30 July 2019

Winners of ESHT’s ‘Clean Care Award’

Critical Care at Conquest Hospital and Pevensey Ward at Eastbourne DGH are the latest winners of the Infection Prevention and Control Team’s ‘Clean Care Award’. The teams are presented with a plaque and a certificate to mark their achievement by ESHT Chief Executive Adrian Bull.

Pevensey Ward – Eastbourne DGH

Critical Care – Conquest

Helen Tingley, Infection Control Nurse Specialist said: “The ‘Clean Care Award’ is awarded to clinical areas where outstanding infection prevention and control practice is evident. This quarter’s winners have achieved the criteria. The award is a total team effort, and relies on all team members working together for the common goal of providing clean care and preventing avoidable infections. Congratulations to both teams for their commitment to providing excellent care.”

The Infection Prevention and Control Team make this award to the ward, unit or department who has achieved a set criterion of:

  • No preventable/avoidable infections
  • 10 hand hygiene observations submitted each month
  • Compliance with average monthly National Specifications for Cleanliness (NSC) audit scores
  • Consistent attendance at the monthly Infection Control Link Facilitators meetings.
  • Or a team that demonstrates evidence of engagement, shared learning and a proactive approach to Infection Prevention and Control.