11 June 2019

New Urology Investigation Suite opens

A new £1.3 million Urology Investigation Suite offering patients a dedicated one stop urology clinic and an enhanced experience, has opened at Eastbourne DGH.

Urology team in their new unit

The new development provides a modern, fit for purpose Urology Investigation Unit that will significantly reduce the time taken to diagnose cancer and other urological conditions. It includes ten outpatient clinic rooms fitted with some of the latest diagnostic investigation equipment, £500k of which has being kindly donated by the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital.

Completion of this new Urology Investigation Suite provides double the capacity of the old Urology Investigation Unit, helping to meet the ever increasing demand that currently stands at 7,000 patients a year treated on the unit.

Steve Garnett, Consultant Urologist and Clinical Lead said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our patients these modern facilities with the latest investigation equipment making it the best equipped urology unit in the South East. We are now able to offer patients one stop clinics providing them with a number of investigations on the same appointment, preventing repeat visits and speeding up diagnosis and the commencement of treatment. We are very much appreciative and grateful for the significant contribution the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital have made towards our new investigation equipment.”

Eastbourne DGH is the regional centre for pelvic cancer, incontinence and reconstructive surgery and offers patients from across the region an enhanced pathway for renal and ureteric stones.