18 December 2017

Health Visiting team win Staff Award

The Hastings Health Visiting team, made up of Health Visitors, Community Nursery Nurses and administrators, who work with families in the area, have won a Trust staff award for their tireless and sometimes challenging work supporting children.

Health visiting team with the Chairman David Clayton-Smith

Health visiting team with the Chairman David Clayton-Smith

Janet Allen, Locality Manager for Hastings Health Visiting team said “The Hastings Health Visiting team of Health Visitors, Community Nursery Nurses and administrators work incredibly hard with so many families in the area. The dynamic of the team is very supportive to each other and they face numerous challenges in their lone working roles. They build relationships with families that are “hard to reach” and they are frequently making complex safeguarding decisions about children. They are often the “voice” of the children and have to fight for the appropriate support services that the children need. They work tirelessly as advocates for some of the most deprived families in the area.

Despite the challenging work, the team themselves are very supportive of each other and laughter is often heard in the office, which is a great de-stressor. The team is never fully staffed and so workloads are high, but their dedication to the work is highlighted in their good performance data. They have embraced changes and integration and are open-minded to new ways of working. Their professionalism, humanity, compassion and most importantly their sense of humour are qualities that make them the best team to work with”.

Chairman David Clayton-Smith met up with the team to present them with their award.