27 July 2016

Pat Dog Therapy helps stroke patients

Pat dog therapy is helping patients rehabilitate following a stroke. Bella, a Bichon-Frise, is regularly visiting the Stroke ward and having a positive effect on stroke survivors has they interact with her.

Stroke Unit Matron Donna Bloodworth said, “Research has suggested that introducing a companion animal into the therapy session can result in patients feeling more at ease, more communicative and motivated to engage in therapy. With a dog like Bella patients have a unique to relearn everyday skills, improve their language skills, increased their attention span or to increase awareness of sensation and body position.

Bella’s owner Barry Coase said: “Bella is a loving and sociable little dog who exudes warmth and a love for anyone she comes into contact with. She was accepted by the Pets as Therapy Service, a voluntary group who bring comfort and companionship to many individuals who appreciate being able to touch and stroke friendly animals.

Bella the dog with a stroke patient

Bella the dog with a stroke patient

Bella’s has been successful in demonstrating her ability to adapt to every situation with a composed and therapeutic quality. It has indeed been a privilege to see the reaction of patients and staff within the hospital; all of whom seem to enjoy her warm and gentle character.”

Bella was rescued from the Bichon-Frise rescue service when she was only 20 weeks old. Over several months of time, patience and a lot of love, Bella was able to overcome her timid nature and gradually developed into a loving and sociable little dog who exuded warmth and a love for anyone she came into contact with. Through the Pets as Therapy Service many benefit from her lovely qualities.