21 October 2019

Lithotripter donated to Urology Department  

A non-invasive device that breaks up kidney stones using shock waves to pulverize kidney stones into minute crystals, small enough to pass naturally in the patient’s urine, has been donated by Medi Tech Trust, a locally based charity.

Urology team with the Lithotripter and Bob Lewis from Medi Tech Trust

Urology team with the Lithotripter and Bob Lewis from Medi Tech Trust

Called a lithotripter the non-invasive device allows patents to return home the same day, as they do not require invasive surgery or a general anaesthetic, and can remain awake during the procedure.

Simon Mackie, Consultant Urologist said: “We are delighted that the Medi Tech Trust has donated this ‘state of the art’ lithotripter. The Urology Department at Eastbourne has undergone a transformation over recent years so that we now offer a top quality service for urology patients in East Sussex. There have been a number of recent developments including robotic surgery, refurbished ward facilities and the brand new ‘Urology Investigation Suite’. This latest addition will improve services further as kidney stones affect around one in ten people and represent a large proportion of emergency admissions to our unit. Having the lithotripter available on-site means our patients can now be offered the full range of treatment options as and when required.”

Medi Tech Trust founding Trustee Bob Lewis said: “My locally based charity Medi Tech Trust spent a year raising funds towards buying a £265,000 Lithotripter, to be donated to coincide with the opening of the new Urology Investigation Suite unit. Grateful thanks go to those local businesses, organisations and individuals whose generosity helped this goal to be achieved.

“Over the past 17 years, Medi Tech Trust has donated over £1 million worth of medical equipment to Sussex hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, with the lion’s share finding a home at Eastbourne DGH.”