12 August 2019

New Ultrasound for Emergency Department

Patients at the Emergency Department at Conquest Hospital are now able to benefit from a new ultrasound machine which makes images so that organs inside the body can be examined.

Emergency Department team with new ultrasound machine and Dr Danni Vidler Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Dr Danni Vidler Consultant in Emergency Medicine said: “This is an essential piece of equipment for providing safe, quick, effective care for some of our most unwell patients ensuring definitive treatment can commence in a timely fashion. It allows us to make safer decisions about treatment for our patients allowing us to have a better understanding of their illness i.e. whether they need an emergency operation for abdominal aneurysm or intravenous fluids. At times there is a long wait for CT scans increasing the risk to our patients, by having a highly accurate ultrasound machine, we can get the information we need without having to wait for the answers, decreasing that risk.’

Dr Vidler added “I would also like to thank the Trust’s charitable funds who enabled us to purchase this equipment.”

An ultrasound machine sends out high-frequency sound waves, which reflect off body structures. A computer receives the waves and uses them to create a picture. Unlike with an x-ray or CT scan, this test does not use ionizing radiation.