22 August 2016

Glaucoma Patient Support and Education

A Glaucoma patient support and education day was arranged by outpatients staff nurse Miriam Alarilla, in the Eye Clinic Department at Eastbourne District General Hospital, this was the first time this event was held in the Eye Clinic under the team of Mr Hickman-Casey, Consultant.

Glaucoma Patient Support and Education Day

Glaucoma Patient Support and Education Day

The support group was arranged to help patients with the compliance of their eye drops. This is crucial to the successful management of Glaucoma. Any unstable high eye pressure in Glaucoma can potentially cause loss of vision and eventually blindness. It is important achieve and maintain good eye pressures. The Eye Clinic aims to reach out to patients who have difficulty on administration of eye drops that are likely to have issues with dexterity or lacking knowledge on the importance of their eye drops.

Patients were invited as a walk-in to the out patients department for informal chats, questions and answers and demonstrate how aid devices are used correctly. There were also leaflets available. International Glaucoma Association attended the event to offer help and advice.