15 October 2019

Local MP visits Infection Prevention and Control team

Stephen Lloyd, MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon, visited the Infection Prevention and Control team to learn more about the vital role they play in minimising infections.

Stephen Lloyd with Infection Control team

Stephen Lloyd with Infection Control team

The Infection Prevention and Control team is made up of doctors, nurses and support staff. They are a dedicated team responsible for advising and educating staff at all levels on how to prevent and reduce cross-infection in the hospital and the community. They play an active role in helping to prevent infection through education and advice on good hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, antibiotic control and intravenous line care.

Lisa Redmond, Head of Infection Prevention and Control said: “We welcomed the opportunity to explain to Stephen about the wide variety of work the team undertakes to protect patients from infection. Over the last few years we have been very successful in reducing healthcare-associated infections caused by bacteria (germs) like MRSA and C.difficile, but we are continually presented with new challenges such as seasonal influenza and increasing antibiotic resistance. We stressed to Stephen the role visitors can play in helping us prevent the spread of infection with good hand hygiene and ensuring they don’t come into hospital to visit patients when they are unwell themselves. Also with winter just around the corner, we would encourage the over 65s and pregnant women to get their flu jab soon.”

Stephen Lloyd said: “It was really fascinating to meet with the infection control team to learn of the success they’ve had over the last few years in reducing infections in the hospital. Their head of department, Lisa Redmond, reminded me though, it’s a constant battle and everyone who either works, visits or is admitted to the hospital all play a vital role in keeping on top of the various bugs. Thank you for bringing me up to speed folks.”