9 December 2016

Three Midwives give birth in Eastbourne Midwifery Unit

Three midwives have recently given birth in the Eastbourne Midwifery Unit (EMU) within six days of each other. The midwives brought their babies back to the unit to meet up with each other and their midwifery colleagues.

Midwives with their babies

Midwives with their babies

Erika Richardson came with 16 day old baby Mollie, Paula Yates with 12 day old Milo and Jade Richardson with 10 day old Walter.

Midwife Erika Richardson: “As a midwife I am always encouraging women to come to our Midwifery Unit to give birth. So I thought I should support the unit and my midwifery colleagues by having my baby here. The midwives were brilliant; it’s a relaxing, calming environment to give birth with great aftercare. I’d encourage anyone to come here to have their baby if they can.”

Marie Foreman Midwifery Matron of Eastbourne Midwifery Unit, said, “We are pleased Erika, Paula and Jade chose to have their own babies in the Eastbourne Midwifery Unit. The unit is becoming increasingly popular with more women choosing to give birth here. We recently celebrated our 1,000th birth at EMU. Any women who has a healthy pregnancy, free from complications should talk to their community midwife about coming to the unit to give birth or alternatively they could contact the unit directly and speak to one of our midwives on 01323 414911.”

Eastbourne Midwifery Unit is staffed and run by experienced midwives and offers a comfortable, relaxed and homely environment for women to give birth. Any woman who has had an uncomplicated pregnancy and has no medical problems or conditions can give birth on the unit.