9 June 2017

Donation of electronic tablets for Critical Care Patients

Critical care patients will soon be able to stay in touch with the outside world thanks to a donation of five mini electronic tablets by local company, Marshall Tufflex.

Critical Care staff with Steven Baldry from Marshall Tufflex

Critical Care staff with Steven Baldry from Marshall Tufflex

In April 2017, Steven Baldry one of the Marshall Tufflex’s team was a patient in Critical Care and wanted to show his thanks for ‘saving his life’. In the High Dependency Unit, once he was feeling better, Steve was able to use an old electronic tablet to catch up on news, contact friends and watch movies. However, it was an old design and not ideal so he wanted future patients to have a better experience.

Pauline Simes Lead Nurse Critical Care said: “These new tablets will provide entertainment and a distraction for awake patients. Plus with some special apps ventilated patients who are unable to talk will be able to communicate with staff by touching a picture or spelling out a word or phrase via the touch screen such as ‘where is my family, I’m too hot’ etc. We are extremely grateful to Steve and Marshall Tufflex for this marvellous donation and it was wonderful to see Steve looking so well. Thank you.”