7 December 2017

Heart shaped pillows help Post-Mastectomy patients

Two hundred multi-coloured heart-shaped pillows for post-mastectomy patients were recently presented by the Trefoil Guild from East Sussex to Vikki Carruth, Director of Nursing.

Trefoil Guilds with Vikki Carruth, Director of Nursing

Trefoil Guilds members with Vikki Carruth, Director of Nursing

Ruth Fisher from the Trefoil Guild said “This is the third year such a gift has been made. The pillows are made with love by the Trefoil Guild which is known as “Guiding for Adults”, supports Girlguiding as well as being a source of fun and friendship keeping alive the spirit of the Guide and Scout Promises”

Every pillow is given out with the following message in the shape of a heart.

“This is to take the pressure off your arm and /or your breast on your sore and sensitive chest after a mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer, or during radiation treatments.

It fits under a seatbelt or under your arm and doesn’t move all over the place.

It fills a space left empty after a mastectomy, giving you a more comfortable rest when lying on your side.  And finally, the heart shape speaks of love as well as giving physical comfort.”

Vikki Carruth Director of Nursing said: “We are extremely grateful to the Trefoil Guild for their hard work in making so many heart-shaped pillows, which are given to patients on discharge from hospital. I know these pillows will be of a practical aid at what is a difficult time for so many women.”