17 January 2017

Specialist nurse wins monthly staff award

Specialist Nurse Annie Swann has won the Trust’s monthly staff award for her support and compassion with the families she helps.

Specialist Nurse Annie Swann with Chairman David Clayton-Smith

Specialist Nurse Annie Swann with Chairman David Clayton-Smith

Sue Curties – Safeguarding Named Nurse, Acute Safeguarding children said: “Annie is responsible for representing East Sussex Healthcare with the process that follows when a child unexpectedly dies. This is a deeply challenging role and yet Annie continues to be supportive to the child’s family and ensure that they receive the guidance and support that a family need at such a difficult time.
“Annie has developed a process which helps the Paediatrician involved with the cases which, while providing a compassionate response, also incorporates a duty of candour statement. This has been extremely well received by the Paediatricians. I feel that this process will provide families with comfort and a promise of honesty from our organisation.

“I would like Annie to know that she is appreciated and thank you.”

Chairman, David Clayton-Smith presented Annie with her award along with flowers.