12 February 2019

Work starts on new Urology Investigation Suite

Work has started on a new £1.3 million Urology Investigation Suite which will offer a dedicated one stop urology clinic and an enhanced patient experience.

Some of the Urology team inspect the start of building work

Some of the Urology team inspect the start of building work

The new development is expected to be completed by June and will create a modern, fit for purpose Urology Investigation Unit. It will include ten outpatient clinic rooms and include some the latest diagnostic investigation equipment, £500k of which is being kindly donated by the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital. Once complete the new Urology Investigation Unit will have double the current capacity, helping to meet the increasing demand, enabling many more than the current 7,000 patients a year to be treated.

Steve Garnett, Consultant Urologist and Clinical Lead said: “It is pleasing to see building work start on this new Urology Investigation Suite. Once complete we will be able to offer patients a one stop clinic providing them with a number of investigations. This will  prevent repeat visits and speed up diagnosis and the commencement of treatment. It is an exciting opportunity to develop our surgical services here at Eastbourne DGH.”

The Trust is the regional centre for pelvic cancer, incontinence and reconstructive surgery and offers patients from across the region an enhanced pathway for renal and ureteric stones.