27 July 2016

Group rehabilitation for stroke patients

A physiotherapy exercise group is being piloted to aid the rehabilitation of stroke patients at Eastbourne DGH stroke unit.

The 60 minute class works with around four stroke patients at a time and involves everyone undertaking the same exercise at the same time with physiotherapy support. It includes arm exercises developed for patients to then carry out independently on the ward as well as standing balance exercises and use of an active/passive bike.

Group rehab session

Group rehab session

Tracy Moon Senior Rotational Physiotherapist said, “We are piloting this group approach to add a social element to exercising enabling patients to chat and encourage each other. Adding this social dynamic makes the exercises more fun and reduces any anxiety. We continue to give individual rehabilitation physiotherapy but recognise this group approach has benefits for many. Feedback from those who have participated so far has been very positive and we hope to increase the number of sessions if the pilot proves successful.”

“Excellent, I have found it therapeutic in every way” was the positive comment about the session from one of the patients.