8 March 2017

ESHT Staff Survey results show improvement

The results of the latest NHS Staff Survey demonstrate improvements in many important areas since the previous year’s survey at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

  • 2016 National NHS staff survey – Results from East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
  • 2016 National NHS staff survey – Brief summary of results from East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

This year’s results has shown a rise in staff feeling that care of patients is the organisation’s top priority (73%) compared with 58% last year and 68% of respondents feel that the organisation acts on concerns raised by patients/service users, compared to 52% last year. Significant improvement has been made in staff recommending the organisation as a place to work or receive treatment along with an improvement in staff reporting good communication between senior management and staff and effective team working.

The survey undertaken last autumn asked staff about their work, working life and workplace. Although the Trust remains below the national average when compared to similar NHS organisations nationally, the results show that the organisation has either improved or remained the same on all key findings when compared to the previous survey. In addition, the Trust is significantly better than the national average in five questions on leadership and career development.

Dr Adrian Bull, ESHT Chief Executive said: “The staff survey results demonstrate we have made improvements in many important areas since the previous year’s survey. They show an increased sense of confidence in reporting incidents and in the sense of value we place in our work. It is also pleasing to see an increase in people recommending our organisation as a place in which to work or receive treatment.”
“In the previous year’s survey, our results showed that we were a long way behind the average position of other organisations. I am glad to say that this year’s survey shows that we have significantly closed that gap – but despite this progress, there is more that we can do to create an environment in which everyone is proud and happy to work, confident of their contribution and able to raise and report issues of concern.”

“Our goal is to be an organisation which provides care in which the people of East Sussex can be fully confident, and one in which people are happy and proud to work. The first is dependent on the second. There is growing research that demonstrates that when colleagues are better engaged in our workplace and are proud of our contribution, we see better patient outcomes and experience. This is what we are working together to achieve.”