29 April 2020

Joy as Uma is discharged after 30 days being treated for Covid-19

There were scenes of joy at Conquest Hospital when Uma Pradhan, a member of the ESHT nursing team, was discharged after spending 30 days being treated for Covid-19.

Uma Pradhan

Uma Pradhan

Colleagues came out to clap Uma as she made her way out of the hospital to return home having previously spent 23 days in the Critical Care Unit and a further week on Baird Ward continuing her recovery.

Uma Pradhan, ESHT nurse said: “I am really happy and excited to see my family after a long time, first of all I would like to say many, many thanks to all of the hospital management, doctors, nurses, all workers, multidisciplinary teams, who looked after me for my treatment, I am really, really grateful. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to give thanks to each and every person. This is my hospital and I am proud of this hospital and hopefully I will recover fully soon and I will come back to help Covid patients as well.”

Cheryl Baxter, Baird Ward Matron said “We are delighted Uma has been discharged and is now continuing her recovery at home. She has had a really tough battle against Covid-19 on the Critical Care Unit and has made a remarkable recovery, given how critically ill she has been. It is good to see “one of our own” recover and able to go home. We all wish Uma well. Her recovery gives us all real hope and inspiration during these incredibly challenging times.”

Watch a video of Uma leaving Conquest Hospital

Watch a video of Uma leaving Critical Care to a round of applause