29 June 2018

Podiatrists promote the importance of healthy feet

Podiatrists at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust have been raising awareness of the importance of good foot health as part of their overall health, giving advice to people about how to look after their feet.

As part of national ‘Foot Health Month’, the Podiatry team organised a range activities for both the public and for staff at the Trust. That included two days at Eastbourne Arndale shopping centre where they set up a stand to encourage shoppers to ask questions about their feet and also have ‘on the spot’ consultations.

Podiatrists at Shopping Centre

Podiatrists at Shopping Centre

Podiatry is the field of medicine that specialises in assessing, diagnosing and treating conditions of the foot and lower limb. A podiatrist can also give you advice about foot care, gait analysis and on the best footwear for you and your family. If your feet hurt and the symptoms continue then your GP may be able to refer you for an NHS podiatry appointment, or you can seek private care.

Elaine Tate, ESHT Podiatry Service Clinical and Operational Lead said: “It was a great to have such a positive reaction from the public who asked us all sorts of questions about when, why and how to access podiatry services. They were surprised to discover that our feet made up of 100 moveable parts including 26 bones and 20 muscles and are a masterpiece of natural engineering that we must look after! ”

The Podiatry team at ESHT work with a wide range of patients across the county treating an equally wide range of conditions. They are responsible for providing ongoing care for patients whose health conditions would put their feet and limbs at risk of amputation or result in hospitalisation. They also provide short courses of treatment of musculoskeletal foot and ankle conditions; as well as providing surgery under local anaesthetic for those with painful nail conditions.