17 September 2019

Vein viewer donated by Friends

A vein viewer, which will be used to assist nursing staff take bloods from children on Friston and in the Emergency Department, has been donated by the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital.

Harry Walmsley, Chairman of The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital with the Friston team

Liz Vaughan, Friston Matron said “We would like to thank the Friends for this very generous donation. Anything that can make the experience a little better for the children in our care is gratefully received.

“We identified the need for the vein viewer because we perform 60 to 100 routine blood tests on Friston each month, mainly in the under 5 years old age group. We also have to put in a cannula or take blood from many of our emergency admissions. Most of these are straight forward but some are really difficult to find the vein which makes it a very upsetting procedure for the children and their families, and actually the staff. This vein viewer highlights the vein so that we can see exactly where to put the needle so hopefully the process is quick and relatively distress free.”

Harry Walmsley, Chairman of The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital said: “The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital are delighted to be able to donate this equipment to assist taking bloods in children. My thanks, and that of the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital goes to all those local people who make buying equipment like this possible through their donations to the Friends.”