is important to me to say thank you for providing an excellent service, treating my dad as an individual and supporting me during a stressful time. It was greatly appreciated.

Bowel Cancer Screening Unit – Uckfield Community Hospital
Just want to say a huge thank you to Bridget. She is amazing. A worrying appointment and she made me feel comfortable and less stressed. She has excellent communication skills and is a genuinely empathetic and caring nurse.

Bridget took time to explain everything to me in non-medical speak and ensured I had the opportunity to ask questions and check my understanding.

Same Day Urgent Care Unit – Conquest Hospital
A huge thank you to the Same Day Urgent Care unit, I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your time, patience and excellent communication skills. I was sent to Conquest from my GP for a CT of my head and blood tests. From arrival to discharge was approx three hours. So timely, so reassuring and professional. I was so anxious and kept informed right throughout my time in the unit and swiftly given my results and a discharge letter as soon as they were ready.

Eastbourne DGH
I attended A&E with a haemorrhaging polyp on my upper lift which I had been unable to staunch for several hours. A&E staff were able to stop the flow and arrange for a Max Fax doctor to check me over. He arranged the appointment for me but had unstoppable bleeding that weekend in the early hours so another visit to A&E.

Attended morning appointment at Max Fax for assessment, the doctor kindly was able to arrange for excisional biopsy that very afternoon. All done and dusted. All the doctors and nurses involved were great, and the excision was very professional undertaken. My thanks to both A&E and Max Fax staff for their help and assistance.

Surgery – Eastbourne DGH 
I recently had gynaecological surgery and my experience was very positive. Well organised from the moment of arrival. The surgeon, anaesthetist and nurses were very kind and very understanding. The surgeon was incredibly accommodating about my treatment requests, which I am very grateful.

After surgery, the nurses checked on me very regularly and I felt very safe and well looked after. I was a bit anxious that I could not have a family member with me, due to COVID policies, but I actually found the staff were so kind it was easy to manage. Overall a very good experience.

Emergency Department – Conquest Hospital
Please pass my thanks on to Brenda who was working in A&E during the late evening on Thursday 9 February.  Her humour and patience when helping me with my very confused elderly father was invaluable and made the experience much less worrying for me as she gave her time to help and support both me and my father.

Ophthalmology Department – Bexhill Hospital
Excellent in every way. This evening am enjoying the reassurance and guidance I received today after the very thorough testing of my eyes at the Ophthalmology department at Bexhill Hospital.

The time between the opticians referring the appointment and me was less than a week. I arrived early and bought a lovely coffee from a kind volunteer at the snack bar. Then a nurse called me in for a sight test. There was no delay.

She and her colleague were warm, professional, and cheery. After that, another nurse took me for a scan. Very soon after that, the consultant called me in to check my eyes with some super equipment. He was very professional but also very kind and patient, including when I confused looking right with looking left. He was very thorough, doing the tests again after a ten-minute break for new drops to start working.

Afterwards, he explained very clearly, what was wrong. He used the medical term followed by an explanation in laymen’s language. I feel very reassured and I know how to recognize if retina may have detached and therefore to contact them.

I now know what to tell friends of my age when they are concerned about floaters in their eyes, how to recognize when it might be a detached retina. I learned a lot today. Am very grateful for the swift, professional, very kind care. In addition, what a comfortable place to be. Lovely chairs to sit in. No freezing air conditioning. All the staff very calm. The receptionists also were very kind.

Colonoscopy – Eastbourne DGH
Thank you to everyone today who looked after me. I was scared but everyone took great care.  My procedure went well.

Emergency Department – Sarah & Precious – Conquest Hospital
These ladies in A&E on Friday night were amazing. So kind and caring when looking after our son. He had been involved in a car accident and was very scared as he came to department in custody with the police without us, he is only 20 years old and it was their care and attention that calmed him down, nothing was too much trouble. Thank you so much. You are both worth your weight in gold.

AMU – Eastbourne DGH
I would just like to pass on the families thanks to all the staff on the Acute Medical Unit. Our mother was admitted and received exceptional care from nurses and doctors. We recognised that dealing with a patient such as mum in her final days added a burden of visitor numbers and a wish to stay with her overnight, not normally accommodated on the ward.

However, the staff made us feel welcomed and the separate room provided helped enormously. Having experienced a similar time with my mother in law last year in a different trust the experience could not have been more different and it made mum’s final days much more relaxed as the family said their goodbyes.

The nursing care and attention was first class in making mum comfortable and the doctors struck the right balance on information when difficult decisions were needed. Thank you to all involved.

Helen in Optometry – Eastbourne DGH
I was impressed by the whole session. Helen was reassuring and professional and knew what I needed on this my first visit to the clinic. This was a great help and gave me confidence to deal with future situations. An excellent member of the team.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
Abigail was working as a HCA in A&E late in the evening and was extremely kind to an older female patient who was very uncomfortable. Abigail really went above and beyond to help calm the patient down and make her more comfortable while waiting for a bed to free up.

Uckfield Community Hospital
Attended today for a minor operation in the Day surgery unit. Have nothing but praise for all staff and the premises itself including cost and ease of parking. This is how all hospitals should aspire to be, bigger is not necessarily better.

SDCU – Eastbourne DGH
Just want to pass on my thanks for the excellent care and service I have received over the past two Tuesdays from the A&E Same Day Care team. From the care assistant who took bloods to the junior doctor who assessed me and followed through, the care was sensitive, thorough, relaxed and professional. Also the radiography team who carried out the scan for a suspected DVT. All well as it happens. Heart-warming to know NHS care can still be so good given everything that is chucked at it. Thanks again.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
I attended A&E with my thirty month old grandson who had dislocated his left elbow. The service was amazing seen by staff and treated in under 30 minutes, the NHS at its best. A big thank you to all the staff in the department.

Fracture Clinic – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to thank the Fracture Clinic for the excellent care I have received over the last three months. From reception, X-ray, nursing staff and Consultants I was treated with kindness and professionalism. Thank you all so much I am very grateful to you all.

All Staff in the Endoscopy Department – Conquest Hospital
I Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff in the endoscopy dept, where I had a colonoscopy today. Everybody and I mean everybody I met there was kind, helpful and they really looked after me, and It was not just me, it was the same with all the patients.

I honestly cannot thank you enough. They provided such a wonderful service from start to finish. I was very nervous but they all put me at ease and the whole procedure was very easy and painless. I would be very grateful if you could pass my thanks onto them.

Emergency Department – Conquest Hospital
Faultless experience from start to finish!  Friendly helpful staff, swift assessment and treatment. Arrival to leaving only ninety minutes, which included an x-ray.