12 December 2018

TARN Co-ordinator wins Employee of the month award

Kelly Tuppen, Co-ordinator for TARN (Trauma Audit and Research Network), has won the Employee of the month award. Kelly’s diligent work in collecting high quality trauma data has helped the Trust improve its position in TARN from poor to excellent.

Kelly Tuppen with the Chairman David Clayton-Smith

Kelly Tuppen with the Chairman David Clayton-Smith

Nicola James, Clinical Effectiveness Facilitator – Clinical Governance who nominated Kelly said: “Kelly has been in post as TARN (Trauma Audit and Research Network) Co-ordinator for 16 months. TARN is a mandated national audit for the Trust – a ‘must do’, the audit enables us to assess our performance in managing and treating trauma patients. Through the audit we can directly compare our results on a national scale and identify improvements to optimise clinical outcomes.

Over the past 16 months with great determination and perseverance, Kelly has successfully turned around Trust performance (in terms of the number of cases reported to TARN) from 12% (62) in 2016-17, to 95% (492) in 2017-18. This is a great achievement not only for Kelly personally, but also for the Trust as our TARN data is now much more reliable than in previous years. Through the complex data that Kelly has worked hard to submit, the Conquest Hospital is now ranked fourth best in the country in terms of survival outcomes.

Kelly is now extending her remit to incorporate departments that have not previously submitted data to TARN in order to ensure a more inclusive and thorough data set. Kelly is very proud of how well she has done, but is also very modest about her achievements as she just sees it as her job; a job she is doing extremely well. The entire Clinical Governance Team are very proud of Kelly and the Trust’s TARN results”.

James Flaherty, Trauma Nurse Service Coordinator – Emergency Department (A&E) who also nominated Kelly said: “Our TARN data has been recently published and shows ESHT as a safe and effective place in managing trauma patients. Kelly has brought the Trust position from poor to excellent with her diligent work in collecting high quality trauma data”.

Kelly was presented with her award by Trust Chairman, David Clayton-Smith.