8 June 2016

Nutrition and dietetics team win monthly staff award

Three colleagues who work in the Nutrition and Dietetics department have been awarded the monthly staff award for their work transferring patient records onto a new system.

Janet Tennant, David Clayton-Smith, Linda Vince, Jackie Spencer

Janet Tennant, David Clayton-Smith, Linda Vince, Jackie Spencer

Administrators, Janet Tennant, Linda Vince and Jackie Spencer worked tirelessly to help the implementation of a new system run smoothly, over a three week period. The work involved transferring over 4,000 patient records from one system to another. At the same time they took the opportunity to switch to a new ‘opt in’ system where our patients can call to book a date and time.

Sarah Bushell, Service Lead for Dietetics Nutrition and Dietetics said: “This huge change in our systems has been managed with virtually no impact on our patients, and couldn’t have been done without the team working so well in the background and supporting our dieticians. They were able to continue to answer the phones, book appointments, organise transport and interpreters whilst learning the new system. They have all stayed later than they should in order to complete the job. I take my hat off to them, and would like to show them my gratitude by nominating them for this staff award.”

In presenting the awards Chairman, David Clayton-Smith thanked them on behalf of the Trust for their hard work.