6 May 2020

Twin nurses retire on the same day

Twin Ward Sisters, Carole Heather and Lynda Heather who have been nursing for almost 42 years, have retired on the same day.

Sister Lynda Heather, Vikki Carruth - Director of Nursing and Sister Carole Heather

Sister Lynda Heather, Vikki Carruth – Director of Nursing and Sister Carole Heather

Both Carole and Lynda, who never had a day off sick, finished working on the same wards at Eastbourne DGH they started their nursing careers. They began as State Enrolled Nurses (SEN) almost 42 years ago at the Sussex Downs School of Nursing in Eastbourne in October 1978. Carole started on Seaford One Ward, which was then a female trauma and elective orthopaedic ward and is now the Acute Medical Unit. Lynda was Matron on Hailsham Two Ward, elective orthopaedics and then moved to Michelham Ward as a Sister. Lynda started there when it was the ENT (Ear, nose and throat) ward with outpatient and emergency clinics.

Both Carole and Lynda were in the first group of SEN’s to undertake a two and half year conversion course to become Registered General Nurses (RGN). They then completed their Diploma, Degree and ENB Higher Award qualifications. During their training, and since qualification, they have worked at many hospitals in and around Eastbourne including All Saints, St Mary’s, Hellingly and the District General Hospital.

Twins Carole and Lynda Heather said: “The work has been varied and at times challenging, but we have been fortunate to work with some incredible colleagues. We would like to thank the many members of staff around the hospital for their gifts and best wishes.”

Both Carole and Lynda Heather are looking forward to being able to spend more time with family and friends and pursue their hobbies, which includes travel and volunteering with St John Ambulance and they are planning to return to nursing on the temporary workforce,  to help with the fight against Covid-19.