13 March 2019

Trolley donated to Judy Beard Unit by Volunteer Services

A drug and treatment collection trolley has been donated to the Judy Beard Unit at Conquest Hospital by the hospital’s Volunteer Services, in memory of one their longest serving volunteers.

Brenda Nelson was part of the much-valued Conquest Hospital volunteer team for 26 years, starting as a flower arranger before joining the Helpdesk team. She unfortunately lost her brave battle with cancer last September.

Simon Nelson at the handover of the trolley with volunteers and the Judy Beard Unit Team

Simon Nelson at the handover of the trolley with volunteers and the Judy Beard Unit Team

Yvette Hamilton, Voluntary Services Co-ordinator, said: “Brenda is sorely missed by us all, she had a keen sense of professionalism when volunteering and had the ability to offer support and empathy to people who were distressed.

“We wanted to honour the time that Brenda volunteered with a memorial donation made in her name to the Judy Beard Unit that would benefit both staff and patients.”

Brenda’s son, Simon, was invited to the unit for the official handover of the trolley, which bears a plaque dedicated to his mum. He said: “As an NHS volunteer for over 25 years, my mum remained passionate and committed to helping others when they most needed it. I will always be proud of all she did, there is no finer legacy than to have cancer treatment equipment dedicated in her name.”

Hayley Bird, Matron on the Judy Beard Unit, said: “A huge thank you to the volunteers for making this kind donation, and to Simon for coming for the official handover.

“The trolley will be used to safely transport drugs and blood products to the unit from other parts of the hospital. It will make such a difference as just one member of staff can now go and collect what we need, which will make life on the unit much easier for us.”