27 October 2016

Radiology upgrade enhances privacy and dignity

Upgrading and expansion of the radiology reception and waiting areas at Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH has been completed.

The upgrade offers enhanced privacy and dignity when patients are booking into a clinic or waiting for radiology examinations such as an X Ray or scan.

Dr Neil Barlow Consultant Radiologist said: “The upgraded reception and waiting areas offer a more welcoming environment and most importantly improves the privacy and dignity for our patients. This is all part of an upgrade and redevelopment programme which demonstrates our commitment to improve the overall experience of our patients. I am delighted with the results so far.”

This upgrade work forms part of an overall development programme. The radiology improvements, costing £1.2 million, include a reconfigured Ultrasound suite, new disabled toilets and baby change facilities, waiting and changing areas and a new recovery area on both sites. At Eastbourne DGH the Interventional Radiology facilities have also been refurbished to improve privacy and dignity and further work is due to be completed in Spring 2017, with the installation of two new CT scanners in a new CT scanner suite.