15 November 2016

New area for relatives of critical care patients

A refurbished private area has been created for relatives of critical care patients to have conversations with doctors and nurses.

The organ donation committee donated £1500 to create an area with comfortable soft seating, new flooring and a more calming environment for private and difficult conversations with clinical staff.

Members of staff in the new area for Critical Care relatives.

Members of staff in the new area for Critical Care relatives.

Sylvia Harris Critical Care Practice Educator said: “being a loved one of a patient in Critical Care is a difficult time and as a team we were aware of the need for an area, other than the relatives’ room, where private and sometimes difficult conversations can be held. We had been using an office area but this was not ideal so we spoke to the leads for the organ donation committee, who have funds available to improve the journey of patients and relatives. We are most grateful for their kind donation of over £1500 and to all those who have made this vast improvement possible.”

The room now displays stunning artwork and local photographs. Local photographer, Sarah Willingham, kindly donated two local pictures at cost price of the pier and Belle Tout. Former patient Barry West, who spent over 4 months in critical care recently, also donated two pictures of Bondi beach and a mountain trek. Barry was paralysed from the neck downwards following a car accident over 20 years ago and paints with his mouth, his work can viewed by contacting him at bwest@uwclub.net