6 May 2020

Hand decorated ‘Comfort Pebbles’ help separated people stay connected

With visiting patients in hospital currently restricted an initiative called ‘Comfort Pebbles 2020’ has been introduced as another means for patients and their families to maintain links whilst they are in hospital.

Members of staff holding some of the Comfort pebbles

Members of staff holding some of the Comfort pebbles

The aim of Comfort Pebbles is to provide patients in hospital with a hand-decorated pebble, which has a personal message from their loved ones written on it. This can be kept with them and held during this challenging time of being separated from family and friends.

The pebbles are hand painted by artists across the country, with the back of the pebble left blank for handwritten messages of love and comfort to remind patients that they are not alone.

The Comfort Pebbles 2020 is an initiative between Love on the Rocks UK, Liz Searle CEO Keech Hospice Care and Hospice UK.