23 June 2017

Cardiology behind the scenes event

The cardiac care unit at Eastbourne DGH opened its doors to over eighty past patients, current patients and interested members of the public, for a behind the scenes look around the unit.

Cardiology Consultant, Dr Nikhil Patel (first right) with Cardiology staff and open day visitors

Cardiology Consultant, Dr Nikhil Patel (first right) with Cardiology staff and open day visitors

A range of consultants and members staff were on hand giving talks, answering questions and demonstrating the cardiac equipment. Visitors were able to visit the hospital’s cath labs, where procedures are performed such as widening of the coronary artery, and implantation of pacemakers. Visitors could also take a blood pressure and arrhythmia test and see how echo tests and exercise tests are carried out. Member of staff were on hand throughout the afternoon to give information about cardiac rehabilitation and smoking cessation.

Cardiology Consultant, Dr Nikhil Patel, said: “It was amazing to see how many people were interested in seeing and supporting their local cardiac services. The event was a great opportunity to look behind the curtain of our unit and find more about how we diagnose, assess and treat patients with heart problems. We are very proud of the work and services on both of out units at Hastings and Eastbourne.”

One of the attendees, Brenda Pearson-Woodd, said: “The event was an excellent learning experience and it was great to see the enthusiasm and dedication of all the staff involved. It was a very worthwhile afternoon and time well spent – it gave one a lot of confidence in the staff and the procedures, should they ever be needed.”

Attendees John and Valerie Banks said: “The variety, knowledge, and patience of the staff who were demonstrating what they do was brilliant to see. We came away with useful information and it was good to be in the actual rooms where the investigations take place, and to see the equipment.”