16 May 2019

New and innovative Frailty Clinic sees first patient

A new and innovative Frailty Practitioner-led clinic for older people living with frailty, which assesses their health and social care needs, has seen its first patient.

Lucy McEvoy with Jean Parker

Lucy McEvoy with Jean Parker

Frailty is often defined as a syndrome of physiological decline in later life, characterised by marked vulnerability to adverse health outcomes. Older people living with frailty are less able to adapt to acute illness or trauma. Early identification of frailty coupled with targeted support can help older people living with frailty to stay well and live independently for as long as possible.

The first patient seen in the new clinic for an assessment was Jean Parker from Bexhill, who was assessed by Clinic Lead, Frailty Practitioner, Lucy McEvoy.

Lucy, who as part of her Master’s programme in Advanced Health, developed and introduced the clinic, as an integral pathway for people being referred into the Frailty Practitioner Service. Lucy said: “We are very excited to be able to offer patients this new service and firmly believe it will improve their quality of life. Through the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment process we are able to better understand a person’s health and social care needs.

“The assessment enables early interventions to be tailored-made to the individuals needs to optimise their health and ensure a better quality of life. Interventions can include changes to medication, referral onto other services as well as discussing preferences for future care. The appointment is followed with a letter to the GP, summarising the clinic assessment outcomes and any recommendations. This is a very exciting development for the Frailty Practitioner Service and has been made possible thanks to the support of my colleagues including Chris McWilliams, Frailty Practitioner Service Team Administrator and Dr Elena Mucci, Consultant Geriatrician.”