Thank yous

Here are some extracts from the many letters and emails we receive, from users of our services about the care we have provided.

If you would like to praise an individual or team, please visit our ‘Send a thank you‘ page.

A&E and Orthopaedics Team – Conquest Hospital
I just wanted to say thank you to the A&E and orthopaedics teams, who treated my son’s broken arm on Sunday 28 July. You all showed compassion and the care was amazing. After a long day, we discovered that ours son’s toy penguin had also had his flipper bandaged in sympathy. Thank you Conquest Hospital.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
Amazing A&E staff dealt with my broken and displaced wrist speedily, efficiently and with great humour. In and out within 2 hours on a busy Saturday afternoon. Faultless care and attention from the nurse and the doctor. Good old NHS.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
On Saturday15 July I was in need of the services of the NHS. To all from 111, the wonderful ambulance crew of Julie and Hannah, and all at A&E at Eastbourne DGH thank you for your kindness, compassion and care.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
On holiday in Eastbourne I needed to visit the hospital with a finger injury. Everyone in A&E from the receptionist to the triage nurse and radiographer were kind, friendly and helpful. On a busy Sunday evening, I did not have to wait terribly long. There seemed to be good communication between reception and triage and then X-ray. Once diagnosed as a sprain the nurse taped my fingers and I was set to go. Thank you to everyone involved.

Urgent Treatment Centre – Eastbourne DGH
I would like to say thank you to Rachel, Sam, and Alyssa from the urgent treatment centre at the Eastbourne DGH. They kindly took care of my second-degree burn. It seems to be healing well and I would really like to thank them for their help and support. I would like them to know that their kindness, care and commitment really made a difference. Thank you.

Conquest Hospital
The Doctors, nurses, porters and bed security all very friendly polite efficient and informative. Most impressed.

Conquest Hospital
Thank you for seeing me and my mum, we got a taxi from the holiday park we booked in and had quite a long wait to see the doctor he took my blood pressure  and temperature which was high so I had some medication at the hospital.

Chris Durber – Audiology Clinic, East Sussex Hearing Centre
I saw Chris this morning for a fit of my upgraded hearing aids and I would like to thank him for his patience, kindness and empathy.

He answered all of my questions with in-depth knowledge and was happy to explain and demonstrate how my new hearing aids differed and were an improvement on my old ones. He was an absolute pleasure to meet. Thank you.

Eastbourne DGH
Total respect to the wonderful staff at Eastbourne DGH and what they do. By a strange coincidence, both of my parents passed through accident and emergency there this weekend for different issues. Mum has been discharged, Dad is still awaiting diagnosis. Very impressed by the triage system. The staff are so professional, compassionate and understanding. It is a vocation, not a job. Thank you so much for looking after them both.

Conquest Hospital
I was sent by my GP for further tests, only waited 2 minutes in the waiting room before being moved to a treatment area where I was well looked after over 7 hours while they did various tests. The doctors and nurses are very caring and attentive and made what was a slightly traumatic experience feel much better.

Urgent Treatment Centre – Eastbourne DGH
I want to say a big thank you to all the staff who looked after my daughter last Sunday. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such exceptional care in any healthcare setting before. Everyone we saw were caring and courteous.

Reception staff were pleasant and helpful. Amanda in UTC was brilliant with my daughter, she spoke to her directly and put her at her ease even though she was upset and very tired. She encouraged her to comply with procedures patiently and really skilfully, she even made it fun, which was such a relief for me.

The Doctor we saw came across as very caring and prepared to spend time making a thorough assessment. He also seemed to be actually enjoying being at work.  On the short stay ward, Claire who explained what the care plan was, spoke to my daughter, and connected with her welcomed us.

Claire was very reassuring and supportive and checked in with me very kindly and sensitively when I got upset. When we saw the surgeon, they were warm, approachable and happy to explain their thinking. We also saw an ANP called Sophie with a lovely gentle and calm manner. Sophie was very patient with my daughter but also firm without being at all scary. I felt staff had time for us and were genuinely very caring. I did not know the hospital was CQC rated ‘exceptional’ but it is truly deserved.

Staff of A&E and Jevington Ward – Eastbourne
I cannot thank you enough for nursing me back to health. Not all Superheroes wear capes. From my diagnosis in A & E to the care and attention on Jevington Ward 5 star.

Emergency Department – Eastbourne DGH
I brought my husband to A&E following a fall on the seafront; he had two large flaps of skin hanging from his arm. We waited for about 90 minutes and were triaged. After about 30 minutes were seen by a fantastic nurse, she cleaned the wound and explained that at 89, his skin is wafer thin, hence this type of injury is expected.

The nurse very carefully placed the skin back in place, and dressed the wound. Today he went to the nurse at our GP surgery and she was also amazed at how good it was looking. I hope the nurse gets to see this, thank you very much.

Conquest Hospital
To say Conquest hospital in Hastings is the best hospital on earth is an understatement. Never have I been cared for in such a way, they really make you feel like you are the only patient there.  And don’t get me started on how quickly I was seen to, I am still in disbelief! I have written a poem about the experience as I was so moved. Keep up the great work Conquest.  You rock.

Litlington Ward – Eastbourne DGH
From the moment I entered Litlington ward the care I received was excellent. All the staff were helpful and nothing was too much trouble. I cannot praise them highly enough for their thoughtful and attentive care. It made the wait for my operation bearable. Thank you all.

Eastbourne DGH
My special needs son was recently admitted to Eastbourne DGH for a kidney stone operation. Given his condition, this needed to be approached with care and sensitivity over and above the surgical skills involved.

The hospital staff were outstanding and I am so grateful to everyone involved including Mr Simon Mackie. Dr Quarishie, Nurse Anne-Marie Eldridge and the anaesthetist Brian. Also the lovely staff in the Recovery Room and Hailsham Ward. The whole experience left one feeling deeply appreciative of our NHS and the people who work in it.

Resuscitation and AAU – Conquest Hospital
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to every member of staff in the Conquest hospital. The consultants, doctors, nurses, porters, pharmacy staff, everyone there that keeps the hospital going and helps make people feel better.

You are all truly a credit to society. Particular thanks to the wards we visited; resuscitation and AAU. Members of staff there made sure we knew exactly what was going on and not to worry and what the plans were. It made the entire process far calmer than I was expecting. There were smiles and small jokes that made it even easier. You have the heartfelt thanks of my partner and me.

Hailsham Ward – Eastbourne DGH
I was in Hailsham ward for my prostrate repair called a turp, everyone while I was in that ward made me feel at ease and any pain was carried out to ensure I was very comfortable and any emergencies were handled in a prompt manner.

I was more worried about this operation than my open-heart surgery in 2017. The anaesthetist discussed a spinal nerve block and this was excellent, as no post op nausea at all, and by day two, no analgesia was needed, so a huge thank you.

Bexhill Hospital
The treatment, kindness and professionalism I received during my echocardiogram at Bexhill was second to none. This was followed up by a pre-arranged consultant phone call. I could not have asked for better treatment. I cannot thank enough Thank you so much.

Clare – Matron A&E – Conquest Hospital
Just wanted to say thank you to Clare who worked magic on my mum who suffers with dementia and was getting incredibly stressed, you calmed her down within minutes and she really took to you. Thank you so much for showing her kindness and patience and to diffuse the situation, which could have become much worse. Thank you.