18 August 2017

Old health records area transformed into office space

The old Health Records Library at Conquest Hospital has been transformed into office space, following a £450,000 refurbishment.

The clinical administration teams who are now able to enjoy a better working environment and will use the office include health records, two week wait and outpatient bookings teams.

Health Records team in refurbished office space

Health Records team in refurbished office space

Space was freed up following the provision of the new Health Record Library in Hailsham last year. The newly refurbished rooms are more spacious, light and modern with air conditioning. This has improved the working environment allowing many of the administration teams to work more closely rather than being in different parts of the hospital.

Karen Morley Health Records Manager said: “This new area is a complete contrast to where we were working before. It is bright and spacious, so different from the dark cramped area we worked in previously.”