31 January 2018

Improvement shown in Trust’s maternity services

A national survey on maternity services undertaken on behalf of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), found that maternity care at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has improved across a number of areas.

The CQC surveyed 121 women who had given birth at ESHT in January and February 2017 and compared their experiences of care and treatment.

Some of the team at Conquest Hospital

All but five questions showed an improvement when compared to the same survey undertaken in 2015 and six questions showed significant improvement. For example, more women reported that they were involved in decisions about their care, they had confidence and trust in the staff caring for them, they received attention when they needed it, the room or ward was clean and they were offered consistent advice and information.

Sarah Blanchard-Stow, Assistant Director of Nursing and Head of Midwifery at ESHT said: “We love to receive feedback from the women who use our services and we are very pleased that the survey shows a real and noticeable improvement in women’s experiences of our care. Although we still need to make improvements in some areas, we are very proud of the service we offer women. It is hugely rewarding for the members of staff working in maternity services at ESHT to be recognised as having improved so much.

“We will use this feedback to develop and enhance the service we offer local women and their families.”