24 May 2016

Raising awareness about dying matters

Our End of Life Care Facilitators have held events at Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH providing information and encouragement to people to think and talk about their end of life plans.

Sarah Callaghan and Joanne Thorpe

Sarah Callaghan and Joanne Thorpe

Sarah Callaghan End of Life Care Facilitator said: “Our events were a great opportunity for us to talk to people and help overcome some of the taboos surrounding death and dying. It also gave us an opportunity to identify what is important to our service users and how we can ensure we provide individualised person centred end of life care.

“Talking about dying won’t make it happen any more than talking about sex will make you pregnant! No one likes to think about getting ill and dying, but not talking about it won’t make it go away. Talking more openly about dying can help you to make the most of life and to support loved ones, but just 18% of British adults say they have asked a family member about their end of life wishes.

“Many people still feel uncomfortable talking about end of life issues but it is important people are encouraged to talk and document their preferred choices. If we know peoples’ preferences then we can do our best to accommodate these wishes in an individualised way when we plan and provide care.”