29 August 2018

1500th baby born at Eastbourne Midwifery Unit

Lara Walker was the 1500th baby born at the Eastbourne Midwifery Unit, to proud parents Sandra and Terry Walker, weighing in at 7lbs 13oz.

Terry & Sandra Walker with baby Lara and Midwifery Unit Matron Marie Foreman

Terry and Sandra Walker with baby Lara and Midwifery Unit Matron, Marie Foreman

Sandra Walker said: “The treatment we received in the midwifery unit was absolutely fantastic. I didn’t realise I could have my baby at Eastbourne, but was so glad I did. My midwife Lorna was great, as was all the staff we encountered. Lara’s birth was a calm and brilliant experience thanks to everyone on the midwifery unit.”

Terry Walker added: “We felt we had freedom and everything was a relaxed atmosphere, but we knew that our midwife Lorna, was always on hand when needed, so we never felt alone. Sandra was in good hands and she felt reassured throughout the whole labour.”

Midwifery Unit Matron, Marie Foreman said: “We are pleased to have our 1500th baby in the midwifery unit in Eastbourne, but we would still like to encourage more women to give birth here. Sandra’s experience is common to many of the women who have a very good birthing experience in the unit. Any woman who has a low-risk pregnancy can give birth here. If they would like to find out more they can speak to their midwife, or call us on (01323) 414911. We’re happy to answer any questions they may have, and can also arrange for them to come in and have a look round the unit to see what we offer.”

The midwifery unit, run by midwives, offers a comfortable, relaxed and low-tech environment for women to give birth in, which so many find provide a positive birthing experience.

The Midwifery unit at Eastbourne is one element of a wide range of maternity services available at Eastbourne DGH for women during their pregnancy, and when they have a baby. This includes an antenatal clinic, ultrasound scanning, Early Pregnancy Unit, Maternity Day Assessment Unit and the 24 hour Maternity Triage Service along with the Midwifery Unit itself.