8 May 2018

Local MP visits Cardiology Unit

Stephen Lloyd MP has visited the Cardiology Unit at Eastbourne DGH, to tour the unit and meet the clinical teams.

The Cardiology team at Eastbourne DGH consists of over 100 doctors, physiologists and nurses. They diagnose, treat and care for patients with suspected and confirmed heart conditions. Around 2,600 heart procedures are performed and over 16,000 patients attend a clinic each year. The cardiology unit is a well recognised educational professional unit. It has a number of notable international cardiologists currently conducting and publishing research into heart failure, atrial fibrillation, cardiac devices and world leading research in blood pressure management.

Cardiology team with MP Stephen Lloyd

Cardiology team with MP Stephen Lloyd

Stephen Lloyd MP, said: “It’s well known that our hospital’s cardiology unit is of a really high standard with a national reputation. So it was a pleasure for me to visit Eastbourne DGH cardiology unit to see it all with my own eyes, and to meet the doctors and nurses who brought me up to speed with the whole range of heart procedures and practices they do in Eastbourne. I’ve had a number of good friends pass through cardiology over the years. They’ve always spoken highly of their treatment, so to observe how it all works was a real pleasure.”

Professor Nikhil Patel, Consultant Cardiologist and Cardiology clinical lead said: “The cardiology team were delighted to show Stephen Lloyd around our unit and ward. We were able to show him at first hand the professional dedicated team we have, who are committed to providing high quality care for patients with heart conditions. He heard about some of the leading work we undertake here in the Trust.“