18 March 2020

Specialist Nurse wins Employee of the Month Award

Natasha Ewen who is a Specialist Nurse for the Urology Investigation Suite, has won an Employee of the Month Award for her commitment to patients and colleagues.

Specialist Nurse Natasha Ewen with Chairman Steve Phoenix

Specialist Nurse Natasha Ewen with Chairman Steve Phoenix

Michael Gibson, Health Care Assistant who nominated Natasha said: “Her pure dedication to both patients and colleagues is not only excellent, it is outstanding. Much of Natasha’s invaluable help and support is often given when she should be on a break. I would like to recognise her for her strong communication skills that help us to communicate with patients and colleagues, her kindness, fairness, trustworthiness and compassion. She is incredible. I hope moving forward that any new nurses follow her commitment as she is just outstanding.

“One day in clinic, I witnessed a patient who came to see her for a urological investigation which she dealt with in her usual high standard. However, the patient was suffering with unkempt feet and bandages on their legs. Natasha’s dedication to support the patient and to prevent a worsening situation was first class. She bathed the patient’s feet and was meticulous in removing bandages which were difficult to remove. She used up her lunchbreak to bath the patient, apply cream and redressed their bandages. This is just one example of her tireless work.”

Trust Chairman, Steve Phoenix presented Natasha with her certificate and instead of shaking hands, they elbow bumped each other.