9 January 2020

First Physiotherapist in South East qualified to take blood

Helen Hunnisett, who works as part of the Trust’s Frailty Practitioner Service supporting older people living with frailty to live independently at home, is believed to be the first physiotherapist in the South East trained with the skills to take blood (phlebotomy).

Helen Hunnisett

Helen Hunnisett

Helen Hunnisett, Physiotherapist/Frailty Practitioner said: “As a Frailty Practitioner, supporting older people, you recognise the benefits of being able to take their blood when you are with them rather than them having to attend a clinic or a community phlebotomist. This makes the service they receive more efficient and saves the time of other healthcare workers that you would refer to in order to take their blood. As a Non-Medical Prescriber, as well, I understand that safe prescribing often requires an understanding of current blood results. It all helps to assess and plan my patient’s needs more holistically and effectively – leading to better outcomes for them.”

Sue Lyne, Nurse Consultant for Frailty and Older People, said: “Helen is unique, as a physiotherapist who is trained in taking blood and is a Non-Medical Prescriber, she is able to offer our patient’s a holistic service resulting in better outcomes.”